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Candidate Guide

Candidate Mistress Pol of Blue Kronth
Weyrling MasterBran'ic of Brown Riandryth

Hello Candidates, and welcome to Coldspire Weyr. My name is Bran'ic of Brown Riandryth, and I am the Weyrlingmaster. If you are lucky enough to be Chosen by a dragon hatchling, you’ll be seeing me on a regular basis. But until then, you’ll be under the direction of Pol and Blue Kronth. She’s our Candidate Master, or in her case, Mistress. So if you have any questions, please address them to her.

As a candidate here at Coldspire Weyr, it is important that you understand your role in the Weyr. Candidates take classes to continue their general education as well as classes about dragons and Weyrlife. Candidates are a working part of the Weyr, helping out in various areas such as the Kitchen, the Lower Caverns, the Smithy, or within their crafts. Within the Weyr it is very important that everyone does their share and helps out.

Candidates are assigned to a barrack, usually shared with up to three other people of the same sex. The barracks have everything necessary already provided, and the Head Woman of Coldspire Idonia will meet any additional needs. All Candidates receive several articles of clothing suitable for daily use, at least one outfit for special occasions, as well as boots, gloves, jackets, undergarments, and toiletries. No one at Coldspire Weyr goes without, however, luxury is not a consideration for those without significant rank. So if a Candidate has more opulent preferences, such items must be provided by family members or purchased by the Candidate themselves.

Candidates usually have pretty busy schedules, but it is important that they find time for their candidate classes. Candidate classes are mandatory. Candidate classes help candidates to familiarize themselves with the Weyr, with Weyrlife in general, and with dragon care. For some, such as weyrbrats, many of these classes are unnecessary, as they have grown up in the Weyr. However, it is recommended that all Candidates attend at least the first part of each class to see if the topic is relevant to them. A favorite class of candidates is usually the field trip to the Hatching Grounds, after a queen has laid her eggs. Candidates are then permitted to touch the eggs and become accustomed to the heat of the sands.

Candidates are REQUIRED to attend one specific class, called “Hatching Day”. This class discusses procedures for the day of the Hatching, including what the Candidate is to wear, what they are not to wear, what to do when a dragonet hatches, what to expect of Impression, and where to go when and if Chosen by a dragonet. This is when a Candidate transcends rank to become a weyrling.

Well, now that you have heard all the basics, it’s time to turn you over to CM Pol and the Head Women to get you settled in. Congrats and welcome to Coldspire!

Candidate Guide
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