The You vs You vs The Anime World Directory

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Last updated on 09-14-2003 at 08:20 PM

ChuckG: Anime Financial and Manipulative Genius (Deceased)

Crossover_Maniac: Magical Girl

Eagle299: Ramna Martial Aritst with alternate Magical Girl form

FBHthelizardwizard: Bishounen Villain (Sorcery and Super Science)

Genma TheDestroyer: Unfazeable Normal with Power Armor

Koba: Living Anime Weapon Gone Wrong (Energy Redirection/Swordsmanship)

Lord Foul: Talking Cat Magical Girl Sidekick (Magic)

Metaphysician: Anime Super Genius

The MunchKing: Badly Dubbed Martial Arist with Heart of Gold

Overmaster: Unkillable Comic Relief Punching Bag

Radical: Pet Monster (Electrical Powers)

Ramz: Fused with Power Suit

The Real Nemo: Killer For Hire with Uber Swordsmanship

Mr. Sandman: Somewhat Insane but Lovable Idiot Savant Kid

Sir Christopher: Giant Super Robot

The Watcher: Superhuman Gunslinger Who Leaves Chaos In His Wake

Yeoman: Anime Super Swordsman

Z-mage: Ryouga Martial Artist With Appropriate Direction Sense

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