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Ewan: Claith <1> Theurge Silver Fang   




"You what?!" She snarled standing from the chair quicker then any women half her age could, "I knew it would only cause trouble that a man would have the voice of our Ancestors," She stood in the middle of the room, her breathing was now slowing down, "We needed you to do one thing. We needed you to breed and create great heroes for our tribe and what do you do? You shifted and we have to send you off to the Children of Gaia."

Ewan was curling up into the couch, he fought back tears shaking on the couch, "I donít want to just be passed off to anyone, and if any of you is going to reject me I want it to be my mother." "I see, what does your Grandfather Ramesh think of all this?" She spoke most of the venom seemed to have leaked from her voice during her last comment. "I didnít tell anyone I just left, I donít want to be removed by anyone other then my mother." Ewan watched his motherís mother walk over to him, she shuttered like she might strike him as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I will over look your changing for now," She spoke quietly and in such a genital way Ewan almost didnít recognize her voice, "You seem surprised? Regardless of your gender you are still the son of my daughter, do you think I wasn't worried after the Bone Gnawer stole you from me?" Ewan shook his head, "I ran away Gigia, Fast Fingers only came and took care of me after I did so."

There was a moment of silence, Ewan waited fro his motherís mother to yell at him but her voice didnít change to anger, "I see I suppose it was my fault for not knowing how to take care of you." "Gigia, I still hear the voices of the Ancestors, what does that mean?" Ewan asked meekly from under her hand. "I donít know, do you have any other abilities?" She asked sitting with him on the couch.

"No all my other abilities have been stripped from me," He let out a sob and she placed an arm around him, "I wanted to be a good kinfolk for the Black Furies Gigia, I really did, I wanted to be a good mate for Noreen and pass on the voice of the Ancestors to my children I really did." His motherís mother held him as he sobbed, "I know I know. Go look for your parents Ewan I can tell you the direction the Black Furies believe they went."

He looked at her a bit shocked, "Your just going to allow me to go?" "Your still my flesh and blood, I believe I already stated that, and I know you need to go do this, if I donít allow it Iíll just cause you more pain then your in right now," She fished around in her pocket and pulled out her wallet. She removed a credit card, "Iíll give you the pin number, I can send you a little money each month."

Ewan nodded almost not believing what was happening. Then she reached to her side and held out a sword to him, it was old and he could feel the power held in its blade as he took it. "Thank you Gigia you donít know what all this means to me." "Get out of my sight," She motioned with her hand, "Go find your parents."

Ewan got up putting the blade away in his bag and headed for the door. "Remember thatís a Black Fury Fetish youíd better bring it back when youíre done male." She spoke sternly and seriously. Ewan stopped in the doorway, "Maybe you should keep it then." The old Black Fury sighed to herself, "No itís no good any more youíve covered it with you man germs, keep it." Ewan nodded leaving his motherís mother in the apartment he spend the first years of his life in. his eyes where full of tears but there was a smile on his face.


Ewan was born different, he was taught a lot of thing by his Ancestors, like how to speak and act ect. When he was young his parents went missing, he went with one of his Internet friends, (who turned out to be a Bone Gnawer) to find them.

They stopped at a Caern and joined up with three others to create a pack. Ewanís abilities continued to grow during this time. When it was discovered he was Black Fury kin the Black Furies demanded he be placed in their care and removed from the care of Fast Finger (Bone Gnawer Ragabash).

This argument was stopped by Sevir Ramesh, (Grandmaster of the Challenge Silver Fang.) he declared that the arguing would stop when the child was not with his pack he would be staying with Mr. Ramesh.

Part of his hair turned white when he began to talk with the voice of his Ancestors, unfortunately whom ever seem to posses control of the body when he does so doesnít appear to like clothes.

Ewan was removed from his pack when the pack Alpha, Speaks Like Rain Children of Gaia Philidox, died. He stay with Mr. And Mrs. Ramesh until his friends Noreen (whom he was engaged to at 12) and Raynor shifted.

He was allowed to join their pack and used his strange powers to aid them.

Ewan left after shifting, he felt like he had betrayed everyone he knew, he felt that he had let them down by not remaining kinfolk. He went to Toronto to try and find some clue as to where his parents might be.

Ewan met up with his Grandmother who helped him get a good start on finding his mother. If anyone was going to kick him out of his tribe it was going to be her.