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My 2nd Grade CCD, My First Reconciliation and My First Comunion!
at Saint Rose of Lima Parish

Jesus and ME

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Preparing for
My First Communion

My Time to
Learn and Play

For the Learning Period: September 2003 to February 15, 2004

Format for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

 1rst Enter the Confessional - OR enter to the room for face-to-face confession with the priest.

 2nd Beginning my confession - I make the Sign of the Cross

 3rd Priest speaks- I listen to him carefully.

 4th My Confession - I pray Bless Me Father and tell my sins (see Examination of Conscience)

 5th After I finish my confession - let the priest know. Lsten to priest's advices to do better.

 6th Priest gives me a Penance - Priest gives my Penance - I listen to him carefully.

 7th Saying The Act of Contrition

 8th The Prayer of Absolution - I make the Sign of the Cross and answer AMEN to his prayer.

 9th After Finishing -
I thank you him and return to my place in church.
 I kneel down to start my praying with Jesus to meditate about my Penance to do.
 I complete this Sacrament satisfactorily and receive the gift of God's Grace, once again!

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Preparing for
Format for Receiving
this Sacrament

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My CCD Weekly
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My key Words
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My Prayers
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My Examination
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My 5 Goals
for Reconciliation

Format for Receiving
this Sacrament