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(A Study In Recreational Lying)

Some material may or may not be true depending on the wishes of the author(s). Believing ANY of these stories is not recommended, however it is highly encouraged that you impress the "truth" of them on your friends and acquaintences.

Pol Pott: The Orignal Pot Head

Pol Pott was actually Paul Revere's cousin and was originally the first choice of the New England colonies to ride around telling everyone when the British came. Unfortuantely, 3 days before the British arrived in Boston, Pol was savagely attacked by a wild turkey and was not only gored by the turkey but also, in the process of trying to defend himself, took a wild shot with his rifle. The shot from the rifle rebounded off of a nearby sycamore and lodged itself in his knee cap. Since he was in extreme pain and anguish his doctor prescribed a dose of medical marijuana, this being completely legal at the time. So when the British did come, Pol, being in no condition to ride himself, sent his cousin Paul in his place. But this is, significantly enough, the origin of the term "pot" for marijuana.

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