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ahrEuM's diary...wouldn't you like that ^^

ahrEuM's u can get to know me ^^

[shout outs]
come and see if i mentioned you...if i didn't..well...then YOU"RE NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH!

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|[ Shout Outs ]|

Deanna: thanks for being with me during this hard time...and listening to me complain....hope we have sum more fun next year! lol...
Alyssa: what can i say...i <3 you!
Effie: a bundle of
Jeany: just who i need to make me laugh during boring math...ugh
Joey: thanks...just thanks...and STOP TALKING!!!
Mike: itz the ggomma again! i feel bad that i didnt get to wish u a happy graduation..soo....HAPPY GRADUATION...HUG HUG
Russell: STOP THAT!
Katie: i owe you one
David: you can buy me lunch when skool starts
Vanessa: my big sister!
Joram: what would i have done without you?!
Chris: don't flirt too much; it could get u in trouble someday

___Peace + Jesus___
Steph: you're the biggest twinky i know...
Hyejin: SM summer vacation....hmm ^^
Hannah: i never talk to you anymore xp..i miss you!
Hyejin: kyooties 4 ever!
Sarah: you're so cute! Like the sister I never had
Jess: it'll be our little secret
Eboo: hmm...there's a letter for you
Peter: SMart as a cookie
Derek: wassup? no matter what, you're still kyoot as hell
Steve: nothing has changed

If you weren't mentioned...YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH! LOL...