The You vs Somebody Else List

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Last updated on 09-13-2003 at 11:58 AM

Order by Poster Order by Persona

Order by Poster:

Airshark: Stitch

Anon: Thor

Anonymous: Doomsday

Aubergine: Jack of Hearts

Cable the White: Magneto

Cain of Dreaming: John Kelly/Siege

Crinos: Jason Voorhies

Dizzy D: Mimic

Dr. J: Viewtiful Joe

Eagle299: Yomiko Readman

En Sabah Nur: Apocalypse

FBHthelizardwizard: Techno (robotic body)

Genma: The Destroyer: Genma Saotome

Jack: Martian Manhunter

Jimmy Alpha: Judge Death

LordKaos: Gandalf the Grey

Metaphysician: Black Adam

Mg_knt: Johnny Sorrow

Mr. Sandman: Sailor Moon

Nishibie: Sakura Kinomoto

Overmaster: Saber Marionette Bloodberry

Radical: Prince Adam/He-Man

Ramz: Guyver

Sir Christopher: Resurrection Man

Slayven: Absorbing Man

The Real Nemo: Seras Victoria

VCreed32: Sabretooth

The Watcher: Death (Discworld)

WriterBoy: The Thing

Yeoman: Rhinox

Z-mage: Akane Tendo

Z-man: Yugi Moto

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Order by Persona:

Absorbing Man: Slayven

Akane Tendo: Z-mage

Apocalypse: En Sabah Nur

Black Adam: Metaphysician

Death (Discworld): The Watcher

Doomsday: Anonymous

Gandalf the Grey: LordKaos

Genma Saotome: Genma the Destroyer

Guyver: Ramz

He-man/Prince Adam: Radical

Jack of Hearts: Aubergine

Jason Voorhies: Crinos

John Kelly/Seige: Cain of Dreaming

Johnny Sorrow: Mg_knt

Judge Death: Jimmy Alpha

Magneto: Cable the White

Martian Manhunter: Jack

Mimic: Dizzy D

Resurrection Man: Sir Christopher

Rhinox: Yeoman

Saber Marionette Bloodberry: Overmaster

Sabertooth: VCreed32

Sailor Moon: Mr.Sandman

Sakura Kinomoto: Nishibie

Seras Victoria: The Real Nemo

Stitch: Airshark

Techno (robotic body): FBH

The Thing: WriterBoy

Thor: Anon

Viewtiful Joe: Dr. J

Yomiko Readman: Eagle299

Yugi Moto: Z-man

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