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Lost Tales: Online Comics

In my mind I see a mirage on the wall,
But unfortunately it's not there at all.
So I guess I'll draw my mirage on the wall,
Then it can be here to see and enjoyed by all.



There's something that's so... meta! :-) about artists drawing themselves -- either as self-insertions in their comics or for any other reason. Here you can see together as many of these as I can find -- and I will keep on adding to this gallery of portraits.

Scott Mccloud
Maritza Campos
Scott Kurtz
Sylvan Migdal
Mike Leffel
John Robey
Greg Stephens
Josh Phillips
David Willis
Nicholas Yu
Christopher Baldwin
Kevin Pease
Jeffrey Darlington
Aaron M. Holm
Steve Troop
Clint Hollingsworth
Carson Fire
Kyle Goodman
David McGuire
Vince Suzukawa
Ian Jones-Quartey
Dave Kelly
Reinder Dijkhuis
Aric S. Campling
Ian McDonald
Howard Tayler
Joey Hetzel
Kaichi Satake
Josh Mirman
Katrin L. Salyers
Kathryn White
Tim Broderick
Daniel Milford-Cottam
Michael Zacher
Gabriel Fua
Alan Foreman
Rachel Dukes
John Troutman

<sigh> I'm not much of a furry fan, so I find the portraits below a poor replacement for faces that ought to be among the pics above. Still, I'll do with what I can find.

David Simpson
Joe England
Albert Temple

Note: Non-inclusion of an artist implies nothing about what I feel of their work - only that I've not been able to locate a relevant drawing thereof... Some of the artists' faces I've been seeking include (but are not limited to) those of Gisele Lagace, Mark Stanley, Jamie Robertson, Pete Abrams, Michael Mckay-Fleming, Ryan Smith, Bryan M.Richter, Darren Bleuel, Bill Holbrook, and several others. Nor does the order of the portraits mean anything - I may alphabetize it later on, but for now I decided to keep the order I found the pics...

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Last updated: 26 Jun 2002