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  ::About clan. rules, clan structure ::

Type By: Cyclone
   ~About Clan. Rules, Clan Structure~ Here I'll describe the creation of the clan, it's meaning, and how the clan is structured. You should give this a read through if you are considering joining the clan. You should also read this to fully understand our clan and what it is based on.

   >Creation of the Clan and it's meaning. I, Cyclone, created this clan to form a clan that would recruit skilled and cool people. It would not be the clan that says "Get [insert number of kills] on [map] to get in our clan". The clan should be serious and have Elite members. This may means we (probably) wont recruit 15-25+ members just for the sake of being large. We want cool Elite members that are active and loyal to the clan. Members should be polite respectable people.

   You MUST MEET AND UP-HOLD A GOOD LEVEL OF ACTIVENESS IN TEN-ARC. An Inactive member isn't any good to the clan... And NO SMURFING, smurfing is using another username that is not your clan username.... And YOU CAN ONLY BE IN ONE CLAN AT ONCE!

Be Loyal to the clan. Try to be kind to people. Have fun.

   You also MUST Email Cyclone when you are leaving TEN-ARC for an extended time. I call an extentend time offically 4 days. But it would be SUPER-AWESOME-GREAT if you would email me if your leaving for less time, becuase I may miss you and worry if your not online for awhile ;( . This clan is for TEN-ARC. I have dubbed the clan RISK. RISK stands for: Remarkable IndividualS Klan.

  Clan Tagging, Clan Structure and Power. /Tagging is wearing the mark of the clan. Everyone who is a member of RISK will wear a tag like this: "=RISK.-----------". Inserting thier name for the dashes. .

   /Structure is how the clan is set up. The clan will max at 11 members. With the new structure...I am the Leader. There are 2 Squadron Captains. The Squadron rankings are based on skill. Each squad will have a max of 4 members. So a full roster would be: 1 Leader, 2 Captains and 8 members from the squads, making a total of 11 members. The Omega Squadron is more skilled than the Gamma Squadron. It also adds some competition to the clan in that clan members are trying to get a better ranking. To challendge members I have to be online. You will duel eachother in Go and I'll watch on blue. If you win then you get their spot and they move down 1 rank.Example:
1. A
2. B
3. C
C beats A in a duel.
1. C
2. A
3. B

   /Power, who can make desisions in the clan and recruit people. I, Cyclone, am the only person who can recruit, the desision is solely mine. I dont think thats bad, considering it's how other clan's do it. Other depends on what they are if I have something I think is questionable I'll usually Email the clan to hear what they think I should do.


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Name: Josh "SlaYeR"
AIM: SlaYeR8766
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Clan Offically brought into being on July 21, 2003 Website Created on July 20, 2003 by Co-Captain, =RISK.Cyclone Website maintained and updated by SlaYeR. Email (me) Cyclone at: Last updated: July 25, 2003

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