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Some Music Clips

The following music clips (in RealAudio) are of some traditional compositions ascribed to Amir Khusrau by their performers. We are going to add many more clips soon. Unless specified otherwise, all recordings on this page are owned by Yousuf Saeed and Iffat Fatima.

Basant by Mohammad Ahmad Warsi of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh (Recorded in June 1996)

Sakal bun phool rahi... by Hayat Khan Nizami and Hamsar Hayat of Delhi (Recorded in June 1996)

Qalbana by Iqbal Ahmad Khan Nizami of Dilli gharana, Delhi (Recorded in April 1996)

Dhun in Raga Purbi on Sitar by Saeed Zafar Khan of Dilli gharana (April 1996)

Qaul by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (By courtesy of Navras Records, © Navras Records, UK)

Visit to see latest Qawwali albums and more music clips. 

(If you have any problem listening to the clips, please send me a mail. You need to have RealPlayer installed in your computer.)

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