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In the past six months, I have become a sometimes annoyingly outspoken advocate of free software, and a semi-skilled user of it. There is some controversy over the term "free software". For my rather limited greedy purposes, I mostly define it as software that you can download for free. However, the other far more talented free software advocates in the world usually define "free software" as Open Source - that is, the source code is published along with the working programs. Even in this community there is strife, as people debate to what uses open-source or free software can be put. However, below I will list some groups that produce free software, groups that merely advocate free software, and sites that allow you to download free or open-source software. Currently, aside from Windows 98, every piece of software I use on a regular basis at home is free for download or open-source: Cygwin for accessing command line tools (like the Java compiler and virtual machine), Netscape for surfing and email, and Emacs for writing code and HTML (like this page.)