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Ewan: Claith <1> Theurge Silver Fang   




The apartment was empty, no one really knew why; it wasnít that no one wanted to rent it, the owner had been given several offers. The thing was the apartment was still very much being rented.

Neighbors whispered rumors about the disappearance of the couple that lived there. Every imaginable reason for the couple disappearing and the apartment still being held for them by a mistress benefactor had been discussed.

Someone walked up to the apartment and slipped a key into the door, a key that hadnít touched the lock in ages. The door swung open with a screech, the person entering gasped all the furniture he remembered was still there, everything from his childhood.

There was a sound in one of the other rooms, he moved from the front room calling out, "Mother? Father?"

The old women that stood in his little sisterís bedroom regarded him with cold eyes. Her face was stern; her exasperations didnít even have to change for him to know it was one of disapproval. "Ewan, Grandson."

Taking a step back Ewanís brain tried to come up with a response. The last time he had seen his motherís mother she had berated him, insulted him and abused him, when he had been a child and in her care she had locked him away in a room. He had been calling Mrs. Ramesh Grandmother for so long that the word no longer seem to suit his motherís mother, "Gigia," The Greek word for grandmother slipped out of his mouth the only thing he could seem to say.

"Why are you here?" Her tone would seem calm, Ewan knew he had little choice but to answer her, he was alone and his old powers stripped of him, she could rip him apart if she wanted.

"Iím looking for mother and father I figured the last place they where seen would be a good place to start." Ewan spoke meekly; he hung his head hoping if she knew she was in control she wouldnít do anything to him.