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Various Artists LP (CD6)
Stitching Stop Contact/Holland 1984

  Side A: 1. Klang "Flying Triangles Of Ice"/2. Wouters & Hagen "Dada Plays Gaga"/3. Mark Lane "Graveyard (Friedhof)"/4. Unovidual "Talkies Part Two"/5. De Fabriek "Barbara"/6. CBM 64 "Onderbreking"
  Side B: 1. Smexmec "Ashtray"/2. Smexmec "La Sanga"/3. Stereoland "Fuer Dascha"/4. Era Ora "W.A.O."/5. Secreto Metro "Anteayer Nada En El Agua"/6. The Hidden Trend "Andropov's Last Peanuts"/7. N. Frangione "Mystical Technology"/8. Vinezia "Brain Slices"/9. Jack Art "Yo Ya Yi"/10. The Lost Attic "50M Above Enschede"

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