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Staff Information: Adult Leaders & Senior Youth

STAFF at the Challenge Trophy Camporee.

The CTC is run by youth leaders. Those considering accepting the challenge of a youth leadership role should note that we do not expect you to already know the position, we expect that you will learn the role while practicing leadership in a team environment. At the end of the Camporee, you will look back with pride at your accomplishment. Those who are unsure of the role they want should register as a supporting youth staff member to help set up and run events and assist in the operation of the subcamps. This will give you the opportunity to see what leadership role you will want to do at the next CTC.

Let me know via email what role you would like and if it is still available it is yours!

Doug Reynolds

Staff Patch: Each staff member gets 2 of these. See the CTC page for this year's Camporee to review the Staff Patch design

STAFF TRAINING DATES: Oct Roundtables and /or Friday evening at the Camporee. We recommend youth leaders attend 1 training session to be ready to conduct their roles.

CLICK HERE - Youth and Adult Staff Roles - Description

Pay for Non Subcmp Staff: See below
NOTE: Subcamp Staff is to pay with their respective units.

We provide training to scouts and adults regarding their roles as staff. All leadership roles requires training and it would be nice to train the support staff their roles at the same time.

COST? There is no fee for the Staff Training Program. There is no cost for the Trained Patch.

Training includes leadership principles, organizational skills, teamwork / team building skills, communication, etc. Senior scouts and adults should attend to learn their roles.
Each person that attends a camporee Leadership Teamwork Training session will be awarded a 3.25" approximate diameter patch signifying their training. See below.
The second Trained patch is the newest version and will available at this time. It is to the left below.

We need adult members of scouting and senior scouting youth to become staff members in order to provide excellent programming for the scouts. Please read and consider the opportunities available, as described below,

SUBCAMP STAFF: We plan to run 12 subcamps and 12 or more Event Areas at the Challenge Trophy Camporee. There are several youth staff members needed for each subcamp. We need a "Youth Subcamp Chief" and assistants for each subcamp. We also need adults to advise the youth leadership. A Subcamp Manual is provided highlighting duties, roles, instruction, schedule, etc.

PROGRAM STAFF: We are planning to run ~375 events and displays at the next Challenge Trophy Camporee. There is also 12 or more event areas. We need one youth "Event Area Coordinator" from each subcamp and a few youth assistants for each event area. We have instructions highlighting the duties of these coordinating teams.

YOUTH CAMPOREE CHIEFS: We need 4 to 6 Camporee Chiefs to be in charge of the Subcamp and Event Area Youth Leaders, and to coordinate Saturday's special events and ceremonies. The Camporee Chiefs are usually youth with experience in a leadership role at previous CTC camporees. We provide detailed position descriptions for the CC role.

Where applicable, training is performed to ensure all adult and youth staff members are prepared for their roles. The training includes structured Team Building and Leadership characteristics. This is a GREAT opportunity for senior scouts to develop leadership and Team Building Skills.

We also need volunteers (youth and adults) to help set up and run some of the events. The majority of the event operators will come from attending troop's senior youth and adults. We supply written instructions and the equipment for each and every event. The exception to this is some of the displays which are usually brought by the operator. We make it easy for the event operators!

So, what kind of events do we run??? Well the answer is simple. Fun, educational, team building, crafts and fun events. Yes, I know I said fun twice. That's because we make even the educational and team building events fun!

CREWS / TEAMS / SENIOR BOY SCOUTS - STAFF We also need adult and youth to register as Staff to help with traffic control, parking, cooking for staff / Day Pass, and helping running the 375 events!

Want to become a staff member? Email Scouter Doug with your position request and we'll book your selected role where applicable. Staff meeting dates will be established in the spring and / or summer where / when required and applicable.

CLICK HERE for a Schedule "example" of what you may do at the Camporee

STAFF MEAL PACKAGE: We offer a Staff Meal Package at a reasonable price for those who do not want to cook their own food.

The STAFF registration form is part of the Troop registration package. If you are from SWC and did not receive one, contact the council office. If you are from another council, email Scouter Doug (See email address below). A third option is to go to this year's CTC page and download the CTC Pre-Registration Form.

We have the opportunity to provide hundreds of scouts with memories that will last them a lifetime. Be part of something special. Sign up today!

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