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Various Artists 4xLP w/7" (Hawai 006)
Masam Hawai/France 1985

  LP 1 Face Abrupte: A1 The Tom & Marty Band "Algiers"/A2 Metropakt "Neuen Strassen"/A3 Marina Lapalma "Hong-Kong Shoes"/A4 Influenza Prods "Pretty City"/A5 Oksana Linde "Marposas Acuaticas"
  Face Baionnette: B1 Kastrieete Philosophen "Gun Beat Babes I"/B2 Short-Term Memory "Go Home"/B3 Unknownmix "Ronnie Boy"/B4 Club Dada "Emprisoned Flesh"/B5 Danny Alias "Civil Defense: The War Dance"/B6 Oksana Linde "Marposas Acuaticas"
  LP 2 Face Catholique: C1 Hans Hendrickx "Berlin Johnson"/C2 Albert Ret's Police Rip "Lonely Vigile At..."/C3 The Space Negroes "The Eighth Sea"/C4 Asmus Tietchens "Deformhaus"/C5 Wall of Genius "House Of Horrors"/C6 Amphilla's Delight "Landscape III"/C7 LA 1919 "Nervi"
  Face Depessive: D1 Zarfati Blind "Moyde Ani"/D2 Unividual & Tara Cross/D3 Frieder Butzmann "N'GA"/D4 Human Flesh "First Aid 38th Attempt"/D5 Renaldo And The Loaf "Here's To The Oblong Boys"/D6 Rainer Linz "Colour TV Song"

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