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The devastation that occurred to the country during the time period discussed in this paper was not war, but hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Both war and hurricanes usually involve destruction of the land and individual deaths as well as displacement of populations. A case can be made for hurricanes being 9th chart or 9th house phenomena. They certainly are not 3rd house events because the 3rd house covers local conditions and events. Hurricanes appear 9th house ones in exactly that sense that their inception is not local, but foreign--these apparently started off the west coast of Africa. With hurricanes, we have additional astrology that can be checked. Devastating hurricanes have occurred in the United States over the years. We have their dates and know who was president at the time. When I get time, I will do workups of presidential astrology for hurricanes Katrina (2005, Bush) which so devastated our gulf coast states, and Sandy (2012, Obama), which hit the northeast coast so hard.

(Later) It turns out war for leaders occurs in their 12th charts, while hurricanes come through their 9th charts. When updated, this paper will also include 12th chart astrology for mayors of large cities experiencing terror attacks.

The Connection Between Presidential Astrology and Acts of War During His Tenure in Office
FDR and Bush 43
And Trump?

Is it possible for a country to know beforehand a period of time during which it is more likely, than not, to be attacked by a foreign government or foreign group?

The astrology shown below suggests it seems possible.

In order to demonstrate that, I have first to introduce the concept of an astrological significator.

If an event is represented by the same distinct astrology each time it occurs, then that astrological "pattern" is called a significator for that event (or condition). Each time the event occurs, that significator will be prominent. We cannot, however, say the event must occur. There may be other astrological or life conditions which preclude it. Or an event, or even a condition, may occur which also satisfactorily represents that astrology. We do not yet know what those alternatives could be for the event of an act of war. We do know some major ones--different from the significator—for other types of events and conditions. For instance, the astrology, independent of the heart disease significator, that sponsors successful heart surgery. And we know the astrology, independent of the schizophrenia significator, which precipitates a complete schizophrenic breakdown when before it had been "manageable." And for instance, generally speaking, in our American culture, we are familiar with the diet and eating practices which produce Type II diabetes which likely would not have occurred without those unhealthful practices. Here are the papers regarding those instances: Heart Paper, Schizophrenia (Nash) Paper, Diabetes Paper.

We have also established, for instance in the second "Alzheimer's paper," that certain diseases which have a distinct medical diagnosis sometimes share similar astrology for which we have only partially established an astrological "differential diagnosis." That paper includes the astrology known so far of the diseases of Alzheimer’s, Creutzfeldt-Jacob, Meningo-Encephalitis, and Dementia Pugilistica. And we believe we know why Muhammed Ali did not have full-blown Parkinson's. Here is the link to that paper: Paper on Various Brain Disorders.

It often takes time for me to develop a significators fully. It took me several years to find the full significator for homosexuality. It took longer than that to discover the one for winning a presidential election. I was wrong for both 2012 and 2016. After that, I was determined to find it and believe the present one correct (discussed in the second, post-election paper of 2016--Second Paper on 2016 Election.) Short of something so direct as finding out through election results that one has been wrong, we cannot really know a significator is incomplete until new examples--addedd maybe years later--are not a complete fit. And even then, there are varying possible explanations for the deviation: the new example's birth time is incorrect, the condition was misdiagnosed, the date of the condition of event was reported incorrectly, and so on.

I believe for "president-linked" war we have a good start for its significator. However, we do not, and cannot, have examples showing that all the "non-war" presidents did or did not have that significator, and if the former, any idea of why the war did not occur. Relatively speaking, we have few birth data of presidents so we cannot do that research.

So this paper establishes the typical astrology that occurred in the charts of two U.S. Presidents in office during acts of war against the United States. Since they agree astrologically--and FDR's is very strong and was "activated around the date of December 7--we are using that astrology as a significator for war, then examining the current astrology of the present president, Donald J. Trump, for that tentative war significator.

The two previous presidents in office during acts of war were Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and George W. Bush at the time of the attacks occurring in the United States on September 11, 2001.

From the point of view of examples available, unfortunately here we are limited to two previous war presidents—not enough, but a beginning. From the point of view of good fortune for the country, it is not more than two (major ones).

The Spur For the Research That Resulted in This Paper
The stimulus to this investigation of Trump's astrology was my noticing a “station” (a long pause followed by an apparent change in direction relative to the Earth) of saturn on Trump's moon at 27 Scorpio 13 conjunct his birth South Node at 26 Scorpio 29. That came to my attention because saturn will also be stationing on one of my planets in that area of Scorpio.

A station of one of the outer planets, including saturn, can be serious. First, because stations of outer planets, unlike those inside jupiter, occur for a long time, usually months within one degree. For instance, transiting saturn is at 27 Scorpio 13 on July 19 (apparently) moving retrograde. It turns stationary direct at 26 Scorpio 12 on August 24. Moving forward again, it moves back to 27 Scorpio 13 D on September 29. So it is within one degree of its station for a total of two months, 10 days. And it is still just passing back over Trump's moon after that. So its baleful influence—in modern parlance the duress or stress it promotes—extends even beyond two months, 10 days.

Second,when saturn transits a planet (especially a light or Angle, and Trump's moon and South Node are both lights), it usually depresses, constrains, or withers whatever it touches during at least part of that time. It causes difficult pauses, breakdowns, and stress. Exactly the area it does this in depends on the interpretation of the planet it “sits” on.

Trump's moon conjunct South Node in Scorpio represents his martial approach to life. Moon's represent our automatic, habitual consciousness gained in childhood. South Nodes, which are also lights, also represent embedded consciousness, only for some astrologers, including me, with an implication that they symbolize an excess (away from the golden mean) brought over from past lives. But it does not need the model of past lives for explanation. We can just say it represents a very strong tendency to behave or think in certain ways. Together, then, his moon and South Node represent a powerful, habitual response believed by him to be “correct” for confronting life.

Trump's moon conjunct SN in Scorpio is not just a martial response to life. With Trump it represents his attitude that if attacked he must respond with an attack that is many times harsher. Losing is not a viable option to him, almost as if it were a matter of life and death. He is, so to speak, stuck in full battle mode. But saturn stationing there tends to temporarily disable it. Whether out of shock or fear, or perhaps both, during the station his martial response to life situations presented him will not be as automatic and robust as usual. (Or--added later on 8/26/17--that behavior will be seen as even more negative than usual.)

To give just a bit more information on this node and its opposite, North Node in Taurus, I will comment further. All north and south nodes fall in opposite, complementary signs such that if the consciousness of each could be combined, one's personal consciousness would be in the golden mean, or noumena--free from the polarity of duality. Trump has his North Node, then, in Taurus conjunct uranus. All North Node behavior tends to bring personal and social approval. In Taurus, it represents Trump's powerful focus on acquisition (Taurus) of material things (Taurus again.) Combined in consciousness with his c moon in Leo, and less so his c sun in Leo, it turns his interest in the material to "only the best, luxurious, outstanding." Hence, his display of gold and his wealth in his properties. Its conjunction to uranus brings positive (NN) approval for unconventional and/or "fresh" behavior (uranus). His B MC in c 4th house implies that one possibility is that he will make his career (MC) in real estate (4th house).

The station of saturn on Trump's moon could have been the only, or main, difficulty in his astrology at the time. It would have mainly suggested a difficulty for him, but not for anyone else. But that is not the case with this upcoming station of saturn. Trump's astrology for that time period also contains what looks like the war significator established in the astrology of presidents Roosevelt and Bush. But particularly with this form of astrology, we never know for sure if two differing astrological sets represent two entirely unconnected events/conditions, or two different responses to the same event, or even, absolutely, if they stand for a "dumb note"--something which does not express in the material world. Here we are proceeding on the assumption--creating an 'as if' scenario--that all of Trump's astrology for the period defined below and surrounding days represents a response to one event.

The General Time Period Covered
This paper examines all of that astrology. In President Trump's case, the arbitrary time period examined is that of saturn's station plus or minus two weeks. So, the station at 26 Scorpio 12 is on August 24. Two weeks prior to that is August 10, and two weeks following that is September 7. While transits, especially harmonic ones, during that period change considerably, and two returns are needed to cover it, Trump's progressed astrology during that time, except moons and harmonic mmercuries, changes very little. So we can use his progressions of August 24 to discuss the whole time period. We are looking at a potentiality, not trying to identify a definitely established reality.

The Inclusion of People Other Than Presidents
In the second (post-) election paper for 2016 (Second 2016 Election Paper) it was shown that surrogates and close family members for the two major candidates—Trump and Clinton--also had astrology for winning or losing consistent with the candidate they endorsed. So, not only did Clinton lose the election, but her husband, Chelsea, and all her surrogates “lost the election.” Vice versa for Trump and his surrogates and family. It is an example, perhaps, of astrological resonance.

Accordingly, in this paper, in addition to Trump's astrology for war, we examine the astrology of family members and surrogates showing their consistent astrology that suggests sympathy for what happens to Trump. Perhaps we could call it degrees of identification with him. Traumatic resonance occurs, for instance, in the astrology of family members when a loved one dies. In a sense, to some extent they all “die.”

Here individuals showing such resonant astrology are called “affected witnesses.” For instance, Roosevelt's daughter Anna was an affected witness when Pearl Harbor was bombed. And Jenna Bush, one of George W. Bush's twin daughters, was also.

Those peers expected to react meaningfully to a war stimulus are labeled “major actors.” For instance, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld could be expected to be a major actor in the response to the attack on September 11, 2001.

For Trump the affected witness is his daughter, Tiffany. I would like to have added Barron's astrology, but its time is in question. His astrology was very relevant for August for the time chosen by Astro-databank to be the most likely time. But he is also a minor, and I am uncomfortable publishing the astrology of a minor. And we do not have birth data on Trump's other children.

As current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan would be expected to be a major actor. If an act of war occurs, he will assuredly be expected function as a leader in ways consistent with such a pressing event.

Astrology for a couple of other individual's piqued my attention. Rush Limbaugh, popular right-wing radio show host, and Sean Hannity, popular Fox news anchor, both appear to have aligned themselves strongly with Trump. So it seems reasonable to assume an act of war against the United States would be reflected in their astrology.--theoretically as affected witnesses.

An attack on one's country is a lot more significant and stressful event than, say, who wins an election. So we cannot state that many other individuals not even allayed with Trump would not show war astrology. Quite likely they would.

Interpretation for all these results is presented in the Discussion at the end of this paper.

Before presenting the actual significator for war as it shows in presidential astrology, I want first to say something about this astrological method. Except to note it is not traditional, it can be skipped and referred to later, when a more comprehensive understanding is desired.


Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis:

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. Here is the link to my paper which discusses the practical differences between sidereal (Eastern) and tropical (Western) zodiacs: Paper on Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology/
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” In traditional astrology that is referred to as an aspect, but in traditional astrology many more aspects are used, e.g., that of 45°. 60°, 135°, and so on. A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Orbs for static planets (before progressions) with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°, and these are wide.. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2° when a return Angle is in the set, but only 1° for birth/conception Angles or progressed Angle/planet. These are discussed more in the paper on empirically-derived chart rules, link just below.

The “chartrules paper” also discusses which traditional aspects (45°, 60°, 36°) not accepted in this astrology are nonetheless picked up by harmonic development to turn them into acceptable aspects (sets) and which charts develop them.

Because this method uses both birth and conception charts (latter's derivation discussed in Method paper) and they share the same axis (that is, work together), birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” FDR's 9th/12th overlap is an example. They can be significant. The convention used when writing about house overlaps is to put the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts

Because returns prior to the event in question play such a vital part in assessing the outcome, more should be said about them.

This method uses a return that occurs every time the sun in the sky reaches exactly 40° 00’ 00” from the individual’s birth sun, then 40° 00’ 00” from that sun, then 40° 00’ 00” more from that sun. This results in nine 7th chart harmonic solar returns per year per individual throughout his lifetime. The harmonic suns of the 7th chart establish the date and time of their occurrence, but the sidereal part of each return is used for each of the harmonic charts. Their Angles (Midheaven and Ascendant) and their planets relative to the individual’s birth, conception and progressed planets have proven invaluable. All work together to demonstrate the astrology of an event.
For events, we usually use only the return which occurs immediately prior to the event. In this paer we are looking at a period of time, so two returns are calculated. If an event occurs, we will have a date that will enable the elimination of one of them.

So, what actually is the astrology of war? As mentioned above, to establish that we have only the astrology of the two presidents who were in office when attacks “on United States soil” occurred. While two examples do not constitute a big enough number, their high degree of similarity suggests they are certainly within range of being correct.

The Significator For Acts of War in a President's Chart
The December 7, 1941 astrology of Franklin D. Roosevelt was used to identify the main significator as well as one of the potential charts it could occur in. That of George W. Bush followed as confirmation of that significator.

The United States fought that war on two fronts and the bombing of Pearl Harbor was a devastating event that radically changed, for the duration, U.S. society. So it should have produced a clear war significator.

Our other major war—the Civil War—was not an attack from outside populations. So it would not function through the same chart(s) and could not be used here.

The Charts
Roosevelt and Bush had their significators in the 12th chart of hidden matters. Trump's tentative “war chart” is his 9th chart of foreign countries. The 9th and 12th houses are prominent in the path of the significator, so it is reasonable that it could occur equally validly in either the 9th or 12th charts. It is also possible that other houses are part of the path. I noticed, but did not notate, a lot of 8th chart emphasis. More on “path” below.

Major actors should have astrology similar to that of the war president. Nonetheless, I have presented here the astrology of their 7th chart--theoretically only for affected witnesses—to show their actor status. Historically, their names are unlikely to be connected to war in the same way as presidents. It is not their 9th chart (foreign countries) that is correlated with war.

More should be said about the possible interpretations of the 9th house/9th chart since it is fundamental in defining the war significator. It and its natural sign of Sagittarius can cover a large interpretative area. These are:foreign countries and travel (higher viewpoint sponsored by travel). Some of the others are religion (higher heart), law (higher principles), philosophy (higher mind). It is also involved in aviation and equestrianism. Just looking at an individual's chart, without knowing any biography, it is not always clear which will dominate. There may be a way to tell, but I have not yet discovered it.

Of course, in this paper, we are justified in interpreting the progressions (each individual's astrology for the date of the event) in terms of “foreign countries.”In looking at Trump's tentative astrology for war, we want, if possible, to discriminate an act of war from what might instead impeachment or near impeachment, that is, legal proceedings.

We have two such examples—the approaching impeachment of Richard Nixon when he resigned, and the House impeachment of Bill Clinton. We will see if Trump's astrology could fall into that category instead of war.

Removal of a president from office via application of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution would also likely fall under the 9th house as a “legal proceeding” though not through a court of law. Unfortunately, we do not have any examples of that.

I have not done any research on individuals who lost significant court battles. I do have examples of charts of several Justices of the Supreme Court, showing that the 9th house and Sagittarius describe their elevation in their profession. So, for now, it is reasonable to assume the 9th house or chart is involved in significant legal losses.

That being the case, Trump's near future astrology could represent a significant legal loss, e.g., through a Supreme Court ruling against him. We are going to try to reason out whether or not it actually does.

The Planets Involved
Although there are certainly other significant astrology sets in the “war charts” of FDR and Bush, one set appears particularly descriptive and significant—forefront mars and uranus. Mars is the planet that sponsors aggression and uranus, the planet most associated with sudden, surprising occurrences. So, presently, mars and uranus are the planets involved in surprise acts of war.

The sun is also often on an Angle through progression, or it is configured with mars and/or uranus at the time. On an Angle is suggests that the president has essentially (sun) been called to service in an important matter. As we shall see below, the same sun/mars/uranus/9th/12th (or major parts of it) is the set that occurs in the charts of family members and important allies. In their charts the sun stands for an important male (sun can represent the father or husband in traditional astrology) being influenced by sudden (uranus) aggression (mars.)

The Path
The mars/uranus in the charts of the two war presidents described a path of influence to an Angle and 9th and 12th houses. This same path is described whether it be in a 12th or a 9th chart. In this form of astrology, except for lights, Angular influence is necessary for a set to express. It exists either when the planet is on an Angle (MC or Asc) or when it is in a set with a light in which one of the planets in the set rules an Angle.

The 9th house part of the path, of course, is connected to the war act being sponsored by a foreign (not USA) country. The 12th part of the path, like uranus, expresses the hidden, unforeseen part of the experience.

Although there are supporting sets, then, the significant part of the significator for war is Angle/mars/uranus/9th/12th in either 7th, 9th or 12th chart.

It is possible other houses are part of the path. I suspect the 8th house, if not part of the significator path, plays a meaningful role nonetheless. I was not consistent in noting when it was in sets, i.e., its influence was there more than I noted in sets below.

Lighted mars/uranus is usually forefront (on or ruling an Angle) in the pre-progressed charts of people known for their courage. Uranus raises the normal acting ability sponsored by mars to to a super-normal levels. I do not doubt it was forefront in charts of some of the Japanese kamikaze pilots. I suspect it is also forefront in charts of individuals known now as “suicide bombers” or “terrorists” (who plan to end their lives during their act of war). But I do not have birth data on any of them. It is prominent in charts of those explorers whose travels took them into extreme conditions.

Here is a reminder of conventions used in this astrological method:

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used below are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven. Asc = Ascendant. B-Loc MC, for instance, stands for the birth Midheaven for a given locality. And pB-Loc MC, for instance, represents a progressed birth Midheaven for a given date and place.

Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but to avoid worse confusion I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Something like “pc10 venus represents the harmonic of progressed conception venus for the 10th chart, while “t7venus stands for the harmonic of transiting venus for the 7th chart.

Worth repeating: the acceptable orb for progression of a planet to an Angle and vice versa is no more than 1°. If it is with a light, orb is extended by about one-half degree. Return Angles, however, have an allowable orb of 2°, with 2° being the weakest acceptable. Therefore if a return Angle is in a set comprised of non-return planets, the whole set has an acceptable orb of 2° (bur remember, that is the most allowable, and it is weak.

We start with major actors. I have not, as is my wont, included small biographical sketches for individuals presented here. It is assumed they are known to all, and if not, they can be read about on the Internet.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt
picture from

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (a.k.a. 12th chart)

Placidus: c11—3Lib—c12--26Lib, c2—19Sag. c3—28Cap b11—3Can, b12—4Leo, b2—25Vir, b3—25Lib

Roosevelt's astrological inclination to attract acts of war can be said to be a bit over-determined. Set (1) is already on an Angle. The mars/uranus part of it is already in 12th/9th houses, and they are lighted by both the Angle and the b12 NN at 16 Scorpio 47. This is an ongoing war significator set, i.e., he was born with it and it is permanent in his 12th chart.

Set (1) was further lighted, therefore made stronger, on December 7 by progressed b moon at 16 Leo 46.

He almost has another full set—Set (2). The mars/uranus in it is already in the 12th/9th houses, and it looks like that c NN—the light—at 26 Scorpio 11 is heading right for it. So it was. On December 7, 1941 pc NN was at 25 Scorpio 05. Transiting NN was at 24 Leo 06. The set only lacks an Angle influence to become a full significator. It certainly adds to the indicator for unforeseen aggression.

On December 7, Roosevelt has another Angle/mars/9th because pc mars, ruler of C Asc, at 26 Taurus 15, is conjunct c SN at 26 Taurus 11 in b 9th house. Return (occurring on 11/14/41, Washington, D.C.) NN was at 26 Leo 54.

Some others:

Set (2a)pb sun17 Pisces 50ruler of b 12th house
return mars17 Pisces 11


Set (2b)c12 sun22 Gemini 32co-ruler (28 of 30°) of c 9th house
pb12 mars21 Pisces 57 ruler of b 9th house
t12 uranus21 Pisces 38transit for 7:48 AM AHST, moving direct

Some of his other significant sets were:

Bush 43

George W. Bush
picture from

George W. Bush
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (a.k.a. 12th chart)

Placidus: c11—9Tau—c12--14Gem, c2—5Leo. c3—0Vir b11—7Tau, b12—13Gem, b2—4Leo, b3—29Leo

Although Bush's 12th chart ends up containing his significator for the surprise attack, right away it is apparent it is not nearly as strong a significator as was FDR's. But then, the bombing of Pearl Harbor as the beginning of America's entry into WWII is also a far stronger occurrence than the necessarily diffuse “war” of the people responsible for 9-11.

Set (3)--a sun/mars/9th/12th/12th—shows a lighted (by the sun) mars in Gemini in both 12th houses. Since the neptune in the set co-rules (31 of 32°) b 9th house, the set has both 9th and 12th influence. It lacks Angular influence.

Set (4)--a uranus/12th/12th set—shows uranus in Pisces (which already has a 12th influence since Pisces is natural ruler of the 12th house) in both 12th houses. It lack 9th influence, a light, and Angular influence. On September 11 it became lighted by pb moon at 28 Virgo 47.

But the Angular mars and Angular uranus for the event significator are not developed through Sets (3) and (4) above. Instead they show up thus:

Set (4a)pB MC23 Taurus 06
c uranus23 Taurus 29
pb NN23 Taurus 07coming from 26 Taurus 36 at birth
c moon24 Taurus 10

The two lights in the above set pull the MC/uranus together. And

Set (4b)return mars25 Scorpio 32(8/17/01, Wash DC)
pbB-Loc Asc25 Leo 25(for Washington, DC)
b uranus25 Taurus 10
pb12 neptune25 Taurus 23c0-ruler (30 of 31°) of b 9th house

Some of the other pertinent sets were:

  • pb mars, ruler of B MC, at 19 Virgo 28 is in the same set with b sun at 19 Gemini 47

  • pc12 moon, ruler of C Asc, at 9 Sagittarius 18 is in the same set with pc12 uranus at 9 Pisces 25, and perhaps (larger orb), pb12 saturn at 9 Virgo 45.

  • return MC at 9 Aries 57 is in the same set with pb saturn at 9 Cancer 28 and pc mars, ruler of C MC, at 8 Cancer 12. This mars and saturn, normally too far apart to be in the same set, are here brought into contact by the return MC and c12 moon, ruler of C Asc, at 8 Aries 23.

Bush, like Roosevelt, also does not have a progressed Angle/saturn. One is beginning to form through pb12 saturn at 12 Capricorn 32 which is starting to oppose B Asc at 13 Cancer 08. It represents his more serious Commander-in-Chief responsibilities following 9-11.

A major actor with Bush would have been his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Both his 7th and 9th charts show strong significators. Here we look at only his 7th chart, with a few added comments about his 9th after that.

Donald Rumsfeld
picture from

Donald Rumsfeld
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th Chart (a.k.a. The 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—9Vir. c12—5Lib. c2—26Sco. c3—1Cap b11—19Lib, b12—10Sco, b2—6Cap, b3—1Aqu

Set (9) is a simple Angle/uranus, also with jupiter.

Set (10) is a doozy, however, It contains B MC/sun/mars/saturn/2 uranus, with b sun ruling b 9th house. On September 11, 2001, it was further activated by pb7 moon at 22 Gemini 57 and pC Asc at 23 Sagittarius 13—a double Angle/mars/uranus/9th set; It lacks 12th influence,

Set (10a)pb7 uranus17 Cancer 56R
b mercury18 Cancer 03ruler of B NC. Co-ruler of b 9th, AND a light
b7 saturn18 Cancer 14
b7 mars17 Libra 2018 Cancer 14ruler of b 12th house; in c 12th house

His other germane sets included:

  • a progressed Angle/sun set comprised of pB Asc at 22 Aquarius 07 conjunct pb NN at 23 Aquarius 19, with pc mercury at 22 Scorpio 15 and pc sun, ruler of C MC, at 23 Scorpio 46, While the progressed Asc to the sun is past an acceptable orb, the presence f the node in the set pulls this all into one set.

  • pc7 NN at 15 Capricorn 24 in the same set with c mars, in c 12th house, at 15 Libra 55.

  • pb7 NN at 29 Leo 51 is in the same set with B Asc at 29 Scorpio 13 and pB MC at 29 Scorpio 04. Harmonic nodes falling on Angles specifically energize the chart because the harmonic node is unique to that chart. It acts as a light on an Angle, and those always add to the energy of whatever the rest of the chart suggests—here, a possible mars/uranus/9 event.

  • return moon at 6 Virgo 54 is in the same set with pb7 mars at 5 Sagittarius 42 and pc mars at 6 Sagittarius 34. Venus opposition jupiter is also in the set.

  • return7 moon at 2 Cancer 06 is conjunct return7 mars at 3 Cancer 02 and pb mars, ruler of b 12th house and B Asc, at 3 Cancer 58.

  • return uranus at 27 Capricorn 52 is conjunct pb7 mercury, ruler of B MC and a light, as well as co-ruler of b 9th house, at 27 Capricorn 51. This is an Angle/uranus/9th set.

Rumsfeld's 7th chart is as strong as Trump's 9th chart . I did not look at other Rumsfeld charts, but Trump has other charts that are potent for these significators—his 7th and 8th.

Some of his powerful 9th chart sets included:

  • c7 uranus, at 29 Aquarius 12 in the same set with B Asc at 29 Scorpio 13 and pB MC at 29 Scorpio 04. Return9 saturn at 29 Scorpio 25 is also there.

  • in this chart he has a mars/uranus set comprised of b9 uranus at 23 Taurus 52 with b9 mars, ruler of B Asc and b 12th house, at 24 Scorpio 32. That was joined by those already mentioned planets—pb NN at 23 Aquarius 19, pb sun, ruler of b 9th house, at 23 Scorpio 46, and an additional pb9 pluto at 23 Aquarius 04. This yields an Angle/sun/mars/uranus/9th/12th.

  • p C Asc at 23 Sagittarius 13 is still, as in the 7th chart, in the same set with b sun, ruler of b 9th house, c saturn, and c uranus at 24 Pisces 00, but it has lost the mars, which existed only in the 8th chart. I picked up another uranus, c9 uranus at 23 Pisces 59.


Rudy Giuliani
picture from

As mayor of New York City on September 11, Giuliani should be viewed as a major actor.

Rudy Giuliani
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—1Pis, c12—12Ari, c2—15Gem, c3—6Can b11—9Can, b12—9Leo, b2—2Lib, b3—2Sco

Set (A) above shows a sun/venus/mars/saturn, with c saturn ruling C MC and c 9th house, c mars ruling c 12th, and b venus ruling b 9th. It is also a lighted mars in 9th/12th houses. In terms of our significator, it shows Angle/sun/mars/9th/12th.

Set (B) shows a (lighted) sun/2 uranus in 9th/12th houses. B sun rules b 12th house.

Summing the two sets above, the only thing lacking for a full significator at birth is a uranus influence to an Angle.

Set (C) is of interest because it shows an unlighted mars/uranus in one set with c mars ruling c 12th house. If an Angle were to progress through this set, the mars would be separated from the uranus (unless a light happened into the set). A progressing MC, e.g., would hit mars first, and about (1° and 44’ later) one year and nine months later it would pass through the uranus. But if a return Angle picks up the set, then it will stay together. And that is exactly what happened to Giuliani’s astrology on September 11, 2001. Here is that set on that date:

Set (Ca)c7 mars10 Gemini 04 ruler of c 12th house
return NN10 Gemini 13(return on 8/20/01, NYC)
pb saturn10 Gemini 28
pb7 uranus9 Virgo 59R
c7 uranus11 Virgo 48
return MC10 Sagittarius 54

Set Ca) above shows an Angle/node/mars/2uranus/12th.

Set (D)B MC5 Gemini 48
B Asc5 Virgo 50
c neptune6 Virgo 36
pb7 mars6 Sagittarius 06ruler of b 8th house
transiting mars6 Sagittarius 409:00 AM EDT
t7 sun6 Pisces 52

Angles act like lights in that a planet is automatically “lighted” (expressed) when on an Angle. The orb for Angles is 2°--for pre-progressed charts, but even less than 1 degree for progressed Angle/planet. Most astrologers want progressed Angle/planet to be fairly close to exact, with mars and uranus being good timers. But with this astrology there are more lights involved in a complete set of progressions, and when they, or enough of them, fall into a set considered too wide, they often make it work as a set. Two Angles in the same set extend acceptable orb, roughly, up to 1 degree for Angle/Angle/planet when no other light is in the set. So, the above becomes 2Angle/sun/mars/(neptune). The second tower was actually hit at 9:03 AM. Our figures for 9:00 AM are close enough.

Sets (A) and (B) above were not further activated at the time.

Giuliani’s other significant sets were:

  • pC Asc at 9 Cancer 41 is in the same set with b mars at 9 Cancer 37.

  • pc7 saturn, ruler of C MC and c 9th house, at 23 Aquarius 33R is in the same set with C Asc at 23 Taurus 54—a bit late, but still functioning?.

  • pb sun, ruler of b 12th house, at 8 Cancer 01 is conjunct b7 neptune at 8 Cancer 05 and with pc7 mars, ruler of c 12th house, at 8 Capricorn 14.

    return7 pluto at 17 Scorpio 47 is conjunct c7 SN at 17 Scorpio 17, emphasizing his past-life tendency to fight.

  • return7 saturn at 21 Libra 07 is in the same set with c NN at 21 Cancer 55 and pc7 NN at 21 Aries 22.

  • t7 saturn at 0 Scorpio 00 is in the same set with pB MC at 0 Leo 30, and pb mercury, ruler of B MC and B Asc and acting like a light, at 0 Leo 13.

  • return7 uranus at 3 Capricorn 42R is in the same set with pb SN at 3 Capricorn 42.

Giuliani has two more progressed mars/uarnus sets, but they are without lights.

He also has a near-golden (it does not influence an Angle) benefic comprised of: pb venus, ruler of b 9th house, at 15 Cancer 41 conjunct pc7 jupiter, ruler of c 8th house, at 15 Cancer 38, with c moon, ruler of c 3rd house, at 15 Aries 37, and t7 NN at 15 Aries 08. I believe it represents a certain joy in cooperation and in the heroism of his first responders.


Donald J. Trump
picture from

We are going to take the date of August 24, 2017, for all progressions for Trump's, Ryan's, Hannity's, and Limbaugh's workup as well as for Trump's family members. That is the date that transiting saturn stations of Trump's South Node in Scorpio. If an act of war occurs during this station, we understand that it could occur plus or minus several weeks of that date. In fact, the stationing saturn could be an event/reaction not even connected to a war act, but since it is what brought my attention to potential war act astrology, I am assuming it is connected.

Returns were calculated around that date, with two possible ones occurring in the plus or minus several weeks span. Generally, I liked the one occurring before but including September 1.

Donald Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 9th House (a.k.a. the 9th chart)

Placidus: c11—19Sco2—c12--9Sag, c2—19 Aqu. c3—29Pis b11—4Gem, b12—6Can, b2—27Leo, b3—25Vir

I have not numbered the set involving C Asc at 3 Capricorn 20. With it are c9 jupiter, ruler of c 12th house, at 2 Aries 42, and b venus, ruler of B MC, at 1 Cancer 46. This is a golden benefic, and it implies that most of Trump's “9th house” (travel, law, religion, etc.) activities are fortunate.

Noteworthy is that his c 9th and 12th houses, and his b 9th house within this chart do not contain mars, uranus, or for that matter, saturn. But b 12th house contains an unlighted b mars at 2 Leo 48.

Set (5) shows a node/mars/uranus—so, a lighted mars conjunct uranus. It has no Angular influence. As well, it lacks 9th or 12th house influence. But it picks up the 9th influence around August 24:

Set (5a)c9 mars23 Taurus 15
c uranus23 Taurus 21
pb9 neptune23 Taurus 18ruler of b 9th house
pb NN24 Taurus s 07coming from 26 Taurus 49 at birth
c9 NN23 Leo 49

As can be seen in the set above, Trump's only 9th chart mars/uranus—Set (5)--has picked up a second node and 9th house influence—both of which are significant. B9 neptune was at 10 Taurus 27 at birth, so it has traveled about 13° in his lifetime. The return (of 7/26) moon at 22 Leo 57 can be included for anything occurring before September 6. If his astrology also comes up with another mars/uranus with Angular and 12th influence, he will have a completed and stressed war significator set. (I generally accept that a node has entered a set when it reaches within one degree of the set.)

Set (6)--see drawing above—is interesting and complex. It is interesting because it contains sun/mars/uranus and it influences b 12th house through the two b moons in it, and it influence B Asc through the b sun in it, and it influences b 9th house through b9 mars in Pisces, which co-rules (30 of 35°) b 9th house.

Set (6) is complex because of the number of planets it contains and the wide orb I have concluded it deserves. The spread between b SN in Scorpio to c9 moon in Gemini is 4° 46'. Normally I would not even consider those two in the same set, especially for a progressed event. But there are six lights in Set (6)—b sun, c9 moon, b9 sun, c9 moon, b SN, and b moon. They act to increase acceptable orb. One final progression, dropping the b moon in Scorpio out of the set as unnecessary, makes the set potent:

Set (6a)c9 sun28 Leo 21 ruler of c 8th house
return9 sun28 Leo 21
b9 moon29 Leo 22ruler of b 12th house
c9 saturn28 Aquarius 13
pb9 uranus0 Pisces 32ruler of b 8th house
b9 mars0 Pisces 46co-ruler (29 of 44°) of b 9th house
b sun28 Taurus 56ruler of B Asc
c9 moon1 Gemini 15ruler of B Asc

In Set (6a) above, return9 sun could have been in 8 other positions, so here it counts as a new, temporary light in the set, but only if an attack occurs after September 6 (Washington, D.C.), the date of the return it was taken from. It may not be necessary, there being enough lights in the set tor it to embrace the new mars conjunction uranus in Pisces. B9 uranus was at 23 Capricorn 06 at birth, so it has moved about 38° since his birth. Trump now has a full-fledged Angle/mars/uranus/9th/12th set. In addition, the mars/uranus conjunction is in Pisces, which gives the set another significant 12th influence because Pisces is natural ruler of the 12th house. They are in b 8th house.

Trump's earlier return occurs on July 26 (to September 6). Set (6a) is still valid and this earlier return has an additional highly afflicted set in which that return's sidereal sun plays an important part:

Set (6c)pB MC8 Cancer 28
return9 uranus8 Cancer 45
pb saturn8 Cancer 47
return sun8 Cancer 50
return mars9 Cancer 02

Set (6c) shows a conjunction in Cancer in b 12th house of MC/sun/mars/saturn/uranus. It is the sun in this set which pulls it all into one. Otherwise, the pB MC is still about 4 months short of being a valid Angle.saturn by progression, but here the return picks it up early. With the sets above and those below, this set is a powerful negative.

Set (6d)C Asc3 Capricorn 20
pB Asc3 Libra 29
return (7/26 return) uranus3 Aries 31

The above shows a double Angle/uranus. We could also use the 9/6 return for this set. It has return uranus at 3 Aries 05—good enough for a return set (but not for a progressed only set.)

Noticeable about the above is that Trump lacks a progressed Angle to mars or vice versa, though he has an Angle/mars through rulership. He has them--not through progression--through the return for both Set (6c) (for the 7/26 return) and for the return of 9/6 which has return mars at 5 Leo 37 right on his B Asc at 5 Leo 39. We do not have enough examples to state the the Angle/mars must be an actual progressed Angle to mars or vice versa. I suspect not.

His remaining pertinent sets are:

  • return (7/26) MC at 17 Cancer 04 is conjunct b pluto at 16 Cancer 04 and c pluto at 16 Cancer 52.

  • return (9/6) Asc at 16 Cancer 15 is also conjunct the two plutos above.

  • return9 (7/26) NN at 22 Capricorn 21 is conjunct b9 uranus at 23 Capricorn 06.

  • return9 (7/26) neptune at 27 Aquarius 37R has entered Set (6b) above, adding a tone of mars/saturn/neptune—siege conditions—to it.

  • pb8 saturn at 6 Gemini 35 is in the same set with pc NN at 6 Gemini 31.

  • pc9 NN at 11 Gemini 46 is in the same set with b neptune, ruler of b 9th house, at 11 Virgo 52, and c neptune at 11 Virgo 20. The neptune influence is one somewhat indicating being fooled, or, somewhat, being caught “dreaming.”

  • pb9 pluto at 18 Virgo 18 has come to an opposition of b9 sun at 18 Pisces 21. B9 pluto started out at 26 Leo 43 at birth. Pluto opposition sun suggests some “masses” are against (opposition) his individuality (sun).

Like Bush—I did not do these for FDR—Trump's locality and progressed locality Angles picked up uranus. PC-Loc Asc at 23 Aries 56 picks up his b9 uranus at 23 Capricorn 06. C-Loc MC, at 23 Libra 35 is also in the set.

I see that for both Trump and Ryan I have used "Set (6x). This can happen because I often change the order of the charts while writing the paper. Do not pay any attention to the duplication. The sets under Trump's image are his, and the sets under Ryan's image are his.


Paul Davis Ryan
picture from

Even though I classified Ryan as a major actor, the chart that best shows his negative astrology around the date of August 24 is his 7th chart, the typical chart of affected witness. He is really somewhere between the two categories.

Paul Ryan
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—4Sco, c12--24Sco, c2—26Cap. c3—9Pis b11—23Vir, b12—17Lib, b2—8Sag, b3—16Cap

Note that Ryan already has Angle/mars and Angle/uranus in his pre-progressed astrology. Set (5) shows a doubly lighted Angle/uranus, with b7 sun co-ruling (23 of 37°) b 9th house. Set (6) an Angle/mars, with c mars ruling c 12th house.

Two unnumbered sets are worth mentioning. C MC is conjunct b jupiter—the single most benefic set an individual can have. It promotes well-being and success. B Asc is conjunct neptune in Scorpio. It implies he is prone to idealism, even fantasy.

Significant sets for August 24 are:

Set (6a)C Asc14 Sagittarius 00
b7 sun12 Virgo 21ruler of B MC
c7 sun12 Virgo 21co-ruler (30 of 43°) of c 8th house
b uranus14 Virgo 21
pB Asc14 Sagittarius 40

With Set (6a) above Ryan now has three Angle/sun/uranus sets with influence to a 9th house. Again, the two suns together "kick" each other into belonging to the set and lighting it. One would not be enough.

Set (6b)pb sun2 Pisces 35ruler of B MC, co-ruler b 9th house
pc NN2 Pisces 27
pc7 mars3 Pisces 05ruler of c 12th house

The set above constitutes an Angle/node/sun/mars/9th/12th influence. It is a set, one might say, that encourages humility.

His Set (6) in the drawing above—an Angle/mars/12th—has picked up several more planets

Set (6c)c mars22 Scorpio 03ruler of c 12th house
return7 mercury 22 Scorpio 56
pc7 NN22 Scorpio 06
pc7 neptune22 Scorpio 41ruler of c 3rd house
pb7 sun23 Scorpio 15ruler of B MC, co-ruler of b 9th house

In the table above, light/mars/neptune is always some kind of excited or confused state, and the sign Scorpio includes, but is not limited to, notions of violence and/or death. This set shows an Angle/mercury/mars/neptune/9th/12th influence.

Pc saturn, at 10 Aries 09, is opposition his C MC at 10 Libra 12, but this is also part of the difficulty he has been having being the new Speaker of the House. Since he also has pb jupiter at 10 Libra 36, now retrograde, his C MC continues being uplifted by jupiter. An additional saturn influence is comprised of return (8/22/17) saturn at 26 Scorpio 12 SD, in a wide conjunction to his pC MC at 26 Scorpio 57, with saturn heading for the Angle. All suggest a more difficult and/or serious period.

Ryan's return for the period starts on August 22. Congress is in recess during the month of August, so Ryan will likely be at home in Jaynesville, WI and return to Washington, DC if there is an attack. We want to look at his return Angles for both locations.

His return Angles for Jaynesville are: return MC at 15 Gemini 01 and return Asc at 13 Virgo 29. These fit into Set (6a) above, putting b uranus at 14 Virgo 21, C Asc at 14 Sagittarius, and pB Asc at 14 Sagittarius 40 on return MC. His pb venus, ruler of b 12th house, also fits into the set. His two harmonic suns at 12 Virgo 21 and his progressed b uranus at 12 Virgo 51 fall on return Asc at 13 Virgo 29.

Note that the above shows a current sun/mars and sun/uranus. The sun/uranus was there before, but has become more emphasized by falling on return Angles. Each has some influence to 9th and or 12th houses.

His return set with return MC for Washington, DC is an Angle/mars/saturn/neptune:

Set (6e)return7 saturn25 Gemini 51
return7 mars26 Gemini 14
return MC26 Gemini 28
b7 neptune26 Sagittarius 24

Tbe above represent "siege" (difficult, confusing, fear-promoting) conditions.

The Charts of Affected Witnesses
Again, we are not expecting that affected witnesses, unless currently closely attached to the major actors, will have as strong astrology as the major actors. For affected witnesses we are looking for forefront (on an Angle or lighted and influencing an Angle) mars, uranus, and sun. In these instances the sun represents a major male (sun) figure in the life, but it may represent the individual him/herself.

For President Roosevelt, we have his first-born child, daughter Anna.

Anna Roosevelt
picture from Somerset News Online

Anna was married to her second husband and living in Seattle on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. She was 36 years old. Astro-databank has her born in Hyde Park, NY, but Wikipedia states she was born in New York City, which is usually considered excellent in reporting correct birth times. But Anna was born in 1906, so it is possible her time was of a little. Time given was 1:15 PM EST. Her return covering December 7, 1941 occurred on November 25, 1941, Seattle.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House chart)

Placidus: c11—9Sag. c12—1Cap. c2—21Pis. c3—24Ari b11—14Gem, b12—15Can, b2—7Vir, b3—6Lib

There are three lights in Set(7)--the two suns and the node—so we can say they enclose the mars saturn in the set, so it contains node/2sun/mars/saturn, with c mars co-ruling (18 of 24°) c 9th house and b7 sun ruling B Asc and co-ruling 13 of 28°) b 12th house, yielding Angle/node/2sun/mars/saturn/9th/12th.. Return MC at 20 Cancer 21 adds another Angle influence.

Set (8) is a simple sun/uranus set, with c uranus ruling C Asc. Return Asc at 10 Libra 27 also put the set on an Angle.

Her astrology for December 7 showed the following significant sets:

Set (8a)pC MC22 Sagittarius 52
return (11/25/41, Seattle) NN22 Pisces 17
b mercury22 Pisces 21
pc7 moon23 Pisces 20
pb7 neptune22 Gemini 14ruler of b 8th house
t mars (7:48 am AHST)21 Pisces 38

The transiting mars in the above is “early” (has not yet really entered the set), but that is where it was when the attack started. 24 hours later it was at 21 Pisces 56, and 48 hours later, at 22 Pisces 15. It is the node and moon, both lights, which hold these planets together in one set which contains Angle/moon/node/mars. Until the mars enters the set, it represents being "spaced out"--Angle/lights/neptune by the event.

She also had:

  • pb moon, ruler of b 12th house, at 14 Sagittarius 01 was conjunct pb uranus at 13 Sagittarius 53.

  • pb7 moon, ruler of b 12th house, was at 6 Sagittarius 05 conjunct pc uranus, ruler of C Asc, at 6 Sagittarius 51. Transiting7 NN is at 6 Pisces 58. This is an Angle/node/uranus/12th.

The sets above show new or re-emphasized Angle/sun, Angle/mars, and Angle/uranus.

Jenna Bush, one of Bush's twin daughters, is his affected witness.

Jenna Bush
picture from Time Magazine

Jenna Bush
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—2Can, c12—2Leo, c2—27Vir, c3—28Lib b11—2Sco, b12—25Sco, b2—26Cap, b3—4Pis

Jenna Bush also has prominent “war significators.” Set (11) shows Asc/venus/mars/2jupiter/uranus with c7 venus co-ruling (30 of 32°) c 9th house and b7 mars ruling b 12th house. Of course, the difference in her chart is that her Angle/mars/uranus is also accompanied by a conjunction of venus and jupiter as well as the well-placed jupiter in Pisces. How does that translate for most of her life? I am not sure. Perhaps—only a little bit tongue-in-cheek—she would make an excellent negotiator between two warring parties. But Set (11) does contain Angle/mars/uranus/9th/12th.

On September 11, 2001 she had the following sets:

Set (11a)pB MC26 Libra 42
c7 mars26 Aries 38ruler of c 9th house

The set above shows a new Angle/uranus with 9th house influence.

Set (11b)pb7 mars17 Gemini 22ruler of b 12th house
B Asc17 Sagittarius 39ruler of c 9th house

Set (11b) is a new Angle/mars with 9th house influence.

Her remaining germane sets were:

  • pC MC at 20 Gemini 25 was in the same set with pc7 uranus at 20 Sagittarius 45 (a little early, 4 months to be exact)--an Angle/uranus which might have picked up a light.

  • Her return (9/5/01) for U of Texas at Austin had an MC at 22 Sagittarius 06 in the same set with pc7 mars at 22 Virgo 32.

  • t7 (9 am EDT) at 29 Virgo 59 was in the same set with b NN at 29 Gemini 07 and c pluto at 29 Virgo 48.

Tiffany Trump is one of Trump's affected witness. Her returns were done for West Palm Beach--a total guess.

Tiffany Trump
picture from

Tiffany Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—29Cap c12—3Pis, c2—13Tau, c3—8Gem b11—20Lib, b12—19Sco, b2—11Cap, b3—17Aqu

Sets (12) and (13) rather flow into each other, but here I am breaking them into two sets. B MC is in the same set with both harmonic suns at 21 Sagittarius 22 and with c7 mars, ruler of C Asc at 22 Virgo 30, with b7 sun ruling b 9th house—an Angle/2sun/mars/9th set.

Set (13) includes b sun, ruler of b 9th house, at 25 Virgo 42 in the same set with c mars, ruler of C Asc at 25 Gemini 50, c neptune, ruler of c 12th house, and b uranus at 23 Sagittarius 41. So this set shows Asc/sun/mars/uranus/(neptune)/9th/12th. I put c neptune in this set rather than Set (12) because it is progressing forward. On August 24 it is at 24 Sagittarius 28.

On August 24, 2017 her astrology shows the following pertinent sets:

Set (13a)pb7 mercury16 Cancer 43Rruler of B MC, co-ruler of b 9th, and also a light
b7 mars16 Libra 41ruler of b 12th house

The above set shows a new Angle/light/mercury/mars/9th/12th. Her strongest set, an update of Set (12) above, is shown next:

Set (13b)b7 sun21 Sagittarius 22ruler of b 9th house
c7 sun21 Sagittarius 22
pc SN22 Sagittarius 58coming from 29 Sagittarius 58 at conception
c uranus23 Sagittarius 01 41
c neptune23 Sagittarius 42ruler of c 12th house
B MC21 Virgo 18
c7 mars22 Virgo 30ruler of C Asc

In the set above, the progressed node which has entered it is 44' from c neptune, the planet of highest longitude in the set. It is 1° 40' from B MC, the lowest part of the set. And now it contains three lights. So it is a valid progressed set, especially because progressed harmonic nodes entering a set have proven more potent than any other progressed light. They suggest a karmic, or “must happen” condition in the subject area covered by the chart—here 9th and 12th house. Additionally, all the planets in Sagittarius have a 9th emphasis because that sign is natural ruler of the 9th house, and they also fall i, c 9th house.

The station of saturn on August 24 has its 9th harmonic (for the 7th chart) at 25 Gemini 48 in the same set with her b sun, ruler of b 9th house, at 25 Virgo 42, and c mars, ruler of C Asc, at 25 Gemini 40. Pc uranus, at 24 Sagittarius 28 is also in the set. That gives her at that time an Angle/sun/mars/saturn/uranus/9th set. By the time of her next return, however, which occurs on September 2, it has moved to 26 Gemini 20 and is questionably in the set.

I should note that Tiffany (and indeed, Jenna Bush for 9/11) has some major benevolent progressions at the examined time. Assuming they are related to the event, they likely represent a kind of elevation in social prominence that can come with being the close kin of a war president.

Rush Limbaugh is a tentative affected witness in Trump's event.

Rush Limbaugh
picture from

Rush Limbaugh
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—1Gem, c12—3Can, c2—25Leo, c3—23Vir b11—20Sco, b12—12Sag, b2—21Aqu, b3—29Pis

Set (14) shows us B Asc in the same set with both harmonic suns and c7 uranus in Aries. The 2sun/uranus is in c 9th house. This is all there is to suggest anything connected to being an affected witness in a surprise war attack. What do his progressions show?

On August 24, pB MC at 4 Capricorn 46 has entered Set (14) above. Return MC (8/4/17, Palm Beach, FL) is at 4 Cancer 14. So this is 2 Angles highlighting that 2sun/uranus in c 9th house.

Set (14a)pb7 sun12 Sagittarius 22
return moon12 Sagittarius 57(8/4/17, Palm Beach, FL)
c NN13 Pisces 35
return7 mars13 Pisces 07
pb7 moon12 Gemini 04
pc7 mars12 Gemini 06 ruler of C MC and co-ruler (26 of 33°) of c 9th house
b uranus12 Gemini 48

The above set shows an Angle/3light/mars/uranus/9th.

Set (14b)pb sun4 Pisces 42
pb saturn4 Virgo 57Rruler of B Asc
pc mars4 Virgo 51Rruler of C MC and co-ruler (26 of 33°) c 9th house

The above set demonstrates a progressed 2Angle/sun/mars/saturn/9th set. There have been several sun/mars/saturn/9th or 11th sets in this paper. At this point I am uncertain how to interpret them. The paper on heart disease shows that Angle/sun/mars/saturn/6th is a part of heart disease. We also know that sun/mars/saturn does not always have a physical interpretation. At best we can state that here it shows an Angle/sun/mars/saturn/9th, which is a traumatic experience.

Some of his other sets for that date are:

  • pb NN at 24 Aquarius 58 is in the same set with b7 uranus at 25 Taurus 12.

  • pb7 NN at 14 Virgo 44 is in the same set with pb7 saturn, ruler of B Asc, at 14 Gemini 32R.

  • pc moon, ruler of c 12th house, is at 1 Pisces 35 in the same set with return7 uranus at 1 Virgo 54.

  • pC Asc at 28 Virgo 23 is in the same set with return7 saturn at 28 Gemini 52 R.

  • return7 moon at 26 Scorpio 37 is conjunct return saturn at 26 Scorpio 32R and with b SN at 26 Leo 45.

Limbaugh's war significators are powerful.

Sean Hannity is also a tentative affected witness in Trump's event.

Sean Hannity
picture from

Sean Hannity
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—29Cap, c12—6Pis, c2—21Tau, c3—12Gem b11—15Sag, b12—9Cap, b2—1Ari, b3—2Tau

The b mars in Set (15) rules B MC and b 9th house. It shows us a node/2sun/2mars set with Angular and 9th influence. (In fact, three of Hannity's four suns are with mars—c mars, ruler of C Asc and co-ruler (24 of 48°) of c 12th house, at 14 Gemini 41 is in the same set with b sun at 14 Sagittarius 20. These appear very aggressive and show lighted mars influence to two Angles, one 9th, and one 12th house. Yes, I mean they imply an aggressive and powerful Hannity. But, aggression tends to attract aggression.

  • Set (16) contains moon/mercury/uranus, with b uranus ruling B Ascendant, c uranus ruling c 3rd house—a set showing some one considered very bright as well as showing a lighted uranus influence to one Angle—not important here.

    On August 24, 017 his astrology had acquired the following difficult sets:

    Set (16a)pb mars23 Capricorn 14 ruler of b 9th house; in b 12th house (the mars only)
    C Asc23 Aries 23
    pb7 neptune23 Cancer 18R
    pb NN23 Cancer 43

    The above set includes an Angle/node/mars/9th. The addition of neptune creates states of excitement, perhaps confusion, and perhaps distress.

    His additional sets for August 24 are:

    • pC MC at 28 Aquarius 43 is in the same set with return7 uranus at 28 Leo 46.

    • pc mars, ruler of C Asc and co-ruler of c 12th house, is at 10 Cancer 29 being lighted by c moon at 10 Aries 46.

    • pc7 sun at 27 Aries 22 is in the same set with pc uranus at 27 Cancer 34.

    • return (9/1/17, New York City) uranus at 3 Aries 12R is in the same set with C MC at 3 Capricorn 31 and c saturn at 3 Capricorn 37. The uranus is in c 12th house.

    • return7 mars at 24 Leo 22 is in the same set with B MC at 24 Scorpio 26.

    • return NN at 29 Cancer 11 is in the same set with b moon at 28 Libra 21 and c uranus at 28 Cancer 10.

    • return Asc at 14 Scorpio 31 is in the same set with return sun at 14 Leo 30 and b pluto at 15 Leo 50.

    • return7 moon at 21 Sagittarius 51 is conjunct b mercury at 22 Sagittarius 49 and b7 pluto at 22 Sagittarius 34 in c 9th house.

    As can be seen in the sets above, they constitute plenty of Angle/sun, Angle/mars, and Angle/uranus affecting 9th and 12th houses, except for a mars/9th.

    What About Benghazi?
    While the Benghazi attack resulted in the death of four Americans on September 11, 2012, I don't believe it is considered an act of war, at least not on the same scale as WW II and Pearl Harbor. Nonetheless,we can look at president Obama's astrology for the time to see what it looks like. Does it show the war significator?

    And while I suspect Secretary of State Clinton's astrology also shows the attack, I decided not to include it here.

    Barack Hussein Obama
    picture from

    Barack Obama
    Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

    Placidus: c11—17Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—15Aqu, c3—21Pis b11—30Sco, b12—25Sag, b2—2Pis, b3—6Ari

    Sorry about the bad scan. I temporarily have no printer/scanner. Fortunately, there is nothing to show of the signficator in Obama's natal astrology. He does not have any part of a war significator in either his 7th, 9th, or 12th charts.

    Here are two significant sets for 9/11/2012:

    Set (17a)pB Asc1 Aries 27
    pb mars1 Libra 26ruler of B MC, in c 9th

    The above constitutes a double Angle/mars, with only the mars in a 9th house.

    Set (17b)pC MC13 Sagittarius 47
    return uranus 13 Pisces 24(Wash DC 8/5/12)

    Above an Angle/uranus.

    Set (17c)pc NN15 Leo 15
    pb saturn16 Leo 35ruler of B Asc
    b12 uranus15 Scorpio 07
    return MC16 Aquarius 35

    The above set, which uses a return Angle with an orb of 2°. includes an Angle/uranus.

    • return12 mars at 1 Sagittarius 23 is in the same set with pc sun at 0 Sagittarius 42 and pc12 saturn, ruler of C Asc in b 12th house, at 1 Gemini 09.

    • pB MC at 24 Sagittarius 09 is conjunct b12 mercury (in both 12th houses) at 24 Sagittarius 04. Return mars is at 23 Virgo 40.

    • return moon at 27 Aquarius 41 and its harmonic at 27 Scorpio 35 are in the same set with b mars at 28 Leo 23.

    The above sets show some of the war significator—specifically Angle/mars and Angle/uranus, but altogether they are not that strong. They lack complete 9th and 12th house influence.

    Hillary Clinton's 12th chart astrology showed several powerful uranus sets, but I felt mars was weak for satisfying the significator. Since she took a great deal of criticism for the attack, I would have thought her significator for it would have been stronger than it was. I cannot claim it is strong no matter how much uranus is present when there is not Angle/mars.

    Why This Astrology is Probably Not About Impeachment
    The two examples we have of impeachment or near impeachment suggest a different part of a significator.

    For his near impeachment Richard Nixon had pb saturn at 5 Taurus 28 in close opposition to his C MC at 5 Scorpio 24.

    For his partial impeachment Bill Clinton had his progressed b saturn at 13 Cancer 25, nearing an exact conjunction to his b mercury—ruler of B MC and B Asc and therefore also acting like a light—at 13 Cancer 37.

    Both these secondary progressions of saturn are much slower in movement. They can take several years to complete their influence. The more typical progression of an Angle to saturn only has a duration of one or at most three months, depending on the orb allowed. President Trump does not have any of the former that will ever occur. Progressed b saturn, now at 8 Cancer 47, did pass opposition his C Asc at 3 Capricorn 32, but that was many years ago in the several years surrounding his 28th birthday.

    He does have two progressions of Angles—both MCs—to progressed b saturn now at 8 Cancer 47. Right now pB MC is at 8 Cancer 28, so it will hit that saturn in approximately four months. That is if we are looking only at orbs for progressed Angle/planet. But, of course, that saturn got included--shown above--in his return sun/mars/uranus (set 6c under Trump) which then picked up that saturn and that "early" Angle. But that "Angle/saturn" lasts only for the period of the return, which is 40 days. It is not long enough, I believe, to symbolize the Angle/saturn of impeachment. And by four months from now, the sets discussed here--the potential war president's sets--will have ceased to be in effect.

    PC MC is now at 8 Capricorn 06, and it will hit that saturn in approximately eight months. Both of those progressions will only last, at most, a couple of months. Impeachment--a very serious negative in the life of a president--appears to require a longer duration of Angle/saturn than that.

    Trump does not even have a progressed Angle/saturn of either type for the period of August 24, 2017. His next one is about four months from August 2017.

    Could This Tentative Event Represent Terrorist Acts Against Trump's Foreign Properties?t
    I suppose it could, but we have nothing to compare it to, so I have chosen not to look further into it. If so, it should involve affliction to his 2nd and 8th houses.

    What Affects the Expression of One's Astrology?
    Just as the expression of genetic factors is affected—within reason and only for some genes—by environment and behavior, so is the expression of astrological factors.

    As mentioned above, there can be astrology which mutes, or even denies, expression of a signficator. An example, using a condition, occurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities (the new term for mental retardation, which I think insufficient since many of us have intellectual and developmental disabilities who are not in the Down's syndrome category.) That significator occurs in the 3rd chart. It can be complete, but if mercury (harmonic or regular, ruling the 3rd house or not) falls on an Angle, it cancels the significator, apparently because mercury so strongly represents thought, mind, speech, etc. It is likely events also have these forms of astrology, called "anti-significators."

    In addition to the internal factors called anti-significators which affect significator expression, there are external ones. Environment and behavior make a difference.

    For instance, there are charts which contain the significator and timing for death from heart disease but the patient does not die. That is because we are now blessed with some really effective heart surgery.

    We know the people with weaker—or even almost non-existent—diabetic significators can get diabetes because of their unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.

    We know that expression of multiple sclerosis tends to appear with a certain latitudinal band and those who spend part of early childhood therein. It is doubtful the significator (when we find it) for that disease occurs only within that band. This peculiarity of expression of the disease suggests both environmental and timing factors.

    It is known that a positive attitude positively affects cancer remission. But medicine does not know, and this astrology does, that if the patient has an astrology which includes secondary saturn progressed to an Angle, his positive attitude won’t make that much difference. In fact, he will be in the group of patients who find it extremely difficult to come up with same positive attitude because a major interpretation of saturn progressed to an Angle is depression of every aspect of the life. He is not deficient in the ability, he is under strong astrological duress. That same duress will also negatively affect expression of almost all significators.

    These can go on and on, and need more research in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Most of the above are about conditions, but surely events are also affected environmentally. For instance, does a really top national intelligence affect the expression of war in a president’s chart? None at all would surely have a negative effect, but then all it takes is a couple of "slips" in a very good one for the safety net to fail that one time.

    I doubt most readers will take the time to actually examine the sets above.

    The main point about all of them is that they satisfy the theoretical significator--what is known so far--for war, that is, Angle/(sun)/mars/uranus/9th/12th in 7th, 9th, or 12th charts. Unless one has worked for a while with this method, it is hard to tell that the quantity of significators appearing above are not a random result. It remains to be seen if they represent an aggressive event like an act of war, or a less aggressive one like a significant legal occurrence. Right now, however, what we can say is that they bears considerable resemblance to the war astrology of the two previous war presidents.

    We can also say (without actually looking), because of the unique timing in Trump's potential war significator, that it seems highly unlikely he will have any more during his time in office--be that one or two terms.

    It is also reasonable to guess that a president's war significator gives us an indication of the strength and duration of the war they represent. Therefore, Roosevelt's significator, which was full and in place from birth, represented a very long, very harsh war which, even though not on American soil, involved countless American lives and citizen mobilization. Bush's significator being less powerful, then, stands for a potent attack but one which, nonetheless, was of far more limited duration and whole-culture mobilization. Accordingly, if Trump's astrology represents an attack on America, it, too, represents far less mobilization and duration than did World War II. But then, war as it has traditionally occurred has morphed into decentralized acts of terorism. That does not mean, however, it cannot take the older form of intended invasiion or destruction of a country.

    If all this holds up under inspection, it raises interesting questions, for instance, about Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War? Did he, like Roosevelt for WW II, already have a civil war significator--we don't know what that would look like--in place at birth?

    And what about American involvement in the civil wars of other countries? The Viet Nam war (the Vietnamese called it "the American war") spanned five American presidents--Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, and Ford. What, if anything, in their astrology was an indication of such a long-term involvement?

    Of course, the astrology of this paper may represent something less like war and more like a difficult legal experience for the president. Of course, if that is true, one wonders why it would show so strongly in charts of his major actors and affected witnesses. Nonetheless, it seems possible--9th and 12th houses would likely be involved just as they are for acts of war. I would think the 10th chart and/or house would also be involved. We have so much that is unusual going on. There is even talk of a constitutional crisis if special counsel Mueller is fired following the firing, e.g., of Trump's attorney general or his acting attorney general. Then he would be free to keep appointing attorney generals (or those next in line) until he got one would fire Mueller. Because of the potential charges involved if wrongdoing is discovered, the present extraordinary political conditions are unique, only partially comparable to those occurring prior to Nixon's resignation.

    Unfortunately birth data for most of Trump's appointees, and for his adult children, is unavailable. I would like, especially, to have examined the August astrology of McConnell, Pence, and his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis. But that data is not available.

    From the limited results above, it appears separating research subjects into affected witnesses and major actors bears revision. Their significators appear more on a continuous gradient. It raises the question, would just an ordinary citizen, without any role in a war and without any particular sympathy for those who have those responsibilities, but who just hates war--would their significator be as strong as that of a major actor? How about major news analysts? They would be reporting on it.

    I did take a brief look at the astrology of liberal MSNBC news commentator Rachel Maddow. Born in Hayward, California, her birth time is listed to the nearest minute, therefore, likely dependable. Historically, New York City and California state have provided the most dependable birth times. Perhaps others which I do not know about.

    Rachel Maddow
    picture from

    Her choice of candidate in the 2016 election was deducible from her newscast.

    Rachel Maddow
    Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 8th House (a.k.a. 8th chart)

    Placidus: c11—2Cap, c12—0Aqu, c2—21Ari. C3—17Tau b11—27Ari, b12—3Gem, b2—25Can, b3—20Leo

    The above is a partial 8th chart taken from the paper on the 2016 election. It will do now that I am temporarily without printer/scanner. From it we can see that Set (6), which is an all-charts set, shows an Angle/uranus with uranus ruling c 12th house. In her 7th chart she also has a set which, with the node extending orb to bring the mars into acceptable orb with the Angle, is a war significator. This is what it looks like:

    c SN1 Cancer 51
    c mars 2 Cancer 16ruler of c 9th. co-ruler 17 of 26°) of c 8th house
    B Asc 3 Cancer 57
    c7 mercury 3 Libra 46
    b7 uranus3 Capricorn 24ruler of b 9th, co-ruler (20 of 25°) of b 8th
    return uranus3 Aries 33(8/4/17, New York City

    The above set is being hit, and activated by return uranus. It lacks a 12th influence. The next set has it all:

    pc7 mars7 Leo 49ruler of c 9th house
    pB Asc7 Leo 52
    pc7 uranus6 Scorpio 53ruler of b 12th house
    pc7 sun6 Taurus 27
    pb7 sun7 Taurus 43

    Progressed c7 uranus is low in the set, but the two suns bring it into the set. The above shows Angle/sun/mars/uranus/9th/12th—the full significator (so far).

    Some of her lesser sets were:

    • pb sun at 0 Taurus 52 in the same set with pc mars, ruler of c 9th house, at 0 Leo 52.

    • return NN at 29 Cancer is in the same set with c moon at 29 Libra 12 conjunct c7 uranus, ruler of c 12th house, at 28 Libra 28 and b7 mars, at 28 Cancer 53.

    • return7 mars at 13 Pisces 47, in b 9th house, in the same set with pb NN at 13 Sagittarius 58,

    • pb7 uranus, ruler of b 9th house, at 17 Sagittarius 24R in the same set with b sun at 17 Pisces 28 and b7 NN at 18 Sagittarius 00.

    It is easy to see she has an active war significators.

    Stephen Miller’s astrology has been added to this paper on 8/26/17. Mr. Miller is Senior Advisor on policy to President Trump.

    Stephen Miller
    picture from

    Stephen Miller
    Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (a.k.a. 7th chart)

    Placidus: c11—13Cap, c12—15Aqu, c2—2Tau, c3—27Tau b11—5Sco, b12—27Sco, b2—29Cap, b3—8Pis

    Set (18) explains why I never heard of Miller in Trump’s cabinet. It shows B MC conjunct saturn and pluto in Libra, a set which tends to keep individual’s who have it out of the limelight.

    Set (19) shows /mecury/mars/saturn/uranus/9th/12th without light and without influence to an Angle. B mars rules b 12th house and b7 mercury rules b 9th. On August 24 pc7 sun at 24 Cancer 56 and pc7 pluto at 24 Aries 54 have entered it. It is still without influence to an Angle, but the sun makes the set a solid 9th/12th set.

    His return occurred on August 24 at Washington, DC. Its MC forms the following significant set:

    ruler of c 9th house
    Set (20)pc mars28 Capricorn 12
    return MC29 Capricorn 23
    pc7 uranus/td>29 Aries 00ruler of c 12th house
    retun NN29 Cancer 13
    pb saturn29 Libra 47
    pb saturn29 Libra 47

    The mars in the set above can be included because the acceptable orb for return Angles is 2° and the node is a light. This set shows Angle/light/mars/uranus/9th/12th,

    Some of Miller’s other, contributing sets which suggest a difficult event are:

    • pB Asc at 26 Capricorn 25 is in the same set with c sun at 26 Libra 14.

    • pB MC at 10 Scorpio 47 is in the same set with pb7 moon at 10 Scorpio 47 and return7 mercury at 10 Scorpio 51, suggesting thoughts of war and/or death.

    • return saturn, stationed at 26 Scorpio 12 is conjunct pc mercury at 26 Scorpio 40R conjunct c7 SN at 26 Scorpio 05 in 12th/9th houses.

    • pC MC at 22 Capricorn 13 is in the same set with pb7 mercury, ruler of b 9th house, at 22 Cancer 13—a neutral set which nonetheless highlights 9th house activity.

    • return7 moon at 3 Cancer 28 is in the same set with return7 uranus at 3 Aries 22 and c mars, ruler of c 9th house, at 3 Capricorn 24.
    • return Asc at 22 Taurus 34 is in the same set with pc7 NN at 23 Taurus 45.

    Miller has two progressed node/jupiter sets and an progressed sun/jupiter which influences an Angle. These could represent temporary importance as a cabinet member.


    It can, of course, be asked, does the significator show up in my chart for the time in question? After all, as someone writing about it as a potential event, it cannot be denied that I have an interest in whether or not it happens. So, does the significator occur?

    It does. First, it is in the pre-progressed 7th chart as a "fault" with 9th but not 12th house influence. That set also has several other planets in it. Because of that, it influences a number of houses and has sponsored a number of conditions/events in my life. First, it sponsored my development of this form of astrology--an innovation on traditional astrology. Second, it sponsored an interest in marital arts which has occupied half my life, though for various reasons I have not pursued them nearly that long. Now that I am old, its has sponsored the softer forms--Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Until now, it has never in my mind been connected to acts of war.

    A progressed war sighificator in this same 7th chart, by timing correct for the period covered in this paper, has also formed. It is comprised of Angle/sun/mars/uranus/9th/12th and also has 8th influence. Before progressions it started as an Angle/mars/uranus/9th/12th influence, but it is not on an Angle. So it gets its Angular influence from one of the planets ruling an Angle. With this method, it is only when the progressed light entered hit the set that the Angular influence became truly functional. As was the case with the first set above, I had never before considered this second set as in any way connected to war. But the occurrence of the possibility of a war significator has changed that.

    It does. First, it is in the pre-progressed chart as a "fault" with 9th but not 12th house influence. That set also has several other planets in it. Because of that, it influences a number of houses and has sponsored a number of conditions/events in my life. First, it sponsored my development of this form of astrology--an innovation on traditional astrology. Second, it sponsored an interest in marital arts which has occupied half my life, though for various reasons I have not pursued them nearly that long. Now that I am old, its has sponsored the softer forms--Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Until now, it has never in my mind been connected to acts of war.

    It should go without saying--but I will express it nonetheless--that if an act of war against America occurs I will also be horrified. Acts like that are always tragic and devastating. As far as I know, they always cost many people their lives and create endless suffering, especially for those who bear the brunt of them. And the "brunt" depends on the tool(s) used in the act and how long that act continues as a war. Sometimes such things eat up whole countries, their people, and their culture for years. For some moronic reason the cost of war is usually measured only in lives lost. But war creates long-term physical, social, and cultural wounds that are also tragic.

    Data Acknowledgments
    Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. As memory serves me, (AA) means verified by birth record on hand, (A) means something similar but slightly less reliable, B means from a biography, C means reasonably okay but not from verified public records, (DD) stands for "dirty data," i.e., not at all verified or verifiable, therefore unreliable. Birth dates are listed in the same order as presented in the paper.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (AA)
    Birth: 1/30/1882, 8:45 pm LMT, Hyde Park, NY. From Astro-databank, From "Sara and Eleanor: The Story of Sara Delano Roosevelt and Her Daughter-in-Law Eleanor Roosevelt by Jan Pottker, 2005, pg. 59. In wife Sara's diary husband James recorded the labor and delivery of their son: "Sunday night [29 Jan.] at half past eleven Sallie's troubles began, was up and down all night (. . .) At eight pm [30 Jan.] Dr. Parker put her completely under the influence of chloroform. At quarter to nine my Sallie had a splendid large boy, but was unconscious when he was born. Baby weighs ten pounds without clothes."
    Conception:4/20/1881, 9:54:57 pm LMT, Hyde Park, NY.

    George W. Bush (AA)
    Birth: 7/6/1946, 7:26 aim EDT, New Haven, CT. From Astro-databank, Kim Castilla on the internet quotes hospital records. "Back in 1994 when Bush was elected governor of Texas, I called around and actually found a PR person in the hospital where he was born who was willing to look up his birth time for me, so this is from the hospital records. He's not a junior, he has the same initial but a different middle name than his father."

    Wayne Turner quotes a biography by Bill Minutaglio, a Texas journalist, published in 1999 by Random House, in which he quotes a certified copy of George W Bush's birth certificate which he obtained from the Connecticut State Dept of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. The bio is titled "George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty" and the birth info is on page 24 with a foot note to the source on page 330. 7:26 AM is the time and July 6, 1946 is the date, with New Haven Hospital listed as the place.
    Conception:9/27/1945, 2:05:11 am EDT, New Haven, CT.

    Rudy Giuliani (A)
    Birth: 5/28/1944, 2:30 p.m. EWT, Brooklyn, NY. From Astrodatabank, October 2005 a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote to PT that the time used here was provided by Giuliani's mother. Previously source notes said “Date given on the Internet with a time of 11:52:56 AM EWT, no source. On Claudia Dikinis' site, she thanks Mary Louise Bateman for this data but Bateman has no source. On ACT, Liane Thomas Wade gave 6:00 AM, no source. Dorothy Kovach rectifies to 9:20 AM.
    Conception:8/21/1943, 12:43:21 a.m. EWT, Brooklyn, NY.

    Donald Henry Rumsfeld (AA)
    Birth: 7/9/1932, 5:40 pm CST, Chicago, IL. From Astro-databank, B.C. in hand from the Wilsons. PT has on file a note (August 2005) from Victoria Williams of the Illinois records office stating that all births up until 1959 were entered in CST. Rumsfeld's record in ADB is therefore correct.
    Conception:10/1/1931, 9:26:09 aim CST, Chicago, IL.

    Donald John Trump (AA)
    Birth: 6/14/1946, 10:54 a..m. EDT. Jamaica, NY. From Astro-databank, PT quotes birth certificate found online. Since the document was evidently posted by Trump, some caution is advised even though there is no evidence that the document was altered. Previously this entry was rated "A" (from memory) and had a birth time of 9:51 AM with the following source notes: LMR quotes a private source who obtained the data from his mother, confirmed by another astrologer who said, "He laughed, then called his mom."

    Biography, “Trump, Donald John,” Microsoft (r) Encarta, Copyright 1994 Microsoft Corporation, Copyright (c) 1994 Funk and Wagnalls Corporation.

    Biography: Trump, Donald J. and Tony Schwartz, "Trump, The Art of The Deal," Random House, Inc., 1987

    Biography: Trump, Donald J. and Chester Leerhsen, "Trump, The Art of Survival," Random House, Inc., 1990

    Conception:9/05/1945, 5:10:06 pm EDT, Jamaica, NY.

    Paul Ryan (AA)
    Birth: 1/29/1970, 2:37 aim CST, Jaynesville, WI. From Astro-databank, Patrick Watson quotes birth certificate, copy in hand, first reported in a blog,
    Conception:4/19/1969, 12:16:36 aim CST, Jaynesville, WI.

    Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (B)
    Birth: 531906, 1:15 pm EST, New York, NY. From Astro-databank, Dana Holliday quotes James Roosevelt autobiography, "My Parents" .
    Conception:7/25/1905, 8:22:54 pm EST, New York, NY.

    Jenna Bush (A)
    Birth: 11/25/1981, 10:05 aim CST, Dallas, TX. From Astro-databank, Nicholas Sutherland quotes news, "close to 10:00 AM" in Considerations Feb-Apr 2001. News media reported that Jenna was the born second of the twins. The date came from Bill Minutaglio, "First Son - George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty," p.202. Jenna was named for Laura's mother; 4 lbs 12 oz.
    Conception:2/11/1981 8:33:34 pm CST, Dallas TX.

    Tiffany Ariana Trump (A)
    Birth: 10/13/1993, 12:50 pm EDT, West Palm Beach, FL From Astro-databank, LMR quotes a newscast given less than 8 hours earlier.
    Sy Scholfield quotes “The Donald Becomes a Dad Again, Maples Gives Birth at St. Mary's” by Mitch McKinney, Palm Beach Post, 14 Oct 1993, p. 18 “Tiffany Ariana Trump arrived at 12:50 pm Wednesday at St. Mary's Hospital after a labor that began more than 10 hours earlier.”
    Concepti0n:12/31/1992, 1:31:54 pm EST, W. Palm Beach, FL.

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh (AA)
    Birth: 1/12/1951, 7:50 aim CST, Cape Girardeau, MO. From Astro-databank, Eve de Alberich reported on 1/12/1999 that Limbaugh's mom had called the radio show to wish him Happy Birthday, and read the B.C. over the air, 7:50 AM during a conversation between him and his mom. Beth Koch reported that two other astrologers gave the 7:50 AM time.
    Conception:4/1/1950, 2:30:24 PM CST, Cape Girardeau, MO..

    Sean Hannity (A)
    Birth: 12/30/1961, 10:30 AM EST, Franklin Square, NY. From Astro-databank, Shelley Ackerman cites data from Hannity via a mutual contact.
    Conception:3/19/1961, 8:06:32 AM EST, Franklin Square, NY.

    Barack Obama (AA)
    Birth: 8/4/1961, 7:24 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii. From Astrodatabank, from a photo of his birth certificate posted on his campaign website, 2008.
    Conception:10/25/1960, 1:06:43 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Stephen Miller (AA)
    Birth: 8/23/1985, 4:53 p.m. PDT, Santa Monica, CA. From Astrodatabank, birth certificate in hand from Viktor E.
    Conception:11/12/1984, 4:23:42 p.m. PDT, Santa Monica, CA.

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