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This is the official website for City Ruler, a console window based strategy game.


Final Release Version 2 is now up. This will be the last release of City Ruler; the game is now stable and should hopefully be bug-free. If bugs are discovered, they will be fixed, but no major new features will be added to the game. In this release, you can now trade crystal to rename your city (once it has a name) or to get seeds to re-forest your land. There's also an actual quit command, and all bugs that result in game-crashing infinite loops when you input something have been fixed. Enjoy!

After six months, a week, and a day, there's finally a new version that works! Yes, you may have noticed the rather critical bug that killed the game, the fact that 100 extra people were added to your city after every turn. This was used in testing score mode, and it has been fixed. More game balance issues, specifically hunting and mining, have also been fixed. That is all!

After six months, finally there's a new version! Final Release Version 1 features various gameplay balance tweaks and a new game mode, "score," which scores you as you play over a period of 100 turns based on the resources you accumulate. The goal-based mode from the previous releases is called "Goal Mode," and is recommended for beginning players. Please enjoy!

A new version of City Ruler, Beta 2, has been released. Basic game procedure is the same, but the goals have been adjusted, some commands have been altered, and several bugs have been removed. There's also a new "title screen" that improves the first turn instructions of the previous version. Try it out and see what you think.

New game! Yes, City Ruler is out. This is a city management game, graphicless just like Tournament. It's a beta version, however, so there are still issues with game balance later on, although everything is fully functional. It should be fine through about the second goal level. Hopefully everything is self-explanatory in the game... please send feedback to my e-mail if you have comments or questions.

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Latest Version of City Ruler (Final Release 2)

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