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The Many Faces

I have an interest, it seems, in seeing the many different ways and styles in which characters can be drawn and still remain... themselves. Ranging from crossovers and cameos, to fanart, to the simple differences that time or choice brings to an artist's style -- I've gathered here as many of these differences as I could. :-)

Styles and Time:

Here I've gathered some examples of how some artists' style has changed (and in my opinion steadily improved) over time. Some of these changes would be almost invisible to someone reading the comic from a day-to-day basis.

Styles and Artists:

Then again there are differences in style that have little or nothing to do with experience or lack thereof - only with personal expression. No better way to illustrate this than by showing how the same character can be drawn in different ways... Note: You must have Javascript enabled to see the following images.


Note: All the pics above have been used with the assumption that their creators would have no reason to mind their inclusion -- if an artist or creator does indeed object, please notify me and I'll remove them immediately with my apologies. Also, the reference above is far from complete. I'm giving only examples of where these interpretations can be found.

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Last updated: 4 Mar 2004