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Qebh: Claith <1> Ragabash Uktena




Hours later, well rested they stood, and followed the sign to the battleground. The road soon turned into a familiar trail, winding through the familiar land of his home. However, as they approached the site of the caern's pathstone the peace 
of birds chirping and squirrels playing turned to howls and warcries. The scene that unveiled before them was horrendous. Garou that he recognized as his sept  mates struggled against an army of banes. Nexus Crawlers tossed his former friends and mentors aside, tearing limb from limb, crushing bone after bone. The smell of Garou blood was thick in the air. Qebh tried to run into the midst of battle, not able to bear the futile site but Akhet held him back. They had arrived at the end of the battle, and the Wyrm's minions were clearing. As the danger subsided Akhet let Qebh go. He ran to where his father's mangled body lay.

Hadrian's ephemeral reflection spoke in barely audible speech, "Son," he 
coughed up blood, "my son.... the Nephandi ... they attacked us. We knew they  would come... and.. you were so young, I had to send you away, I had to.... please understand." Akhet stood silently in the shadows. Watching the scene quietly. This had been his charge, to bear Qebh through the umbra to witness this moment in time. "Qebh, this is a gift... I have held... for you... to claim here, in this time. It will 
allow Luna's... light to hide you in troubled times." he hands him a token on a  necklace chain, "Be wise, my son."

With that, the Athro passed, and the ephemeral debris of the battlefield faded, "Come, Qebh, we must go, before this battle begins anew. Qebh stood, his demeanor having changed, as he fastened Phoebe's Veil around his neck. He walked silently with Akhet down the mountain and along the escape route through the battlefield mists and eventually returning to the penumbra.

The two walked up and onto the Weaver's web, following it for weeks back east. At a juncture, Akhet faced Qebh, said, "Here is where we depart. Your destiny lies down that road, mine down this one. Perhaps we will meet again one day," and with a bow, Akhet continued down the path, leaving Qebh standing there, alone. With not another word, Qebh walked the weaver's web towards Cleveland. The spirits guided him to the Sept of the Flowering Dream, the memory of his past imprinted on his mind as though branded.