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ahrEuM's diary...wouldn't you like that ^^

ahrEuM's u get to know me...big deal

[shout outs]
come and see if i mentioned you...if i didn't..well...then YOU"RE NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH!

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» [basics] «
Hey, i'm |[__ahreum__]| as u probably all know. I'm a hyperactive teenage girl, as you can probably see. I have a long road ahead of me, but since when do I care, right? This is a biography of my life, and my life pretty much sucks. Yeah, I guess that's the best way of putting it. Here are some facts about yours truly:

♦ I'm not on drugs, despite the "specialness" of my mind.
♦ I have a tendency to use big words in conversations. For instance, "besphemous". Besphemous is a cool word.
♦ You know, I have no clue what besphemous means.
♦ I have one younger brother...and i guess one older brother from skool. They bother me.
♦ I'm the spoiled middle child, aka princess, as you may have guessed.
♦ I had a domain once. But that's besphemous to our conversation.
♦ Yeah, as you may have noticed, I really do know what besphemous means. It means IRRELEVANT.
♦ OK, so, like, foo is like, the best word, foo.
♦ I am sooo hyper, even if it is 9 AM on a Saturday.
♦ OK, seriously. Moving on.
♦ *clears throat*
♦ I have brown hair and green eyes NOW, what an interesting combination.
♦ Actually, my eyes are brown. I got contacts.
♦ But I like saying they're green, cause green eyes are cool.
♦ You know how long it takes to type up random facts about yourself? Jeeeez. I could be here all morning.
♦ Actually, I will be here all morning.
♦ I have no life *sob*
♦ There is no word such as besphemous. I lied.
♦ It's really blasphemous, stupid.

» [basics] «
name: ahreum kim
nicknames: ahreum, arummie, kara [don't ask], ggomma, lina, angel
astrological sign:leo and virgo

» [important] «
likes: music, dance, people [most of them], ice cream, shall i go on?
dislikes: being buried alive, stupid questions, clingy people, need more? click here
peeves: people who are slow at getting to the point, people who repeat everything they say, [unless they have an ulterior motive] people touching me for no reason, people who stupidly ask for hugs when i feel like punching them in the face...THIS MEANS YOU!

» [favorites] «
places: pool, starbucks, movies, beach...fine! school
actor/actress:Ryan Phillippe and Hayden Christensen [in sexiness] Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller [in comedy] / Natalie Portman...
author: Christopher Pike
TV show: Friends [american] New Nonstop [korean]
drama: Cool
song of the moment: Forever [FlytotheSky::track 06 on SMtown 4 Summer Vacation]
quote of the moment: "Would you like fries with that?"....dur!

» [contact] «
email: wanna email something? click here
AIM: xxkyootie4lyfexx