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The Lyra Chronicles

Stories for Everyone

“SMC Dreaming”--Based on a dream I once had of Steve Clark

“Realization”--Sav's heart knows what his mind won't let him say.

In A New York Minute..A beautiful short story by my good friend Siona. The Guitar ..Can a guitar carry destiny for one woman?

Rated “PG/PG-13” Stories


“Foolin’”--The Terror Twins strike on April Fool’s Day by Brandy and Felicia.

“Edge of a Broken Heart”--Sav's mistake may cost him the woman he loves.

“Forgotten Child”--Followup to Full Circle. Sav's life with Kate continues
while Joe seeks out her friend's child.

Twisting Fate--A phone call on a fateful night changes Steve's life forever.

“A Visitor in Sheffield”--Lunch at the Player's Cafe brings a stranger into Sav's life.

“The Belated Gift”--Snow piles up, stranding a Lep at the airport.

“Lipstick Lies”--An up and coming female performer has a few secrets...

Rated “R” Stories

“Faithfully”--Sav meets up with a beautiful young singer who sweeps him off his feet. (Be prepared, this is a long one.)

“Daddy’s Girl”--A follow up to “Lessons”, though it isn’t necessary to read that one first. Rick Allen falls for the daughter of a good friend.

“Full Circle”--Sav and his girlfriend pay a price for his decision to give up on football.

“Lost”--A plane crash leaves four survivors trapped on an uncharted island.

“Battling Hearts”--A sound engineer clashes with Joe.

“Photograph”--A young photographer snaps up Sav's heart.

Rated “NC-17” Stories


“Lessons”--Joe and Sav find themselves alone with a record company executive.

“One Wild Night”--Stuck in a small town in a snow storm, the boys take the hospitality of three young women.

“Betcha!”--Sav's girl lives to regret a bet she makes with Joe, but does she really regret it?

“The Meek Shall Inherit...”--Can the shy girl really end up with Joe Elliott?

“Payback”--Joe's infidelity drives his wife to desperate measures.

“Into the darkness and light” --Joe's cousin finds herself torn between two of his friends.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Epilogue

“Star”--Joe and Sav both fall for a beautiful young superstar.

“Circus Comes to Town”--A video shoot brings an unexpected pair into the boys' lives.

Any thoughts on my stories? Email me, Rebelwolf625, with them!

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