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James...the man with the amazing 5 string

I guess ill start with when I started playing guitar. I started playing guitar something like 3 or 4 years ago. I began to become interested in forming a band and playing with other musicans. I tried to form together a couple little garage bands but, nothing ever really came out of it. Then one day we got a new youth minister at church and after being there a while and getting to know us he decided to get some of us together and form a youth worship band. It consisted of Robb Gee on lead guitar, me on rhythm guitar, Kris on Bass, Kipp Dincler on drums, and Kyle Dincler on vocals. This worked out for a little while and we played a couple of shows and youth group meetings but, left something to be desired. After a couple of months the band broke up and I was back to trying to get a band together. After a couple more attempts to form a couple bands I came upon 19th Iodine St. which at the time consisted of Robb, once more on guitar and vocals, Kris on drums this time and me on bass. This didn't work out long and I left the band to pursue other things. My next endevour was with Klint Ladd in a project called Whirl Wind. It consisted of me on guitar and Klint also on guitar. We played together for a while but, the band never really got off the ground. A while later I joined a hardcore band named Greyline which was headed up by Kris on vocals, Lee McIntosh on Guitar, Klint Ladd on bass, Derrick Riley on drums, and me on guitar. This band worked out for a while and was a lot of fun, not that any of the others weren't. We even got to open up for Morella's Forest at a show once. Unfortunetly though the band broke up shortly after because of creative differences and, once more I was left searching for a band. Finally after a while of searching in the later summer of "98" the band Dark Jagged Blue was formed. In July of 99 it broke up. In the end it consisted of: Klint on vocals/1st guitar, Kris on drums/bgv's, Chris Rector on guitar 2 and myself on bass/bgv's. After that broke up Kris and I revived an old side project with Klint. Now turning totally emo we are ready to rock.

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