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Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt - 1995
(note: all mundane names/personal address have been removed
or replaced by the generic Bob Robertson)

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January 1995

Seneschal: Hope everyone had a very happy holiday season!

Meetings in January will be as follows:

January 12th - we will have our populace meeting at 7 pm sharp. Fencing will follow the meeting at 8 pm.
January 19th – heavy weapons fighting practice, needlework guild and musician’s guild.
January 26th – dance practice.

Meetings in February will resume as normal.

Thank you to all the gentles who came to the Madrigal Feast and the Channel 35/52 pledge drive and made both successful demos for our Canton.

Silver Swords (Battle Creek) will be hosting a demo on January 28th. It will be at the Naval Reserve Center on 101 Base Ave. Feast will follow fighting and fencing at the demo . . . please bring a dish to pass and table service. See you there.

Wednesday January 25 we will be doing a one hour demo at Aquinas College in the ballroom (more directions at a following meeting). They are having a feast to honor Thomas Aquinas and want us to provide the entertainment for one hour. In exchange they are providing us with dinner and a donation to the Canton fund. Thomas Aquinas lived in the mid 1200’s making tunics and sideless surcoats the garb of period if you happen to have it. We will be dancing and fighting with heavy weapons. Time will probably be 6:30-7:30 but this is still being confirmed.

Winter Revel is only days away. Bring Arts & Science projects completed or in the works that you want to display. There will be an auction to benefit the Barony if you have items to donate. The Baronial Raffle is still accepting items as well, bring any donation and give it to Lord Kalin or Lady Brighid.

R.U.M. is also closing in on us. Contact Lady Brighid the Ageless (555-5555) to find an area that you can help in . . . there’s plenty of jobs for everyone! Contact Emma de Winter (555-5555) to offer the hospitality of your home for crash space for the incoming teachers.

1994 review. We have 12 new members on the Canton of Rimsholt in 1994 and twelve of our friends are now part of the newly incipient Canton of Dun Traigh (Holland/Muskegon/Lakeshore area). We held two events and helped with the Baron’s event. We participated in 10 demos. We made a profit on both events and two demos. We saw five fencers become authorized in one or more weapons styles and three heavy weapon fighters. Lord Armand de Chartres and Lord Reynard d’Avignon both received Kingdom awards. Our group has been on TV twice and in the paper with pictures four times. For the first time in years we have had regular fighting, fencing and dance practices and our skill level is slowly but surely improving because of it. We also started two new guilds. All in all, a very successful year for our Canton . . . you should be proud of yourselves.

Congratulations to Benedict of Beverly on becoming part of the King’s Rapier Guard in December! Wow!

See everyone soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner

You may have noted that the names and addresses of all our officers are printed on the front cover this month. This is to keep in compliance with the new Kingdom guidelines for newsletters and to make it easier to reach any one of us.

To all the budding artists and writers, I still need articles and illustrations for future issues. Pick a subject. I’ll be happy to run it in installments if it’s too long and my copy machine can reduce large pictures. How about some hand drawn borders I can put around articles? Everything adds to the flavor of the Bolt. I could use some more persona biographical pieces too.

See you all at Winter Revel. Happy New Year!!
Reynard d’Avignon

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February 1995

Seneschal: From the Seneschal;

Greetings from your Seneschal – May this missive find you warm as cold grips our fair land.

Meetings in February will resume as usual;

1st Thursday of the month – Fencing
2nd Thursday of the month – Populace meeting
3rd Thursday of the month – Heavy weapons practice, Needleworker’s Guild, Musician’s Guild
4th Thursday of the month – Dance practice

All of the meetings are from 7:00 pm until approximately 9:00 pm in room 200 of Grand Rapids Community College’s Music building. Corner of Ransom and Lyon in downtown Grand Rapids.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Aquinas College demo a success. Mary wrote to say what a favorable response she got from most of her students. The money will provide loaner armor and fencing equipment. Thanks again!

Congratulations to Rhiannon and Anthony Navarre on the great job they did with Winter Revel and feast. I know we all had a lot of fun.

Hoobah to the following gentles on receiving their AoA’s at Winter Revel; Lord Rapheal Bishop, Lord Cynfyn ap Rhiwallon, Lady Alessandra l’Amour, Lord Tys, Lady Annabelle Lizbeth De’Laisse, Lady Isabelle of Leith, Lord Hogan the Grim and Lady Adalacia the Serene.

Special congratulations to Lady Brighid the Ageless, Lady Keziah Gildea and Lord Garth of the Crags for receiving their Purple Frets due to their ongoing service to our canton. Wow everyone . . .What more can I say?

R.U.M. is march 4. Contact Lady Brighid at 555-5555 to help . . . There is plenty to go around. Emma de Winter (555-5555) is organizing crash space for teachers before and after. Call if you want to offer your hospitality. A desert revel is to follow classes. Let Brighid know what you can bring.

We still need an affordable rental space for our chariots. Let me know if you have any suggestions. We are still looking for a trailer with sides large enough to haul our chariots for the canton to buy.

Thank you for helping the Barony of Andelcrag raise over $400 at the Winter Revel auction. Don’t forget to bid on your favorite raffle item at Val Day.

See you soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner

Greetings! It is said that there is nothing finer than warm friends on cold evenings. That is certainly true in Rimsholt.

I would like to take a moment this month to solicit the opinion of the populace on some "Bolt" related issues. It has been suggested that perhaps the time has come to raise the price of The Rimsholt Bolt from forty-two cents per issue to fifty cents per issue. This change would help offset related printing costs such as the recent increase in postage.

It has been suggested that a system should be established whereby all subscriptions to the "Bolt" will be renewed at the end of the year for the next calendar year. New subscribers would only pay a prorated subscription rate that took them to the annual renewal date.

If you have any opinions or suggestions on either of these issues and cannot attend the next couple populace meetings, please let myself or another officer hear from you.

I would also like to mention that articles for use in this publication are getting rather sparse. Please feel free to contribute anything not copyright protected for further issues.

Keep those fires burning,
Reynard d’Avignon

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March 1995

Seneschal: Greetings from the icy lands of Rimsholt;

Meetings in March will be the same as always with the following change. The populace meeting will be canceled on March 9 due to the college spring break. It will be help with the fencer/fighter practice at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center (Monroe near Ann in Grand Rapids) on Tuesday March 14. So the meetings in room 200 of the Grand Rapids Community College Music building are as follows:

1st Thursday of march – fencing practice
2nd Thursday of March – cancelled, see note above
3rd Thursday of March – heavy weapons practice, music – bring instruments to try new music, Needleworker’s guild meeting
4th Thursday of March – dance practice
5th Thursday of march – open forum discussion of Rimsholt’s goals for 1995 and the future . . . all suggestions welcome. Then with any remaining time majority take the floor.

April meetings at GRCC will resume as normal. In addition to these Thursday meetings we now have a new site for Tuesday fencing and fighter practices every week at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center on Monroe (see address above – call me for additional directions at 555-5555). The meetings are from 6:30-9:00 pm We have a full gym area to work with and can do one on one and multiple person fights as the turnout allows. Hope to see everyone there.

I would like to thank Lady Isabelle, Lady Iarlaith, Lady Elian, Lady Keziah, Lady Celia, Lord Cedric, Lord Cynfyn, Lord Benedict, Lord Garth and of course our dedicated autocrat Lady Brighid and everyone else who helped make R.U.M. a success. A special thanks to all the teachers (including Katheryne on tatting and Lady Keziah on feastocrating.) who made learning new talents fun and inspire us all to try our hand at new skills. Thanks again.

Now our attention turns to Fum Day on March 25. Support your favorite Baron and his Barony by giving some time to troll or offering any other help you can see needs to be done. Lady Isabelle and Katheryne will be preparing feast. Call them to offer help or to serve feast.

The Consort Tourney is rescheduled in Silver Swords for April 15. In addition to the previous planned events there will be some quests and a blank scroll competition. All the people who attended the class at the Lyons library should try their hand at the beginner level of the scroll competition. (Yes, that is a challenge – even I will try). Call Lord Cedric for any help you would like to give. Call me if you would like to use the paint that was left with our Canton for scroll practice. I will bring the Scribe’s handbook with me to weekly meetings.

Border War is not June 24 as put in the Pale . . it is in fact the weekend of June 17. Be sure to change it on your calendar.

I would also like to thank Lord Cynfyn, Lady Adalacia and Anthony Navarre for representing Rimsholt at a demo for the 5th and 6th grade classes at Riverside Elementary School. They have completed a month long study of the middle ages and the feast and our presentation brought the middle ages to life for them in a way books could never do alone. Maybe some future SCAers? Thank You.

Keep working on those Arts and Science projects . . . April 22 will be here soon. Let Lady Adalacia know what you are working on to add to her March report. See everyone at Fum Day II/ Pentemere A&S Competition. Should be a great day.

We are looking forward to do some fund raising for the Canton this summer. It would be nice to get a Canton trailer and Canton tent/canopy before war. A group garage sale with donated items has been suggested for spring. Any volunteers for items for the sale or a place to hold the sale and people who can man the sale Thursday to Saturday let me know. Other fund raising suggestions can be brought to the meeting on March 30 at GRCC.

May warm sunny days soon greet you all,
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Greetings Friends!

I want to apologize to one and all for how late the Bolt was last month. I’m afraid that the flu season and work conspired to delay my publication. I will continue to try as hard as possible to get your copies in the mail the first week of every month. Providing, that is, that I have anything to publish.

I’m still in need of articles to put in the Bolt each month. If you get any inspirations please forward them to me. Please remember to include a line noting that I have permission to publish your work.

I have some good news to pass on. We are now an officially warranted newsletter. This won’t make any discernable difference in our Bolt but it is nice to know that we are official.

In your Service,
Reynard d’Avignon

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April 1995

Seneschal: Warm and Sunny Greetings to you all;

April meetings at Grand Rapids Community College will be changed as follows due to their spring concert schedule. The meeting April 13 will be cancelled and moved to Tuesday April 11 before the fighting/fencing practice at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center (Monroe near Ann). Heavy Weapons practice on April 20 will also be cancelled.

1st Thursday of April – fencing practice (GRCC 7-9 pm)
2nd and 3rd Thursday of April – cancelled (see note above)
4th Thursday of April – dance practice (GRCC 7-9 pm)
Every Tuesday of April – fencing/fighter practice at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center (6:30-9 pm)

I would like to encourage our fighters and fencers to wear tennis shoes when practicing at the reserve center. We are leaving scuff marks on the floor that have been mentioned by the staff. We will be quitting early enough to check for marks and clean them ourselves from now on so we can keep this great FREE site. Our Kalamazoo friends lost their last site to the same problems – lets learn from them and not have the same thing happen to us. Also, we need to be in the parking lot by 9 pm. The reserve person who locks up after us has had a long day and is ready to go home when we leave. Thanks for your help in these things and working in the smaller space until the Young Marines start marching and drilling outside. If we keep the people at the reserve center happy we will have this great site for a long time to come.

Congratulations to Lord Kalin on the success of a small but fun Fum Day and to Lady Isabelle and Katheryne on their wonderful feast. Hoobah!!

The Consort Tourney is coming up on April 15. Call Lord Cedric to volunteer any help (555) 555-5555. Come fight, fence, quest and enter the blank scroll competition. I have paint and the Scribe’s Handbook available to anyone who would like to use them. Feel free to call me or stop by and say hello.

Michigan Regional Arts and Sciences Competition / Fum Day II is on April 22 at the Portage Senior Center (Pirate’s Armada site). Call Lord Eoin O’Seaghdha (Bob Robertson) at (555) 555-5555 to offer to help for the day.

People who want to fight in the Baronial Championship should be working on their art and science projects that they want to present to the Baron . . . as well as brushing up on your riddles. I would like to encourage everyone to enter at least one project in the A&S competition. If you need help with criteria of documentation call Adalacia or Cynfyn. Remember that documentation is only a small part of the scoring and you can still enter without any at all. Please think about entering something that you completed in the last year.

Border War is up and running for the weekend of June 17. Call Lady Amber de Chesery or Lady Celyn the Willful to offer your help at troll or to tell them how you can help. Call Lady Keziah to offer help for feast or serving help.

I am happy to say that we have decided on some fund raisers for the summer to help raise funds for the fighters, fencers and some feast gear. We will be having one or two garage sales so pull together items that you would like to give to the Canton for the sales. We will be helping at the Howell Balloon Festival June 23-25. We may also hold a car wash in July or August if funds are still needed for these projects.

Lord Cynfyn went to Jordan College as they were closing their library of 50,000 titles and purchased many of their medieval titles. Many are songs and lyrics (some even have the music scores). General history, some have pictures of dig finds and woodcuts. Call and come visit our home (and hold the baby) so you can see is any of these books are interesting to you.

Just in case anyone hasn’t heard, Bob B. Robertson was born at 12:54 am on March 22. He weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. And was 20 ½ inches long. He is very healthy and currently growing like crazy. Needless to say, we are having great fun holding and playing with him.

Written by my hand on April Fool’s day 1995 – one year from taking the post of seneschal – may the next year go as well;
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Bon Jour mes amies,

May the tax collector overlook your castle on his rounds. Or at the very least show you mercy!

This issue shall serve as notice to the populace that at our regular meeting in March it was decided to increase the price per issue of the Bolt to 50 cents. Additionally it was decided that subscriptions hence forth shall run from January through December. This means that all new subscribers after this month shall be asked to pay according to the chart listed at the bottom of the page. They will only pay for the remaining issues this year and by up for renewal in January.

All good gentles that currently subscribe should use the same table when renewing. Eventually this will make most of us up for renewal at the end of the year. This in turn will make our Exchequer’s Domesday report much easier.

Thank you for your assistance in this rather droll bit of business.

I remain in your service,
Reynard d’Avignon

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May 1995

Seneschal: From the Seneschal;

It’s May Day already. It brings to mind maypoles, flower garlands, sunny days and love is in the air. For us it means that many of our activities move outdoors where we can enjoy the nice weather.

Our schedule at the Grand Rapids Community College Music building is as follows. May 4 will be fencing. May 11 will be the populace meeting and then the building will be closed for the remainder of the summer months.

We will continue meeting at the Marine/Naval Reserve center (Monroe near Ann) every Tuesday from 7-9pm throughout the summer for fencing and heavy weapons practice.

Our outdoor schedule will be as follows. Sundays will be fencing at the Riverside Park on the South side from 3-5pm. This schedule will begin on May 14. Our populace meetings for June, July and August will be from 1-3pm on the second Sunday of the month before fencing at the same park. Dance practices will be on Wednesday nights at the Dwight Lydell Park from 7-9pm starting May 24. Heavy Weapon and armor making will be at Lord Garth’s home from 7-9pm on Thursdays starting June 1. All of these outdoor activities will continue on these schedules throughout the summer until it gets cold in the fall again (perish the thought). Also starting June 5 at my house on Tuesdays all summer we will be having a "craft" night to work on sewing projects, beadworking, embroidery and anything else. We will alternate between my house and Anthony and Hana Lore’s house. Come visit while you work on war garb or whatever you feel like doing.

Congratulations to Lord Cedryk on the success of a very fun day at the Consort Tourney. Thanks to all of you I saw helping out . . . you know who you are. Congratulations are also in order to Lord Eoin O’Seaghdha for autocratting yet another A&S event. The following people entered a project and placed first or second so that they can advance to Kingdom A&S if they want to. Hana Lore an dem Fen in beadwork, Sasha also entered a necklace in beadwork, Isabelle of Leith also entered beadwork, Lord Benedict of Beverly and Lord Kalin entered mead, Wentlock entered tablet weaving, and Heather and I both entered embroidery. I am very proud of all the hard work you put into your projects and how well everyone placed as a result of your effort. Hoobah!! To each of you . . . may we inspire many more entries next year.

There will be two demos in May. The Lowell garage sale is from 8 am to whenever at the home of Reynard d’Avignon. We will be in garb and fencing, fighting or whatever comes up to attract new member interest and sell the things that were donated to the Canton for our summer fund raising. Mayfest will be Saturday May 20 at the Muskegon Community College in the same place it was last year. We will have space roped off for dancing, fighting and fencing. The demo will run from 9-4. Another demo to keep in mind (and put on the calendar) is the Howell Balloon Festival June 24 and 25. This demo will be both for new member interest and to raise funds (payment is based on number of people and how long they help at the demo). Come have fun and help the Canton raise funds for our designated Projects.

Special projects for May . . .Lord Garth of the Crags will be hosting a basket hilt making session at his home while Lady Keziah Gildea hosts a baronial tabard making session so all our fighters and fencers can wear the baronial colors with pride. Bring along enough black fabric for the tabard, white for the pile (mountain) and yellow for the lightning bolts as well as purple and white for Rimsholt’s Canton heraldry on the shoulder and your personal heraldry on the other shoulder (if you have it). The day will start at 10 am. Bring along meat to grill and something to pass for lunch. Call evenings (before 9 pm please) for directions.

Also, Anthony and Hana Lore will be hosting a documentation party to fine tune your documentation before Kingdom A&S on Wednesday May 17 from 7-10. Join in or just watch so you have a better idea for next year’s A&S entry. Call Hana Lore for directions.

If you are going to Crown Tourney and Kingdom A&S Lady Brighid’s parents have graciously offered their yard to camp in. Please call Lady Brighid at 555-5555 to let her know how many campers there will be.

Mentioning camping . . . you will find a Fum Camp form for Pennsic War in this issue of the Bolt. If you need more I have them. Please fill these forms out as soon as you can and get them back to Lady Emma. This will give everyone time (and money) to plan for the space we need to claim at War and buy the propane and supplies for the hot showers and firewood, etc. . . . Don’t forget to include any ropes and stakes you need for your tent space when you fill out the form. Also think about sharing in the camp dinners. Last year it was a lot of fun to have a group dinner and everyone ate better too. This year we are trying to smooth out the rough spots from last year so we are trying a few new things. It should be a lot of fun and will make only one or two nights of cooking per person.

Last, but not least, Border War is June 16-18. Call Lady Amber de Chesery or Lady Celyn the Willful to offer to help during the event. Contact Lady Keziah to volunteer to serve feast.

See everyone soon,
Alessandra l’Amour

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Arts and Sciences;

In last month’s Bolt there was a newcomer’s information sheet. Please fill one out and return it to me even if you have filled one out in the past. A lot of you have learned new skills and I would like to update my records. Also each month I want to highlight an art or science and mention who is talented in that area as a contact. So please indicate if I may print your name for those interested in learning more.

Below is a cross stitch pattern for the Rimsholt pine tree. It’s done in white thread on purple fabric (dark purple, not the lavender of the old banner). It would be nice if all our fighters (heavy, light and archers) had a Rimsholt favor by Border War.

Speaking of Border War I am putting together A&S classes for that Saturday. If you are interested in teaching, or would like a certain subject covered please let me know.

As always, please let me know what you are doing in the A&S area so I can put it in my report.

Lady Adalacia the Serene

Chronicler: Hello again my friends,

I’m afraid there is not much of anything new to report from the wild madcap world of the chronicler this month. This is of course the first issue to fall under the new pricing guide listed below. Please refer to it if you need to renew or are advising a newcomer.

I am happy to say that I’m starting to get articles and ideas submitted. Thanks a lot to all of you helping me out. In this vein I would like to ask all the officers to try to get in the habit of submitting a monthly update on your individual areas. I’m sure everyone would appreciate it.

We’ll that’s it for me this month. I’d say no news is good news but that seems rather sacrilegious in my position.

Until next time I remain in your service,
Reynard d’Avignon

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June 1995

Seneschal: Warm Summer Greetings to all Friends of Rimsholt;

Our summer schedule is in full swing now. Monday nights from 7 – 9 will be craft night at my home and Hana Lore’s home. June 5 & 19 at my home at 1234 Every St. and at Bob and Bob’s June 12 & 26 at 1234 Taother St. Bring Pennsic sewing, embroidery, beadwork or any other project you want help with or company to talk to while you work on it. Tuesday nights remain the same at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center 7-9 for fencing and heavy weapons every other week. Wednesday is dance practice at Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park from 7-9. Thursday is heavy weapons and armor making at Garth of the Crags house from 7-9. Thursday is also belly dancing instruction at Adalicia the Serene’s house, call for time and the amount of money to pay the teacher. Sunday is fencing at the Riverside Park on the south side at boat launch 2 from 3-5. On the second Sunday of the month the populace meeting will be at the same place from 1-3 before fencing (June 11, July 9, and August 13).

There is something happening every weekend in June. June 3rd is Northwoods 25th Anniversary. Join me in congratulating Baron Sir Thorvald in our neighbors great success. June 10 is the garage sale at Adalacia’s house. Set up starts at 8 and we will also be patching the pavilion and painting the poles for our baronial wall for Border War and Pennsic. Bring painting clothes and a brown bag lunch. Donations for the garage sale will go to the canton. June 16-18 is Border War. Call Lady Amber or Lady Celyn to offer help during the event. Call Lady Kassia (before 9pm) to help serve feast. Rumor has it that Lord Armand’s camp will have a pig roast Friday night of Border War. Donations for the pig and a dish to pass will be greatly appreciated. The last weekend of June (23rd to 25th) is the Howell Balloon Festival. This is a paid demo based on the number of people and the number of days attended. Pavilions will be provided for camping. Bring arts and science displays to show the public. Directions are take 96 E to the Howell/Pickney exit (D-19) – Turn North (left) and follow this road over the railroad tracks to Grand River (Main St.). Turn left and follow about 1 mile to the Howell School complex on the right. Parking is on the grass but cars need a parking pass. Get one from me. I also have maps.

Our Beloved Canton of Rimsholt is proud to see the birth of our future King at Crown Tourney. Tarquyn the Red is from Pentemere and a member of the household Darkyard. We wish him ad his lovely lady a long and happy reign. I would also like to congratulate Alexander Blackram for placing second in the Midrealm fencing championship. Hoobah! I bet he looks spiffy in red too. We had five entries in Kingdom A&S . . . myself, our daughter Heather, Hannalore, Lord Kalin and Lady Isabelle. All placed first or second. Congratulations to each of you on your well earned success showing the Midrealm’s fine peaceful arts.

Thank you to all who helped at the Muskegon Community College demo. It looks like Dun Traigh had some interest in new membership.

I would like to announce a fencing championship for the Rimsholt Canton Protector. All members of Rimsholt are invited to join in the tourney. The winner will be chosen by vote of those who participate in the tourney for style, honorable fencing and skill. The winner will hold the title Protector of the Canton of Rimsholt in fencing for six months. He or she will also wear a specially designed embroidered favor with the Canton arms to be passed on to who ever holds the title. The tourney will be at the July 9 fencing practice and populace meeting. See you there.

Last of all, in addition to the Fum Camp paperwork in last months Bolt you also need a Pennsic Personal Information sheet and the sign in forms/Waiver & Consent found in the Pale. I have both. All this paperwork needs to be filled out and returned with payment to Lady Emma by June 20 to be able to camp in Fum Camp this year. Don’t miss out on the fun!

May your days be Bonny and Blithe,
Alessandra l’Amour

Knight’s Marshal: Heavy Weapon Fighters!

Our good friends in Lansing have formed Melee Teams and are practicing regularly.

We here in Rimsholt now have enough authorized fighters to field a team of our own. So how about it. If you are interested start showing up at fighter practice Thursday evenings.

If you have any questions or need directions call (616) 555-5555

Lord Garth of the Crags

Fencing Marshal: To the Populace of Rimsholt does Benedict, your Marshal of Fence send Greetings

The end of May marked the first anniversary of rapier combat in the Midrealm and the Art of Defense has proved to be very popular within our Canton. My last Marshal report listed a total of twenty fencers that attend our Canton fencing practices. Twelve of these fencers are authorized in one or more weapon forms. In addition we have two warranted fencing marshals and three marshals-in-training. This makes us one of the largest groups of fencers in Pentemere.

In addition and most important is the skill and honor the fencers of Rimsholt have shown in the tourney’s they have attended. This last Memorial Day weekend at the Middle Kingdom Rapier Championship I was most proud of the fencers from Rimsholt who fought in the Tourney. All fought at their best and more than one attending noble was heard to remark approvingly upon our fencer in the list.

Hearty congratulations must go out to Alexander Blackram who placed second in a field of seventy two of the best fencers in the Midrealm.

At the July Canton populace meeting there will be an informal Rapier Tournament held after the meeting at Riverside Park during our regularly scheduled fencing practice. The winner will be proclaimed Protector of the Canton. The tournament will be limited to authorized Rimsholt fencers. I invite the populace to stay, watch and cheer them on.

Benedict of Beverly,
Rimsholt Marshal of Fence

Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner

Unto all good gentles of our Kingdom do I send greetings and warm wishes for fair weather . . . or is it fair wishes for warm weather . . . Damn, I’ll never get the hang of this stuff!

Hello! Summer’s back again and all our schedules are about to get crazy. What with this war and that war, fighter practices, craft nights, demos and camping events it’s my favorite time of the year.

Unfortunately when you throw in those pesky mundane responsibilities it will seem to fly by. Oh well. Someone once said that without the bad you wouldn’t know what good was. Guess they had a point.

A couple of things I just found out, Fillip of Marché is maintaining a home page related to SCA activities on the World Wide Web. It includes the Pre-Pennsic Handbook. If you have access check it out. The address is

Another neat site that deals with illuminated manuscripts is at

Lady Keziah has patches available for those Baronial Tabards you’ve all been working on.

Lady Emma de Winter would like to remind everyone that Fum Camp paperwork and reservations must be to her no later than June 20 in order to for her to satisfy the Pennsic Autocrabs. None can be accepted after this date so please don’t miss out.

Reynard d’Avignon

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July 1995

Seneschal: Greetings to the Canton of Rimsholt;

Monday nights continue to be craft night at my home and that of Hana Lore. If it is over 85 degrees it’s at my house in the air conditioning. Otherwise July 3, 17 and 31 is at Hana Lore’s and July 10 and 24 are at my home. Keep making that Pennsic garb!

– Tuesday nights are still heavy weapons and fencing from 7-9 at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center.
– Wednesday nights from 7-9 is dance practice at the Dwight Lydell Park on West River Dr. in Comstock Park.
– Thursday is heavy weapons and armoring at Lord Garth of the Crags house from 7-9. Call before coming as he has a very busy summer schedule.
– Sunday’s from 3-5 is fencing practice at the Riverside Park boat launch #2.

July 9 from 1-3 at the same place will be our populace meeting. Bring a lunch before hand and join us for a picnic. Then stay for the fencing championship to select the Defender of the Canton of Rimsholt.

Congratulations to Lady Amber and Lady Celyn on Border War ad a special congratulations to Lady Keziah on being called out of the kitchen by the feasters for the fantastic meal she made.

Our own Lord Benedict of Beverly was awarded the Cavendish Knot at Border War this year. Congratulations and a large round of Hoobahs for him. It is well deserved!

Congratulations are also in order to Lord Raphael Bishop for authorizing in heavy weapons at Border War and to Katheryne Sommerfeldt and Lord Cynfyn ap Rhiwallon for authorizing in fencing. Hoobah to each of you!! At this rate we WILL be the Middle Kingdom fencing team.

Finally thanks to those who helped water bear, troll, run the lists and otherwise set up and tear down for Border War. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Lady Emma and Lady Adalacia will be co-autocratting next years Border War. Let them know any way that you want to help and be of service.

Thank you to those who gave items to the garage sales and helped to run them. We made almost $500 toward a pavilion some day. Also thanks to those who went to the Howell Balloon festival . . . the money will help and its always fun to meet more of our Pentemere neighbors.

Get out your calendar, here comes the demo schedule I have so far. July 7 (Friday) Studio 28 wants us to do a demo for the opening night of First Knight. They want two 30 minute demos before both evening shows after 6 pm. We will do a short demo of fighting, fencing and dancing. They are trying to get a live bagpiper for Road to the Isles. In exchange for our services, we can see the employee sneak preview of First Knight Thurs. July 6 at 11pm free and everyone will get two free movie passes. If you do not go to the free sneak you can use a pass to get into the second evening showing.

July 22, 23, 29 and 30 are this years Silver Leaf Faire. We will be demoing four 30 minute performances. Two in dance and two in fencing. We will be in the shaded area where last years fighting list was. Lord Garth will also be running this years heavy weapons list and could use a hand and all the heavy fighters we can find. Those who participate both days of either weekend will have a chance at the prize swords to be given to the winner. Camping in period tents is allowed in the faire and regular tents off the faire grounds. I need the names of everyone who will be helping demo this year . . . those not on the lists will not get in free. Please tell me even if you think you will be attending with us. The request from the faire is to be as theatric and period and audience participation as possible this year. Everyone on the field should be demoing or in the crowd with audience participation or heralding people to come see the demo. In exchange we will be paid $600 and free merchanting space. Some of the heavy weapons money we will share with Three Hills if they can match our number on the heavy list field. Come join the fun!

We will be demoing on the Ionia Free Fair Stage on Saturday Aug. 5 at 3pm to be followed by a populace meeting at Lady Isabelle’s house in Ionia (maps later). Bring dinner and a dish to pass with you.

The Defender of the Canton will be chosen from among the authorized fencers in the Canton of Rimsholt on Sunday July 9. Each fencer who participates will have a vote to choose the winner. The winner will be chosen for his or her display of style, honor and skill. Every six months we will choose a new Defender of the Canton in the same way. I am embroidering a favor of the Canton’s Heraldry with a rapier through it for the winner to pass on to whomever holds the title. Come cheer on our fencers after the populace meeting.

Last, but not least, all our fighters and fencers on the field in Lady Keziah’s spiffy Andelcrag tabards looked great!! Lady Keziah has Canton patches and will make personal patches for a small fee.

Thank you to Anthony, Hannalore, Garth, Benedict, Emma and Raven for their fine fencing demo at Caledonia High School. talk about livening up Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. These are the kind of educational experiences kids remember and keep the SCA non-profit.

In Service of Rimsholt and our Kingdom,
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Greetings once again!

I would like to take one more opportunity to congratulate Benedict of Beverly for receiving his Cavendish Knot! A great honor for him and the rest of us local fencers that are basking in his glow (wink, wink). Ask to see his beautiful scroll when you get a chance. It was illuminated by Lord Garth of the Crags. Very nice work. I just can’t figure out how he knew what Benedict looked like 10 years ago.

I have a copy of the premier issue of "The Gauntlet". This is the new quarterly Pentemere newsmagazine. Subscriptions are $10.00. Let me know if you would like to see it.

I am in need of articles for the Bolt again. We are quickly getting to the point where we will be living off internet postings. Book reviews, event reviews, how to articles, officer reports, original art work. Any and all submissions would be greatly appreciated.

As always I remain in your service,

Reynard d’Avignon

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August 1995

Seneschal: May a Cool Breeze Follow the Friends of the Canton of Rimsholt During These, Our Hottest Days of Summer;

Greetings – our summer schedule remains the same. Monday is craft night at my home (Aug. 7 & 21) and Hana Lore’s Home (Aug. 28). Finish summer projects and any sewing that didn’t quite make the Pennsic deadline. Tuesday is fencing/fighter practice from 7-9 at the Marine/Naval Reserve Center. Fencing will be every week except War week (Aug. 15) there will be no fencing or fighting. Fighting is every other Tues. alternating with road trips to Northwoods. Days at the Reserve Center will be Aug. 8 and 22. Wednesday from 7-dark is dance practice at the Dwight Lydell Park in Comstock Park. No practice War week (Aug. 16). Thursday is armor making and heavy weapons at the home of Garth. Call to check for further information. No practice Aug. 17. Fencing is at Riverside Park from 3-5 on Sundays. No practice Aug. 13 and 20 because of travel to and from War.

NOTE: There will be no practices at any of these places August 13-20 due to Pennsic War.

Thank you VERY Much – everyone was a great help at the Silver Leaf Ren. Faire. It was hot but fun and we made $500 for the Canton.

Resounding congratulations go out to Alexander Blackram, Kathryne Sommerfeldt, Lady Brighid the Ageless and Lord Benedict of Beverly who will all represent the Middle Kingdom as Rapier Champions. So when you see them all in their red tabards be sure to add your congratulations to mine and go watch and cheer them on at War.

Alexander Blackram, by vote of his peers, is the Defender of the Canton of Rimsholt. Hoobah!! Send all knaves and enemies of the Canton his way (just kidding Alexander).

Thanks also to those who had fun with us at the Studio 28 demo. I had a great time. We all saw First Knight for free and got free pop., movie passes and enjoyed ourselves. The management liked us so well that they want us back again soon. Think pirates for both Pirates Armada in September and a possible demo with Cut Throat Island (a female pirate movie due this fall). We can swashbuckle!!

Here is the upcoming demo list in Rimsholt and neighboring areas;

August 5 (Sat.) at 3 pm on the Coca Cola stage at the Ionia Free Fair. Our populace meeting will follow at the home of Lady Isabelle (maps will be provided). I have parking passes for the cars. Get one from me anytime. Bring dinner and something to pass for the meeting. Room for fighting, fencing, etc. too.

September 9 & 10 (Sat. and Sun.) at Scott Mills Park (old Pirate’s Armada location) in Kalamazoo we have been invited to participate in a cross time reenactment. They will have Revolutionary War, Civil War, French-Indian War and maybe us? We’ll talk at the meeting and see how much interest there is.

September 17 (Sun.) is Fallfest at Bertha Brock Park in Ionia. I know many of us will be at the Holly Ren Faire to cheer on Kathryne. Again, we will talk about this at the meeting. October 14 (Sat.) we will hold a demo at Ferris College in Big Rapids during the break times in a game con they are sponsoring. Possible time is 5-7 pm. They hope to start a new group up this way and could use our support to get it off the ground. They have two active members now . . . it wouldn’t take much more.

Her Majesty, Valthonia will be at Pirate’s Armada this fall. Think of the gentles around you who have impressed you or inspired you with their talents of helpfulness and then write a letter to recommend them for the appropriate award, after all, the Crown can’t know all the deserving gentles in Their vast Kingdom.

Send a copy of your award recommendation to both King and Queen. It takes two stamps to send mail to Canada. Include enough information for each nominee: Mundane name, SCA name, titles, specific reasons for award recommendations and gender if the names do not make it obvious. Send your recommendations with enough time to let Their Majesties make a decision and let Their scribes know how many scrolls are needed. If you want, you can include for the scribe, information on the nominees persona or arms (i.e. Cynfyn is Welsh, Brighid has an acorn slipped and leaved in her arms, Alessandra has a unicorn and roses in her arms, etc. . . you get the idea). Everyone in the Kingdom can recommend anyone they feel is worthy of recognition . . . but this is especially the duty of the officers to evaluate the people in their area. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or our heralds. Thanks!!

In Service to Their Majesties and You;
Alessandra l’Amour

Chatelaine: Wanted: Chatelaine

Rhiannon has decided to begin the search for her replacement as the Canton’s Chatelaine. The Chatelaine is the officer in charge of greeting and helping newcomers. They also loan garb, feast gear etc., as needed and organize accommodations for out of town guests. Although the title is technically feminine it is used by both men and women in this Kingdom. Around the Known World the office is also called the Hospitaller or the Chamberlain.

If you are interested or wish to learn more about the office, please contact Rhiannon at (616) 555-5555


Chronicler: Chronicler’s Corner

War has been declared again this year. The cover is the first rendering of our fighting men and women heading out to defend our homes and hearths from the Eastern dogs.

Unfortunately due to the requirements of my mundane job and the eminent arrival of my next little warrior we will not be traveling with our hearty band this year. I’m hoping for lots of bloody first hand accounts though upon our troop’s triumphant return.

Many, many thanks to my beautiful wife for this month’s Bolt. As late as it is, it wouldn’t have existed at all with out her efforts. Hopefully things will slow down this fall so I can play more.

Good luck again to the troops!

As always I remain in your service,
Reynard d’Avignon

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September 1995

Seneschal: Greetings to the Canton of Rimsholt as the cool winds of fall blow our way;

Hope everyone had a great time at War. I am looking forward to hearing all the stories and seeing the pictures. I have a 35mm camera left at Fum Camp . . . if you can claim it please call me. As the weather begins to get cooler and thoughts turn to indoor activities consider what you would like to make for spring A&S. It is easier if you document first and then make your project. If you need help starting or with ideas, talk to someone who entered last year or any A&S officer or me. It really isn’t difficult and the pointers from masters in your area of interest can be very helpful. I’d like to see all of Rimsholt’s talented people in A&S this spring.

Our New Meeting Schedule Effective Immediately:

Our new meeting schedule will be changing with the onset of the school year. We will have access to room 200 of the Grand Rapids Community College Music Building (at the corner of Ransom and Lyon) again on Thursdays starting September 14. The schedule for the fall to spring at GRCC will be as follows:

1st Thursday of the Month: Heavy Weapons Practice
2nd Thursday of the Month: Populace Meeting
3rd Thursday of the Month: Heavy Weapons Practice
4th Thursday of the Month: Dance Practice
5th Thursday of the Month: Majority rules

Room 200 is not available the 3rd Thursday of the month in October (the 19th) and November (the 16th). Both of these months heavy weapons will meet the second Thursday of the month from 8-9 following the populace meeting. Armor up while catching up on Canton news.

Tuesdays at the Marine/Naval Reserve center will remain the same with fencing practice from 7-9. There will no longer be heavy weapons practice at this site as it moves to GRCC so that those who do both heavy weapons and fencing can attend both and not have to choose only one. Belly Dancing is changing to Monday nights. Call Lady Adalacia for more information and the cost. The Needleworker’s Guild meetings will be changing to Wednesday nights at my home and the Venlos home starting the first Wednesday of October at my house. Until then, dance practice will remain on Wednesday at the Dwight Lydell Park from 7-dark until the last Wednesday in September. There will no longer be heavy weapons practice at the home of Lord Garth as the schedule moves indoors to GRCC. If you have questions regarding armor making times call Lord Garth before 9pm. Sunday fencing at Riverside Park from 3-5 will remain the same as long as the weather is favorable.

Welcome to our new Canton officers: Siobhan O’Riaghain is our new chatelaine and Hanna Lore of the Fenn is the new minister of Arts and Sciences and Lady Adalacia the Serene is going to be the new minister of children. Thank you to Lady Adalacia and Rhiannon for their service to our Canton!

Demo Schedule:
September 9 will be a cross time reenactment demo with the Three Hills people at the Scotts Mill Park
September 17 (Sunday) is when everyone is planning to go to the Holly Ren Faire to cheer on Katheryne, therefore we will not be at Fallfest this year.
October 14 at Ferris State University is cancelled due to Coronation. They will reschedule with us for later this fall.
December 7&8 at GRCC for their feast (Thursday and Friday) performances from 6-9. Plan on arriving at 5:30.

Events in Pentemere are plentiful this month. See the Pale calendar for details.

On November 11 our area will be hosting the Middle Kingdom Rapier Championship. Anthony Navarre is the autocrat . . . see him to volunteer, many hands make light work. Lady Keziah will be providing one of her memorable feasts. Call her before 9pm if you want to offer help for feast or serving tables.

Congratulations to Lady Isabelle of Leith and John Patrick Carten for authorizing in fencing. Hoobah!

A special congratulations to Lord Reynard and his lovely lady, Lisa, on the long awaited arrival of Nicholas William d’Avignon on August 31. He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. And was 19 ½ inches long. Both mother and baby are healthy and well. When you see our chronicler add your well wishes to mine.!

See everyone soon,
In Service to Their majesties and You;

Alessandra l’Amour

Chatelaine: Greetings unto the populace:

I’m resigning as Chatelaine after a year and a half. I feel I have done all that I’ve set out to do and more.

I’ve gotten us more publicity in the Ionia area, 2 demos at the Ionia Free Fair Coca-Cola Stage. Some successful Fall Festivals, new ideas on advertising and fliers, helping Grand Rapids Channel 35/52 for pledge drives. We now have a large file of useful information for newcomers, on how to make this and that or definitions, etc.

I’ve also done a directory for the Barony which all Chroniclers are supposed to be putting in their monthly newsletters bit by bit. Also many other small things.

The new Chatelaine is being settled over a duel. I’ll let you know who wins. I hope everyone will help whoever takes over like they helped me. I’ve appreciated everyone’s help for getting the loaner garb and feastgear fuller in the boxes, so now it’s not so empty. Thanks again to help keeping the Dream Alive.


Chronicler: Hail unto our weary warriors!

I sure wish I had been in the ranks with you at "War". So far the stories that have made it back have been quite entertaining. But alas, my lady Lisa and I were as you know otherwise engaged. As it turns out we could have done war and still made it back before time to run to the hospital. I’ve mentioned this to her once or twice but she wasn’t amused.

Looks like a lot of offices are changing hands this fall. This constant infusion of fresh perspectives is a good thing in my opinion. It keeps everything fun and fresh. In fact if anyone feels an overwhelming urge to take over this office . . . Well, I wouldn’t want to stand between anyone and their total enjoyment of the SCA. Please just let me know . . .Pretty please. . .

Hope to see you soon at fighter practice,
Reynard d’Avignon

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October 1995

Seneschal: May the warmth of friendship be yours in this cool season;

Indoor meeting schedule:
Monday at Siobhan O’Riaghain’s home is belly dancing. There is a small fee for those taking the class. Contact Siobhan at (555) 555-5555 for dates and details.

Tuesday 7-9 at the Marine/Naval Reserve center is fencing practice.

Wednesday 7-? Needleworker’s Guild meeting – in October we will be concentrating on sewing garb for madrigal feast and twelfth night. Think court garb and enjoy the company while you sew. 10-4 and 18 at my house and 10-11 and 25 at Hannalore’s house.

Thursday from 7-9 at the Grand Rapids Community College in room 200 of the Music building (corner of Ransom and Lyon) is the following:

1st Thursday of the Month: Heavy weapons practice.
2nd Thursday of the Month: Populace meeting (and Heavy weapons 10-12 and 11-9 only)
3rd Thursday of the Month: Heavy weapons practice (cancelled 10-19 & 11-16 but see demo schedule below for 10-19)
4th Thursday of the Month: Dance Practice.
5th Thursday of the Month: Majority rules.

Sunday at Riverside Park from 3-5 fencing will continue as long as weather permits.

Demo Schedule:
Sat. Oct. 7 – 5pm to set up, 6-8 demo time at Ferris State University. FSU and CMU want to start a group. They already have a couple members and they could use a hand in interesting a few more. We will do dancing, heavy weapons and fencing. It is in the HPE building by the football field in the gymnasium.
Thursday Oct. 19 – Hills and Dales (Northview Junior High) is throwing a medieval theme night to end their 2 month long study of medieval music and instruments. All of Northview is invited. 5-7 there will be a theatrical fencing group and period musicians. From 7 to whenever they would like us to dance, do heavy weapons and fence (after the theatrical group pis finished). Directions are to take Plainfield to Woodworth Ave. (by Meijers) turn west (the only direction you can go), turn right onto Ambrose Ave. and follow until it dead ends.

Thurs. and Fri. December 7&8 from 6-9 (set up at 5:30) we will be doing our 3rd madrigal feast with GRCC. Come dance to live musicians, fence and do heavy weapons.

Our best wishes to the new heirs to the Dragon Throne and congratulations to Their Majesties, King Tarquin and Queen Aibhilin, who sit upon the Throne now.

Congratulations to all the deserving gentles who were called before Queen Valthiona (God rest her soul) at Royal Court at Pirate’s Armada:
Award of Arms were presented to: Lady Rhiannon, Lady Hannalore of the Fenn, Lord Anthony Navarre, Lord Alexander Blackram, Lady Alaina Blackram, Lord Thomas Longfellow.

Order of the Willow’s were given to Lady Keziah Gildea for cooking and Lord Garth of the Crags for illumination.

A purple Fret was given to Lady Iarlaith ni Fionallain who has served our Canton for nearly a decade now in some office and is currently our chirurgeon. A Purple Fret (with lovely Viking runes) was given to Lady Wentlock Windstar and Lord Kalin Ironstaff of the Sundered Keep for their long and continued service to the Barony of Andelcrag.

A Cavendish Knot was given to Lord Alexander Blackram for his outstanding fencing skills and his willingness to teach them to others.

A Dragon’s Treasure was given to Cassandra of Silver Swords and Heather ‘Amour.

At Her Majesties Court at Viking’s Come Home Lady Katheryne Sommerfeldt also received her Award of Arms.

Hoobah!!! Congratulations to each of you. Several other friends from our Barony also got awards at these courts. Ask someone who attended if you haven’t heard the good news yet.

Events: Lord Anthony Navarre is autocratting King Tarquin and Queen Aibhilin’s Middle Kingdom Rapier Championship at West Godwin Elementary School on November 11. Please see Anthony and volunteer some time to make this a fun event for everyone involved. Lady Keziah will be feastocrat. Call her before 9pm if you want to help with feast or serve feast.

In Service to Their Majesties and You;
Alessandra l’Amour

Chronicler: Once more a belated greeting unto all my friends,

As you are now aware this edition of the "Bolt" is once again arriving late. The long hours at the mundane job excuse is getting quite boring by now as is the new child at home bit. Yet, this is my section and you can always stop reading.

Last month I mentioned in passing my willingness to pass this office on to someone that would do it justice. Imagine my surprise to find out that Lady Rhiannon was silly dedicated enough to want to take on this job after giving up her Chatelaine position. And yet she has expressed such a desire.

Due to that mundane job again, I have been unable to contact Rhiannon since I heard of her offer. Rhiannon, if you still haven’t heard from me when you see this, you will soon.

I will be turning this office over to Rhiannon as soon as I can train her and get her recognized by the Upper Level Chroniclers.

Thank you Rhiannon. I for one look forward to getting my copy of the "Bolt" at the beginning of the month for a change.

As always I remain in your service,

Reynard d’Avignon

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November 1995

Seneschal: Warm greetings from your seneschal as the first snow falls on our Canton;

Indoor meetings remain the same this month and outdoor meetings are finished until spring.
Monday’s are belly dancing classes (for a small fee) at the home of Siobhan O’Riaghain. Call Siobhan for times and details.

Tuesday 7-9 at the Marine/Naval Reserve center for fencing practice. We are averaging 20+ fencers from all over the Barony . . . join the fun. Dessert to follow at Big Boy’s on Plainfield from 9:15 until whenever. We’re trying to go to dessert after fencing regularly for fun and good conversation.

Wednesday Needleworker’s guild meeting to work on court garb until someone actually gets finished . . . is anyone out there interested, or should we drop this night? It will alternate between my house and Hannalore’s house. 11-1, 15 & 29 at my house and 11-8 & 22 at Hannalore’s. If there is no interest this month this day will drop from the calendar.

Thursday from 7-9 at the Grand Rapids Community College in room 200 of the Music building (at the corner of Ransom and Lyon) are the following days:

1st Thursday of the Month (11-2) Heavy Weapons
2nd Thursday of the Month (11-9) 7-8 populace meeting 8-9 Heavy weapons
3rd Thursday of the Month (11-16) the room is being used by the college NO SCA
4th Thursday of the Month (11-23) Happy Thanksgiving NO SCA
5th Thursday of the Month (11-30) Dance practice (last one before the GRCC demo) Probably with live musicians for a "dress rehearsal" so come in garb.

December 7&8 will be the madrigal feast with GRCC. Plan to arrive as close to 5:30 as work will allow you to do. Dance, fence and fighting demo from 6-7.
On stage during the dinner will be specific dance and fencing demos. See Lady Katheryne or Lord Benedict if you want to help in this part of the entertainment.

Thank you to those who traveled to Ferris to help with their demo. They have people regularly meeting now and they are starting to make armor for fighting and want to fence also. There was lots of interest in our group at the Northview Hills and Dales demo also. We fenced, danced, did heavy weapons and demonstrated various arts. Thanks to all who made this a night for the kids to remember. All three elementary schools in this district have expressed an interest in follow up demos with all the kids. Thank you to Lady Isabelle, Lord Benedict, Lord Alexander and Lord Cynfyn who joined in teaching 300 children from the 2nd –4th grade the Maltese Bransle, as well as fencing, armor and chain mail. They made their whole Halloween party medieval . . . every child in the school had a costume with donated fabric from Steelcase. All the snacks were attempted to be in area of the time period. Again, this helps reinforce the book learning they have done on our period during this school year. Thanks for all the demo help this month everyone, more people than ever are thinking about the middle ages.

Lots of events are coming up in the near future. Here is a list of area events with the autocrats and feastocrats for each event to contact with ways you can help.
Kingdom Rapier Championship (11-11) – autocrat: Lord Anthony Navarre, feastocrat: Lady Keziah Gildea

Winter Revel (1-27) – co-autocrats: Lady Brighid the Ageless and Lady Katheryne Sommerfeldt, feastocrat: Lord Anthony Navarre

Fum Day – co-autocrats: Aleksandra of Prague and Alessandra l’Amour, co-feastocrats: Lady Rhiannon and Lady Brighid the Ageless

Border War – co-autocrats: Lady Emma de Winter and Lady Adalacia the Serene, feastocrat: Lady Keziah Gildea

People will be needed at troll, list tables, serving feast, entertainment during meals, lunch taverns, chirurgeoning, water bearing and in some cases with auctions and classes. Please find a way to help. It will make the day more fun for you and all those attending the event.

Join me in welcoming our new chronicler, Lady Rhiannon. Send her any information to be published, research on a specific topic and cover or other art work. Don’t forget that all Bolt subscriptions expire at the end of the year . . . think about renewing with your $5 subscription soon. Thank you to Lord Reynard d’Avignon and his lady Lisa for all their effort on the Rimsholt Bolt. They added some fine features to our publication that we have all been able to enjoy. Hoobah!

Lord Eoin O’Seaghdha wants to pass along the information that there will be a A&S display at Val Day (2-10) with feedback from laurels. A great opportunity for recognition in your areas of skill and help over the stumbling blocks in learning if you are just beginning. Consider entering something, it could be very helpful to you before you enter it in a competition, or just to speed up how long your craft takes to master.

If you have not got a membership information sheet from me in the last month, please see me to get one. I am gathering information for my Domesday report on our membership status and new information our old sheets didn’t include, like heraldry, email address and awards received. I need them back by 12-1-95 for my report. Thanks!

In Your Service,

Alessandra l’Amour

Chirugeon: Unto the populace of the Canton of Rimsholt

Does the Chirugeon Lady Iarlaith ni Fionallain send greetings,

After serving this Canton in various offices over the years, most lately as Chirugeon, my bones to wax old and my joints stiffen. I find that I can no longer continue my sojourn office. Thus I am seeking a replacement:
1. An apprentice chirurgeon with experience at events and fighting practices.
2. Be willing to service.
3. Be a member.
Since my travels are many, please submit a letter (or call) Lady Alessandra and let her know you are interested.

I have enjoyed being Chirugeon of this Canton and hope to continue to serve in other ways.

Lady Iarlaith ni Fionallain

Chronicler: Greetings unto the populace of Rimsholt:

As the last of the autumn leaves fall, the burning leaves smoke filtering the air. The homes are filled with sweet aromas of bake goods and other things from the fall harvest, bring fond memories of the past and new memories of the holiday season to come.

The Bolt will be taking on changes to go in style with the season, as well as the Chronicler’s position. The position of Chronicler is changing from Lord Reynard d’Avignon to Lady Rhiannon Duncan, due to the busy mundane lives that sometimes takes us over.

We hope you’ll enjoy some of the new changes. If you happen to come up with an idea of something you’d like to see. Please let me know and I’ll try to see what can be done.

Please be patient as we do the change over. Thanks so much.

In Service to Our Dreams;
Lady Rhiannon Duncan

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December 1995

*** Missing Copy of the Bolt for this Month ***  See my "Wants / Needs / Desires" page

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