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Various Artists LP (CD8/TBA 4403)
Stitching Stop Contact/Holland 1985

  Side A: 1. Tranquil Eyes "Finding Out For Yourself" 4:17/2. 5ive Ximes Of Dust "Goodbye John-Boy 4:00/3. Mystic In Eye Flight "The Ultimate" 4:16/4. Mystic In Eye Flight "Move Your Body" 2:44/5. Mark Lane "Devils/They Call It Game" (live) 4:00/6. Diseno Corbusier "Plegaria" 2:00
  Side B: 1. Nell Holst & Hero Wouters "Depressie" 3:10/2. Era Ora "Operatie Volmei II" 5:35/3. Metal Thought "Easy Touch On Silky Skin" 3:35/4. L' Eponge Synthetique "A L'Ombre D L' Arbe" 3:00/5. Hirsche Nicht Auf's Sofa "Ich Und Die Neger..."3:00/6. The Lost Attic "Wij Drinken Koffie" 1:00/7. De Fabriek "Wellengang" 2:00

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