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    On May 16, 2004, an accidental purging deleted all the on-going threads on the CBR forums. Because of that, all of the YvtW threads are gone forever, and the attempts since then to continue the original stories have come to naught. Because of that, this will likely be the last update with new material being added to the Archive. I have put together what I could of the last two chapters of stories, but the series is not officially discontinued.

    All of the introduction and index pages of this archive have been edited to reflect this new circumstance.

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Storyline page:
    Added the ending of the Tournament Arc. It turned out to be too long for one part, so I split it into two and moved all subsequent chapters down. The two chapters are 33) Crisis and 34) Showdown.

    Edited a couple of the LOTR chapters for spelling and grammar. I probably didn't get all of them, though. Updated 41) LOTR VII Loose Ends.

    Added 42) Multiple Digressions, which is a hodge podge of non-arc-related posts that were written around the time that the Tournament and the LOTR/Afterlife arcs were going on. Also added the first part of the Afterlife Arc, 43) Into the Abyss, which mostly covers the part of the arc that took place in Dante's Inferno.

    Added Ultimates pt. 3, which is shorter than the previous part but longer than the first part.

Magic Cards:
    Go to the What's New page for this sub-archive to see the new cards that were added. In short - added 4 new cards and altered an old one; two for 2.0, two for 0.2, and one for 3.0.


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    Updated power list pages for YvtW 2.0, Next Gen, and Ultimates. Added power list pages for Uberninja World and Elements.

    Updated the Ten Cent Tour and the Timeline.

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