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NOAA Web Applications

I work as a contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center. My primary work involves a technology called LIDAR, which provides high-density topographic map of the Earth's surface. Our primary interest is in the topography of the nations beaches.

Most of my work with this data set involves making it available on the Web, and providing on-line tools for manipulating geographic coordinates.

  • The project home page - Contains lots of information about the data, it's uses, etc.
  • LIDAR Data Retrieval Tool - A tool I co-developed with a very capable programmer, which allows anyone to download raw data or false-color images of coastal topography.
  • Point Projector Tool - A CGI-based tool I developed a couple of years ago to project coordinates to and from State Plane and UTM projection systems.
  • Point Converter Tool - a Java applet/CGI based tool that is essentially a souped up version of the Point Projector Tool.
Many people are interested in LIDAR for use with GIS - I am not a GIS expert, but I can do programming support and data development for GIS users pretty well.