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1st Challenge Trophy Camporee

1st Challenge Trophy Camporee was held in Mendon Ponds Park, near Rochester, N.Y. in May 1999. The Camporee was sponsored by Arrowhead District. We had a beautiful sunny day for the events that ran that weekend.

Approximately 50 events and displays highlighted the program at the weekend camporee. The average number of events done per patrol was 24. The most completed by a single patrol was 35 events. The best Arrowhead District Troops from 1st to 4th place respectively were #208, #110, #206, #310. The best visiting troop was 233 from Great Northern District.

One of the most heard comments was that the patrols were unable to do all of events in a single day. That was the idea of the programming staff and we achieved that goal. We wanted to leave the scouts hungry for more! Wait until you see how many events we are planning for the next Challenge Trophy Camporee!!! The choices and selection are going to grown in number and are excellent! Check out the history of other Challenge Trophy Camporees.

Some scout's parents came to the camp at lunch time to pick up their youth for a baseball game in the afternoon. The scoutmaster told me the scouts refused to leave the Challenge Trophy Camporee. They were having too great a time!!! This kind of feedback makes an ol' scouter smile. Coordinating camporees is a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it.
Thanks for the positive feedback.

The actual size of the badge is 3"x5".

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