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People we want to thank

James thanks:

First of all God Himself for giving me the talents and the millions of blessings He's given me in my life, and if I leave someone else out just email me and yell at me!! OK? So here goes i would like to thank my family, Kris Rose, Vickie Workman, Betty Workman, Bart Jackson, Luke Pater, Klint Ladd, Zac Brown, Chris Rector, all the guys in the DSF, Steve Smith, my computer (for not dying every day but every other), my car for the same!!!, my dog Rollie, and my dearest deceased tarantula Furball sniff sniff... =(

Kris thanks:

Sarah Braga (my amazing girlfriend), James Smith, Zac Brown, Klint Ladd, Luke Pater, Lee McIntosh, Chris Rector, Bart Jackson, Robb Gee and Matt Reynolds, Jesse from Goodnight Star, Mikey Huntington, my car, my computer, my four cats, Steve Smith and most importantly....God (for sending your Son), Christ (for going through hell so I didn't have to), and the Spirit (for helping me everyday).

Klint thanks:

My beautiful girlfriend Mandy Ewing. My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. Next are my parents who I thank for raising me in a Christian home. James Smith And Kris Rose and Zac Brown. Ben Manning. Robb Gee and Matt Reynolds. Steve Smith and Jeff Wise. Chris Rector. Russ and the Mt. Carmel gang. All my Bethel Friends. and anyone else I forgot

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