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This is the official website for Tournament, a DOS prompt based RPG.


You may have noticed that there's been no update. This is because... magic doesn't actually work in the game! That's a problem right there. I got the descriptions to display right, the players to learn the spell right, and the damage to calculate right- however, somehow I overlooked the fact that the damage (from Energy Blast) and healing (from Heal) actually don't subtract from or add to the HP! This is a major problem, as I said. Right now I'm working on re-building the code from scratch so that magic and items will work... Old characters will still be able to be used in the new version, most of the differences should be behind the scenes here in fact. As for the release date, your guess is as good as mine on this one, and my guess is "probably a while from now".

Greetings from the catacombs! I went searching for ancient treasure and all I found was this new version of Tournament for you all... Yes, version 2.0 is now released! Get it here, get it now! Magic is in, there's a whole side-quest you have to do to get it, new characters, all kinds of fun stuff! Plus everything is in ONE FILE now, tournament.exe. The "instructions.txt" is now "readme.txt", and it includes instructions, hints, and changes for the program. Enjoy! Feedback is very welcome... Tell all of your friends!

No new update today, just an announcement that a big one is coming in the next few days. The next update will definately have magic (for players, at least- two spells, Heal and Energy Blast, are coded and working properly). The names/descriptions problem is resolved (I had the array of spells the player had as a data type "char" instead of the "int" it should have been, for all you techie people that care about details like that.) It will also combine both the Characreator and the Tournament into one .exe file, where you can use both as many times as you like without closing the program. The combining already done, but the run-both-as-many-times-as-you-like isn't working properly yet so I need to resolve that. Other projects started are the thing from the Tournament "Rumors", which will include (projected at this point) three different opponents that have more sophisticated AI than normal (they'll be able to use magic) and hopefully a "High Score" feature for lowest number of turns to beat each one. Sorry magic wasn't out Thursday, but I hope this is going to be worth the wait... There's also an "Easter Egg" in Tournament. Create two players, named Engine and John respectively, and have John fight Engine. (My little sister is a Pimp My Ride fan, so if you don't watch that show you likely won't get the reference.) Just a bit of trivia. Well, until the next update!

Yeah, magic today is not going to happen, unfortunately. I'm having issues with getting the names and descriptions of spells to show up properly when the player inputs the command "magic" on the menu. Hopefully I can clear it up soon. There is a new release today, however, v1.1.1, which fixes a bug in the Build Up Strength command. In the version 1.1 from Tuesday, building up strength would work, but when you attacked, your attack would still be multiplied by the number of times you built up minus one. (For example, character Bob with an attack of ten builds up five times to attack 50, then attacks, after that his attack is still 40.) Also in is a "Rumors" option on the victory menu. It just says one thing for now, what's hopefully coming in the next update, but I'm planning to expand it in the future. What is coming in the next update? Well, we'll have to wait and see how magic goes...

This website... exists now. Version 1.1 of Tournament is up. It features a "Build Up Strength" command, a luck stat that controls random damage added to your attack, and an existence check on the player file that you load in the tournament.exe file. Currently working on magic; two spells are coded ("Heal" and "Energy Blast") but I have yet to test it. If they work, items won't be far behind. Still to do on magic are testing, enemy AI, spell getting, and a sort of "magic school" or "magic shop". Hoping to have magic in and ready for release Thursday. Enjoy!

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