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  :: Joining and recruiting::

Type By: Cyclone
   ~Joining and Recruiting~ For our clan, Recruiting is just a clan member asking someone to come to this part of the website and email me the answers to the questions below. SO, read these questions (in green) and Email me the answers at And please number your answers. Example: Question 1 askes what yuor TEN-ARC name is so, if it was me I'd put: 1. =RISK.Cyclone

NEW: See white text for info on getting in if clan is full.

So to join you go through these steps: 0.(optional) A member askes you to answer these questions.

1. Answer the questions on this page and Email the Captain, Cyclone, at 2. Cyclone will review your answers and reply to you telling you that your Join Request was recieved. 3. Cyclone will request a duel if he's unfamiliar w/ you. 4. Cyclone will talk to you if he's unfamiliar w/ you. 6. Your a Member.

Questions to Email asnswers to

1. What's your TEN-ARC name?
2. If a member has asked you to answer these questions/recruited you, who was it?
3. What is your Email?
4. What is your Age and Gender?
5. What time zone do you live in?
6. About how many hours do you play ARC on an average day?
7. What is your AIM(AOL Instant Messanger) screenname?, it is recommended that you use have AIM for direct conversations w/ other members.
8. Why do you want to join RISK? (the longer, the better)
9. Why are you choosing RISK instead of another clan? (the longer, the better)
10. Have you read all of the "About Clan. Structure and Voting" page of this website?

If the clan is full and you've sent in the Resume above they yuo will both a.) Be put on a waiting list to tryout in case somemember goes inactve or quits and b.) have the option to "challenge" a member (not a Council) We set a time or meet at the same time in Ten-ARC. You and the person your challengin will be there and I have to be there also. I will duel you both and you will duel each other. Then I'll decide who stays/makes it into the clan.

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Ports: 6000
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About Me
Name: Josh "SlaYeR"
AIM: SlaYeR8766
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Clan Offically brought into being on July 21, 2003 Website Created on July 20, 2003 by Co-Captain, =RISK.Cyclone Website maintained and updated by SlaYeR. Email (me) Cyclone at: Last updated: July 25, 2003

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