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Kris...the man with the wicked rhythms

I decided to begin Autumn In The Woods with James as another musical outlet. I also wanted a chance to sing and learn to play guitar. That never really happened, so we brought Klint along to actually do something. I moved back to drums and picked up vocals again. As you can see by the other bands I've been in...bass and now drums are my things. I orginally started to learn to play guitar but that didn't last long. I traded my guitar in for a bass and that was what I did. Then I saw a need for drummers. I knew I had a decent sense of rhythm so I got a set and learned. After the trials of Dark Jagged Blue I'm now ready to totally rock with Autumn In The Woods. I've loved emo music for a long time and this is like a dream come true. I hope through this band to be able to write quality music and to praise my Lord. Hopefully other people will be able to do the same through our music.

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