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Qebh: Claith <1> Ragabash Uktena




Qebh paused, wondering what to do next. His father watched him and after a brief hesitation said, "It is time you learned of your world, not as a wolf does, but as the Garou do." After a short time, Qebh became relaxed and Hadrian began to explain things to him: everything. After that, Qebh was introduced to the rest of the garou, and began on his journey towards being accepted as a member of society. 

Once he had learned the litany, Hadrian took Qebh to the outskirts of the sept lands where he honed his skills in combat against numerous banes and malevolent spirits and 
helped the sept in many mild attacks by minions of Malfeas. By the time Qebh turned fourteen he had proven himself and accepted into garou society as Qebh, Walks with the Mists.

Months later, Hadrian introduced him to a passing Silent Strider Fostern named Akhet, Wind-Spear, an Ahroun wanderer. Days after their introduction, Hadrian 
approached Qebh, "My son, you have done well here in the Sept, but it is time for you to leave. Wind Spear has agreed to be your guide. He will show you many things in the Umbra."

Reluctantly, Qebh left with the Ahroun on a journey that would last three years. Qebh saw many places on this journey. He met the Stargazers in the heavens of 
the Aetherial Realm, braved dangers and resisted the Fox to gaze into the blackness of the Abyss. In the Arcadia Gateway he ran into trouble with obnoxious unseelie fae, but escaped to continue his wanderings. They visited 
many septs and met many garou, learning bits and pieces from each, aiding new friends with claw and mind.

Years had passed and Qebh's next true lesson was about to unfold before his eyes. Akhet began to tell Qebh stories of the Apocalypse, of how a final battle would be fought in the Battleground of the near umbra, that in this land battles 
long past were reflected and fought over and over again, and would be fought until the final battle rends the world asunder. With this awful foreboding in his mind, Wind-Spear led Qebh to the realm of the Battleground. 

On the road through the realm, they passed many signs inscribed with the names of battles. The two passed thousands of signs, and walked for weeks and months, even passing some signs indicating battles between his Cherokee ancestors. On the hundred and first day, the two came to a sign. Akhet's brisk pace finally came to a halt. "Yes, this is it," Akhet said, looking at the young Qebh, now eighteen years old. The sign read "The Wyrm and the Wyld, Blood Mountain." "We will rest now. It is time to prepare for the worst, Qebh. When you have gathered all the courage you can muster we will continue."