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Sept Truth Catcher!

Savval: Claith <1> Philodox Shadowlord

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Background story

Background story

Valcshesh walked down the hallway. The appearance of a Garou on the premises was unsettling at best. The creatures death had reinforced his need to keep the guards armed with silver bullets. He walked to meet up with the guard who had killed the garou. The man’s leg had been broken in several places but other then that he had come out no worse for wear.

He might even “enhance” him after this a gift for his success. When Valcshesh walked into the infirmary he knew something was odd about the guard. Something was strange off. He walked over to look at the man. “Just a second  y..Your!. . . “

The guard’s hand came up quicker then humanely possible and Valcshesh had little time to do anything as the man’s gun discharged filling Valcshesh with lead. The nurse went to scream and the gun discharged once more.

“Thanks for fixing my leg.” Savval said looking down at the two dead bodies. Almost mechanically he retrieved anything useful from his target. The wyrm servant was dead now came the hard part. Getting away,.

Savval grabbed one of the knives and began to slash at his victim, mutilating there bodies. He then slashed himself wiping the blood on his clothes. The pain was ever growing as he hid the knife people where coming. He had just made it back to the bed when the door flung open. “What’s happening here!” One of the guards entering yelled, as they stormed in.

“Good Lord in heaven!” Savval gasped “it went through the mirror I swear!” Savval gripped his wounds making another gasping noise. “I swear by god!” Savval lay back down on the bed and listened to the guards running out of the room.

After a moment he rose from the bed and limped to the door. Hopefully everyone would be looking for the werewolf and wouldn’t notice him leaving.

Savval ran down to where one of the cat walks stretched across the water form there he could try to figure out the best escape rout. A Dark figure started to walk towards him from the other end of the cat. walk.

“Your not a guard are you?” The dark figure asked walking towards Savval;. Savval watched the figure he could feel his life blood dripping away slowly as they stood there. “And your not some grunt.” 

“Very observant, come with me Garou! For what ever reason you cannot shift and your slowly bleeding to death you have run out of options.” The man gave Savval an ice water smile, but Savval simply returned it.

“There are always other options.” Savval ran towards the man and the two of them went flying over the side there was a loud splash and a sickening cracking sound as they both hit below. Blood soaked into the water turning is a dripping red.

He pulled himself up the bank and struggled towards the house. The old manner stood the last Home of the mortal decedents of Vlad the Impaler. No stars hung in the sky as the struggling figure drew ever closer to the house. Blood soaked fingers fiddled at the door handle. The blood made the opening of the metal handle tricky. The house was empty dark place. The window were hollow shadows, nothingness staring out at the world.

The door opened with and ancient voice creaking into the night. He stumbled inside and there was a sound at the other end of the room lights sprung to live and filled the manner with light.

People filled the hall looking at the wounded figure. “Three and a half hours. Not bad Blue eyes.” Savval’s grandfather put down his stop watch. Savval’s mother ran to his side supporting him. “Savval please sit.” She helped him to a chair as his grandfather looked on disapprovingly. He looked up at his mother, her long blond hair had been cut short and no longer 

“Mother your hair..” Savval looked at her knowing her blond hair was her only tie to her own family. The only thing she had left of her heritage. Maybe her blue eyes the part of her family she had passed onto her only son. “Savval did you kill the target?” Savval’s father walked up beside his wife giving her a motion to move away from they’re son.

“Yes and there was another and I killed him too. You may check my leg grandfather is still broken, but I did trick them into fixing it for me.” Savval smiled at his father a bit weakly trying to keep himself from passing out.

The elders precent looked to a Philidox, who nodded to let them know Savval spoke the ruth. “My son is a Shadow Lord.” Savval’s father bellowed and the party began.