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Sept Truth Catcher!

Savval: Claith <1> Philodox Shadowlord

Savval main

Savval family

Background story

Savval is the son of Niculaie (Shadow Lord Ahroun) and Orya (Silver Fang Kinfolk) Both Heriaged have been quiet aprent on him since his birth. His icy blue eyes a mark of what his mother passed down to him.

Vlad Razvan Inheritor of the Dragon, Sept Alpha and Savval’s Grandfather has always been harder on the boy, feeling that he must be impressed twice as much to make up fro the Silver Fang blood in his veins. He has always refereed to his Grandson as “Blue Eyes”.

Savval’s father was very strict but he tried his hardest to make his son strong and prepare him for the real world. Once when Savval complained about a hard task his father drew a knife across his palms forcing Savval to continue the task his hand’s cut, teaching Savval a hard job can always be made harder.

Niculaie arranged for his son to be taught by the Judges of Doom after his trial to become a Shadow Lord was completed. Savval’s teacher sent him out to gain practical experience as a Philodox, since there are some thing Book learning can not help you with. Savval is learning this lesson fairly quickly.