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ahrEuM's diary...wouldn't you like that ^^

ahrEuM's u get to know me...big deal

[shout outs]
come and see if i mentioned you...if i didn't..well...then YOU"RE NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH!

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"A"ge [birthday] -- age [14, almost 15] bday [08.23.87]
"B"ody size [height/weight] -- height [5'3?] weight []
"C"haracter -- character [outgoing]
D"ream -- dream [to succeed]
"E"xcited about -- excited about [sophomore year]
"F"ood [likes/dislikes] -- food likes [korean, italian] dislikes [bugs...mexican]
"G"oal over summer -- goal [improve grades *check*, get taller, get contacts *check*, get a boyfriend lol...]
"H"obbies -- hobbies [studying, staying home...NOT! singing, shopping, dancing, exercising]
"I"dol -- idol [idols are not good...tsk tsk...]
"J"inx -- jinx [if i eat breakfast too early in the morning, everything goes wrong...]
"K"eeping [what i value] -- keep [family, God, music, friends]
"L"ifestyle -- lifestyle [my lifestyle: ShinHwa]
"M"usic type -- music [pop...kpop]
"N"icknames -- nicknames [ahreum *everyone*, arummie *lhs*, lina *typev*, angelina, angel *my sweetie*, ggomma *mike*, aurelie *french..ugh*, trouble-maker *jane*, feisty *barker!...groan!*
"O"bsession -- obsession [music]
"P"lays -- plays [All the time!...jk...piano, violin....ew....]
"Q"ualities -- qualities [my brain?]
"R"eligion -- religion [christian] church [peace]
"S"tress when... -- stress [test time...]
"T"alent -- talent [i'm very proud of my short-term mem-- wait what was i talking about?]
"U"neasy [what do i worry bout?] -- uneasy [life-changing decisions *i chose my dream*, teachers, sharks, bugs....ewww]
"V"ision in the future -- vision [accomplished, married, kids...hopefully in that order...]
"W"ant -- want [everything to go MY way]
"X"xx life -- xxx life [um...i don't even wanna GO there...] bases [er...2? wait, is this baseball?]
"Y"ear highlights -- year [09.07.01: starting high skool, 09.11.02: watching the world crumbling in front of us...12.25.01: Christmas! presents!, 01.01.02: New Year's Day, 02.14.02: secret valentine, 03.01.02: surprise at a retreat... 04.27.02: surprise at a party... 05.14.02: painted a little <3 shaped stool to look like van Gogh...oohh.. 05.15.02: Frosh class trip to see Romeo and Juliet live takes a shocking turn... 05.sumthing.02: music concert takes an equally shocking turn...06.27.02: find love again....]
"Z"ero years old [if u were born again] -- good [my parents, my family, my friends...sum of emotional growth, my spiritual growth...] regret [falling for the wrong people, fights, slacking off, taking advantage of life, etc.]