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Qebh: Claith <1> Ragabash Uktena




In the mid-eighties, Qebh was born to a pack of wolves in the southern end of the Appalachian mountains in northern Georgia. The pack, consisting of Uktena and kinfolk, had set claim to the territory around an Uktena caern in the north Georgia mountains 

Blood Mountain being the specific site. The place had 
extreme spiritual significance, having been the place of many battles fought between the cherokees, other tribes, and the white man. The penumbral site was known to hold gateways to both the Atrocity Realm as well as Battleground. It was a land of sadness and rage, a place only fitting for the Uktena to rule. 

Qebh spent a lot of time in the valleys of the lower Appalachians, roaming the early morning mists for rabbits and squirrels with his pack of wolves. The Uktena had known that he was garou and thus watched him, however, they let him learn the secrets on his own. During his eighth year, he stood on the banks of a slow moving stream to drink. Before he dipped his tongue in the cold water he gazed into the stream, seeing his reflection truly for the first time. He was so curious that he began to stare intently; he looked first at himself in the waters and then closer, noticing the ripples that reflected the intricacies of his fur, and the small glints of light reflecting from the stream. It was then that he felt coldness rush over him. 

Had he fallen in? He scurried back from the water's edge, looking around. It looked similar to his home but not. The colors were stranger, the air was very cold but comfortable and the moon was huge in the sky, covering him in a blanket of shelter. He heard a familiar voice behind him, his father, "Qebh, welcome, ... to the reflection of reality." 

Disoriented, Qebh spun around and faced his father. There sat a huge Garou in Crinos, squatting with his hands on a staff and draped in a long flowing black and maroon cloak. He was Hadrian, Sees through the Wyrm, Athro Philodox of the Uktena. Backing off in fear of this new visage, Qebh began to growl, his fur raising in warning. Hadrian spoke in his guttural lupine tongue, "Do not be afraid child, I am, after all, your father."