Random Generators

Random Generators

Generator code from The Page of Generators. There are many excellent generators here as well as links to many other generator sites, so make sure to check it out, eh? Note: I realize many of these pages do not have a back link at the present time; this site is under construction and that will hopefully be fixed soon.

The Generators

General Use Generators

Clothing generator. My first generator. Makes really ugly clothing. Maybe 5% usable?

"Complex" Clothing Generator. Same as above, but makes clothing with logos and decals.
Name generator. For fantasy settings most likely. Could also work with sci-fi or alien names. Usefulness dependent on what you're going for.

Word Generators

Japanese Word Generator.Creates words that can be written with the Japanese alphabet. Maybe real words 1% of the time. Results in romaji, naturally.

Fantasy Generators

Fantasy character generator. By far and away my best generator; the heir to the Name Generator, Fantasy Class/Occupation generator, and a few projects that never quite made it. 95% usable.
Streamlined fantasy class/occupation generator. If you like this, check out the Big Class List in the RPG stuff area (if/when I ever get around to putting it up). 75% usable.
Kitchen-sink-inclusive fantasy class/occupation generator. Makes "complex" classes. More of a character idea generator than a class generator- still has some bugs to work out. 50% usable.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Zone generator. For the Sonic the Hedgehog series. 70% usability rating.

Old Version Generators

Old fantasy character generator. Older/working version of the fantasy character generator. 60% usable.
Old fantasy class/occupation generator. Older version of the fantasy class generator. 60% usable.
Old Zone generator. Older version of the zone Generator. 40%? Watch out for things like "Underwater Mountain Zone" and "Speed Factory Zone"...

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