What's Happened So Far in the YvtW Storyline

Note on Dating: Instead of dating this with actual dates, the chronology used here is set in terms of relative dates. Relative to the actual event (whatever it was) that granted powers to the inhabitants of the 2.0, 3.0, and Mirror universes. So "Year 1" would be about 1 year after the first appearance of supers, and so on.

Note on Content: The actual story recorded in the Storyline sectoin of this site, though, only records the story starting from the time of first contact between the 2.0 Earth and the Mirror Earth. Everything that went on beforehand is mentioned here, but not in the recorded storyline itself. Also, the chronology listed here may not match the order of posting or some of the story elements. This timeline is only meant to be a rough guide, and it will change according to story requirements.

Year 0:

Year 1: Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year 7: Year 8: Year 10: Year 11: Year 12: Year 13: Year 14: Year 15: Year 16: Year 17:

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