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Ray's Page of Whatever

Yeah, so, this is where I put everything, because I didn't have anywhere else to put it...


The final version of City Ruler is up! All known bugs have been fixed, and trading has been expanded a little, so go check it out! Ceresuequen Chapter 9 is up as well. Sorry there were no partials on this one; it took a while to write, and all throughout I was unsure of whether to keep going the way I was going or to scrap it and start over. I think it turned out all right in the end, though. The next chapter will be an Alex chapter, which will begin with a reasonably eventful event. Ceresuequen is now twice the length of Pearl, and I'm not sure how long it's going to take to get to the center of this particular Tootsie pop, so we might be here for a while yet.

Ceresuequen Chapter 8 is finally finished! Also some other new stuff around here: a new version of City Ruler that corrects the grievous glitch found in the previous version, a new (to this page) complete story (Pawns (Adrian's Story)) that's set in the same city as the Alex stories but with absolutely no psychic action, and a Pixel Art page featuring some of my pixel art stuff. I think that's it. Colors and stuff might be changing on the minor pages, especially the generators, in the coming days.

More of Ceresuequen chapter 8 up today, but I may have to rewrite part of it. Sieve and Robert might have figured out what David is really up to, I just have to put together all of my notes about psychics and see if they're right or not. Livejournal is down today, so no posting anything to my writing journal today.

More Ceresuequen up today, this time part of Chapter 8. That's it. Ceresuequen is now over 30,000 words total, approaching 31K rapidly. I won't be surprised if it's fully twice the size of Pearl of the World when it's finally finished, and three times wouldn't shock me...

Only a Ceresuequen update today, but it's a long one. The rest of Chapter 7 is up, and it clocks in at a shocking 4,379 words all by itself. That's almost a fourth of Pearl of the World, which had about 19,000 words total. Ceresuequen is at a total of 28,139 words at the moment, so it's going to end up a lot bigger overall. Ceresuequen is gradually drawing near to its end, and I finally know what the end is going to be, roughly, so that's a good thing. Next chapter's a Sieve chapter; more will be posted as it's written.

Another long while. Rest of Ceresuequen Chapter 6 is up. Working on Chapter 7.

Been a while, huh. Rest of Chapter 5 and part of Chapter 6 of Ceresuequen are up. That's it for now.

Some of chapter five of Ceresuequen is up. This is a smaller dose than last time, but I hope it advances the plot a bit. It's a straightforward, light-hearted, and fluffy conversation between Sieve and David... as straightforward, light-hearted, and fluffy as about anything I write gets, anyways. I believe there's still a little bit more to this chapter, but it's almost 3:00 AM right now and I've got to get up at 9:00, so I'd best get to sleep instead of writing more. Enjoy it.

New year, new update. As well as an updates feature on the site, of course. Anyways, we have two updates now. A new version of City Ruler has been released. Beta 2 features the same basic city resource management gameplay, but bugs have been removed, goals have been adjusted, and you now have the ability to name your city. Go play! The second update is the rest of chapter four of Ceresuequen. This one's another long chapter, the longest yet, and it chronicles the further adventures of Alex. The next chapter should feature Sieve. Look for it and another update to City Ruler soon. Until then, adieu!

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