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Graphic Designs by J.M.Bondzeleske

Welcome to my professional online portfolio! This site depicts the wide variety of graphic design projects that I completed during my training at Sarasota County Technical Institute. Please be aware that the restrictions of Internet color may cause some hues to display inaccurately.

The projects themselves have been divided into two-dimensional work (ads, logos, letterheads, etc.) and three-dimensional work (die-cut packaging, book covers, etc.). For each design, I have included a brief summary of the project requirements and a description of how my solution works within those guidelines.

The "Info" link leads to a page describing my history and education. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at ebondrake at hotmail-dot-com. Thanks for browsing! :)

~status 4/1/03~

Pics for Starsigns Sodas and Stark Raven are still nowhere to be found, but everything else is up and functioning as needed. The separate Logos page has been completed and linked to both of the main galleries. Photos of the 3D mockups are still pending--it may be a couple weeks until I have time to do a nice photo shoot for them.

All site graphics and designs on these pages are copyright 2002 to J.M.Bondzeleske (ebondrake at hotmail-dot-com) and may not be reproduced or distributed without my consent. However, I do not claim ownership of photos or placed art used in parts of these designs, unless stated otherwise--they were collected via clip art and Internet searches.