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(A Study In Recreational Lying)

Some material may or may not be true depending on the wishes of the author(s). Believing ANY of these stories is not recommended, however it is highly encouraged that you impress the "truth" of them on your friends and acquaintences.

Beer: Alphabetically

If you didn't already know this, this will come in useful next time you go to the liquor store. If you are having a hard time finding the specific beer or liquor that you are looking for, stop and look and you may notice that everything in liquor stores is alphabetized. Each type of liquor is first group together, then brands and then drafts; in alphabetical order, of course.

Beer: Alphabetically][Pol Pott][St. Pauly Girl

If you have any stories to add to this collection, Ray and Andy would greatly appreciate it if you would contact us. Thank you.