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...where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

My page may be fine (or then again it may not), but there are others far finer. Here is a crossroads, an embarking station for a number of other sites.

Babylon 5


Harry Potter

Fiction Alley is the most comprehensive fan-fiction site any Harry Potter fan could hope to find! Divided into four sections, for novel-length, romantic, humorous or dark fics, it caters for every and any taste! *NEW*
Gathering to itself all the fics that more... 'respectable' sites would refuse, Restricted Section is an archive for HP stories rated NC-17 and above. *NEW*


Interactive Fiction

Online Comics

Something Positive, one of the nastiest and yet funniest comics around, this comic is bound to offend you if you are at all offensible! And yet if there's a comic with a bright soul underneath it's harsh exterior... this is the one! UPDATES DAILY. *NEW*
A magnificent tale of life, loss and Greek mythology in the modern world. Nymphs, gods and college students all swimming in a Sea of Insanity, it's what Gaiman might write if Gaiman wrote about Greek gods. UPDATES MONDAY AND FRIDAY.
The things they had once only enjoyed reading about... they now have to face: Fans!, one of my all-time favourite online comics, set in a world where science fiction, fantasy and horror are more often true than not. UPDATES WEEKDAYS.
"This here's my comic. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic." From starships to demons, from bad puns to great plot-twists, Sluggy Freelance has it all! UPDATES DAILY.
Death. Stolen bikes. Extra-terrestrial invaders. Nachitos. And, of course, Perverse Sexual Lust. It's Walky! UPDATES DAILY.
Magic. Werebeasts. Madness. The ancient curse of the Clan Chattan. All these and more in the Clan of the Cats! UPDATES DAILY.
Florence, the engineer of your dreams. Sam, the starship pilot of your nightmares. And a robot named Helix! Freefall! UPDATES MON-WED-FRI.
Follow the life of Bruno, as she struggles through depression and joy, disappointment and love. UPDATES MONDAY TO SATURDAY.

Today's Bruno strip Bruno's home The Moody Cow store

Pages of Friends

Words fail to describe the... phenomenon that is Jewel Faulkner, another of my online friends. Her site's name should warn you a bit about the kind of personality she has. And let's not even refer to the content.... :-)

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Last updated: 17 May 2003