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Sept Truth Catcher!

Savval: Claith <1> Philodox Shadowlord

Savval main

Savval family

Background story

Family History:

The Decedents of Mihea cel Rau (Son of Vlad Tepes) still remain in Wallachia, the Shadow Lords there have suffered the lost of the man who’s blood they wished to integrate into there tribe being stolen.

It all began then Mihea’s father’s actions caught the attention of the Shadow Lords, having a personal respect for brutal yep fair rulers they sent one of these females to attempt to marry into his family. In the end Mihea was a result and the Shadow Lords took control of Wallachia.

The family unfortunately gained the notice of the Tizmesce, who believed themselves to have a right to Wallachia. They sat through many Princes in Wallachia they sat until the end of the first World War then they help the Communists come over from Russia to Wallachia in an attempt to liberate it from the Shadow Lords.

The Wallachia royal family went into hiding, as the people revolted against them the Silver Fangs who came over from Russia took their Caerns.

The Tizmesce where content with the Silver Fangs, they had not been ready for the ancient vampires and that made the Tizmsce content to rule Control that part of Romainia from the shadows. Not that Wallachia had been swallowed by Moldavia and Romainia. 

The Shadow Lords now waited and allied themselves with the Glass Walkers hiding in the cities. They grew in numbers some of them swallowing up whole Glass walker families of kinfolk. 

Vlad Razvan 20 years ago. Led a campaign to removed the Silver Fangs from Wallachia and restore the Wallachia royal family to it’s former glory. His son Niculaie kept the kinfolk daughter of a visiting Silver Fang from Russia who was visiting one of the caerns over taken.

Niculaie evenchaly married the woman Orya, and they produced a son Savval. Though everyone in the Shadow Lords fears that Savval’s blue eyes might one day betray his tribe.
Vlad Razvan is most displease about this point.

A Glass walker name Stasio aided the Shadow Lords in removing the remnants of the Glass Walkers from the city. He was also instrumental in having Niculaie being named Prince of Wallachia if only in a ceremonial capacity. 

The Tizmesce hope in the last days of the world to return Wallachia to a Monarchy, and regain their former titles. The Shadow Lords and the Tizmsesce now play on ongoing name neither side really knowing the rules the other is playing by,
It is said that Vlad Tepes watches the happening with a smile on his face eager to see which of his family’s is worthy to take up his throne.