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Carlenian's Educators

Our young people today are the Nation's leaders in the future.  If we want to have capable and intelligent citizens, we must give the best education to our young people today.  Educated citizens make for intelligent living.  Intelligent living makes way for the country's progress.   In school we learn the value of work.  We are taught to be a worthy member of the home, a useful member of the community, and an intelligent citizen of the world.   We learn about GOD to prepare us not only to live a useful life on earth, but also to enjoy an everlasting life in Heaven.

San Carlos City has 91 total number of schools and it has 46, 359 student population.  The following schools are located along the City proper.


Public Schools


Central I Elementary School and Central II Elementary School

High School

Speaker Eugenio Perez National and Agricultural School (SEPNAS)


Pangasinan State University (PSU)


Private School

Elementary and High School

EDNAS Schooll

Saint Charles Academy (The only Catholic School run in the City)

Saint Therese of Child Jesus (History)

Saint Dominic High School

Clark Educational Center

Baylon Institute of Technology

College and Universities

System Technology Institute

San Carlos College

Marian Computer College

Palaris Colleges

Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF)