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(A Study In Recreational Lying)

Some material may or may not be true depending on the wishes of the author(s). Believing ANY of these stories is not recommended, however it is highly encouraged that you impress the "truth" of them on your friends and acquaintences.

The St. Pauly Girl: The Parrot Nun

Believe it or not, St. Pauly was not her orignal name. She was actually christened Margaret Hampton in 1936 by her parents, Frederick and Martha Hampton. She became a nun in the early years of her life because she felt that she was meant to help people. In the year 1984, she realized that she was called to South America to evangelize to the natives. Well the natives, who had never seen a white man (let alone a whit woman) before were extremely grateful to her. In thanks they bestwoed up on her many gifts, the most common of which were parrots. In the end, Margaret ended up owning approximately 30 or more parrots. Since she could not remember all of their names, had she given them all different ones, she proceeded to call every last one "Polly"; except for 4 who she named "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke" and "John".

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