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Ewan: Claith <1> Theurge Silver Fang   




She reached out grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and glared down at him, "How long do you think I have been looking for your parents? Do you think I left anything for you to find so long after their disappearance?" Her voice was a low growl as she moved him into the living room.

She placed him on the couch and moved to his in an armchair across from him. "Where is your little pack?" She asked snarling slightly, probably at the memory of Ray berating her the last and first time they had met.

"Iím alone." Ewan looked down at the floor his motherís mother was the last person he wanted to be talking to right now. "I left."

The old Greek women raised an eyebrow looking down at her grandson, "Oh? Something has happened tell me what."

"Well Rayís very ill right now, he was heavily wounded and probably couldnít get out of bed andÖ I donít want Noreen to see me like this." Ewan held back tears, his motherís mother being the last person he wanted to see him cry.

"You havenít answered my question," Her voice was like polished stone, slick and cold.

"I..I shifted," Ewan held his head in his hands shaking.