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Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation . . . then and Now

February 14, 1951 -  Dr. Martin P. Posadas, MD, son of Don Bernardino and Dona Maria Posadas, of San Carlos City, married Dra. Rosalina Quebral, daughter of Don Segundo and Dona Maria Quebral of Manila.   He graduated from the UST College of Medicine in 1949  while she graduated from the College of Dentistry in Centro Escolar University.

1951 - The Posadas Clinic was established at Bonifacio Street in San Carlos and later, renamed Posadas Medico-Dental Clinic.  It had a 10 bed capacity, five of which were devoted for charity patients.   It had provisions for surgical and X-ray services, considered to be the first in a rural area and the first air-conditioned operating room in those days.  The then Philippine Free Press featured this clinic in an article "Action in Pangasinan" in October, 1995, one of the few clinics in the country in answer  to the late President Magsaysay's challenge to physician achievers to give medical care to the poor.

1957 - The clinic became a 4 storey hospital and was renamed Virgen Milagrosa Hospital.

1958 - The  School of Midwifery was granted a permit to operate (the first such school north of Manila) and it brought students from all over the country.

1959 - The first twenty-one (21) Midwifery graduates took the board and scored a 100 percent  passing, 6 of whom garnered the top six places.

1961 - Opening of the school of Nursing (3 year course). More students came from all over the country.

1964 - The first graduate of the school of Nursing obtained a 100 percent passing in the board exams given that same year.

1969 - Construction of the VMUF Complex in the 12 hectare site in Taloy District,  San Carlos,to  house the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, the dormitory and first radio station in San Carlos.   The building was blessed and inaugurated in 1972.  The 7 storey in VM Medical Cener was also started,  including the 3 storey Medicine Building.

1973 - The Virgen Milagrosa Medical  Center (VMMC) was completed and was blessed and inaugurated February 16, 1974.  It has a 100 bed capacity with ICU, CCu, and complete laboratory facilities.

1975 - Inauguration and blessing of the VM Institute of Medicine building in May 1975.  The Medical School opereated in consortium with a medical school in Dagupan City due to some political pressure.  The first year classes in Medicine started.  new courses were granted permits to operate: Health Aide and Secretarial Science.

1976 - The VM Institute of Medicine continued on its own as Foundation when the constortium scheme proved not viable.   Other courses were given permits to  operate: Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical), Dentistry Veterinary Medicine, Physical Therapy, BS Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiologic Technology, BS Secretarial  Administration, and Machine Shop - a 2 year technical course.

1977 - Permits to operate additional 4 year courses  were given: Animal Husbandry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical  Technology and BS Biology.

1979 - The first 21 medical graduates had very outstanding performance in the board examinations when all of them passed (100 percent).

1980 - The Child Learning Center (CLC) ws establised with Nursery and Kindergarten  classes.  Every year from then on, a new grade was added until the first elementary graduates finished in 1986.   The center was granted full recognition in 1985.

1982 - Permit to operate two   technical courses - Practical Electicity and Refrigeration and Air airconditioning was given.

1983 - The Computer Education Center was inaugurated by then First Lady Madame Imelda R. Marcos.

1984 - The VMUF CharityHospital was constructed and inaugurated in November 1984 by Dona Consuelo Salazar-Perez.   Permit was given to operate the Bahelor's degree of Electronics and Communication Engineering (BSECE).

1985 - The Business Administration course was recognized.

1986 - The Computer Education and the Nutrition and Deitetics course were recognized.

1986 - It started construction of the 5 storey VM CENTRUM and was fittingly inaugurated on February 14, 1987, giving added elegance and to th skyline of VMUF Complex.  The CENTRUM is dedicated by the founders "To all students who have passed and will pass thru the portals of the VMUF with fond hopes taht they will serve the people in their chosen professions in the spirit ofa true Christian".

1987 - Permit to operate the Special Science High School was secured.  The VMUF also administers two other secondary schools the St. Dominic High School and the San Luis High School in Brgy. Talang.

1994 - VMEI became a University with Dr. Martin P. Posadas as the first president.  He was installed on March 12, 1994.

1994 - On July 6, 1994, Dr. Martin Posadas passed away Dra. Rosalina Q. Posadas became President of VMUF.

1995 - The University hosted the Palarong Pambansa '95 for Secondary level.

1995 - The College of Computer Science was granted government recogniton for the course Associate In Computer Science.

1996 - On October 19, 1996, Dra. Rosalina Posadas passed away.

1996 - The BS Computer Science course was recognized.

1997 - On March 12, 1997, Dr. Ma. Lilia P. Juan was installed as the third President of  VMUF.