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NEUE GEN-ERRA-TION III/GUTEKLASSE "Exit" live in Dusseldorf 1985 (NBU/Germany).

PSHYCOMANIA "Pleasure Heist" original version (Etiquette/Belgium).

VOICES FROM NORTH AMERCA "White Glove" (Temporary/Germany).

SNX-POPULAR MUSIC OF TOMARROW "Pushing And Pulling" (Hawai/France).

TRANS ATLANTIC OVERDUB "Iceberg"(De Fabriek/Holland).

CONTACTDISC 3 "Devils/They Call It Game" live in Hollywood (S.S.C./Holland).

CONTACTDISK 2 "Graveyard" (S.S.C./Holland).

ON-SLAUGHT MAGAZINE NO.1 "3rd Party" flexi-disc (Artwerk/USA).

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