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6th Challenge Trophy Camporee

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The 6th CTC was held Oct 15, 16, 17, 2004

We had troops from 5 different U.S. Councils attend the 6th CTC, as well as Canadian Troops. We had some rain showers during the day on Friday, but a clear sky, full of stars were visible at 10pm. The morning grass was wet, but no rain showed up until around 4pm on Saturday. Immediately following a rain shower in the late afternoon, the sun appeared followed by a rainbow.
Event Areas 4, 5, 6 ran in the morning with ~110 events, then in the afternoon, Event Areas 1,2,3 ran with a different 100 events (total is ~210). This freed up time for the adults that volunteer the run events to see the Camporee during free time. The feedback from adults and youth was very positive, so this practice will continue in 2005 at the 7th CTC.

Below are scan of the patches for the 6th CTC. Note the introduction of 2 new patches this year. Each person in a troop that received a “perfect inspection score” were awarded the Perfect Score patch. This included the adults. The second new program badge is the Outdoor and Nature Skill patch. It was presented to ~ 30 patrols (5 patrols per subcamp) for scouting excellence at the 6th CTC.

To see all of the CTC Patches, click on the CTC Patch Website link at the bottom of this page.

Should you have pictures you would like to share, please contact me at your convenience. Doug Reynolds.
Below are some of the pictures mailed to me.

A couple of pictures taken during the Subcamp Chariot Race are shown below.

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