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A Fall of Angels


Storm Constantine did not invent the Grigori, they are biblical creatures first mentioned in the New Testament.

Storm took a fascinating legend and re-worked it, turning it into a modern tale of the new age versus the age-old.

These pages are about the three books that chronicle the journey of the Grigori, Shemyaza and his awakening from forgetfullness to his reclamation of his place in earthly history.

Storm's words are, as always, lyrical and captivating, transforming this legend into something the reader can identify with and long for.

The characters are compelling; flawed, and all the more beautiful because of it.

Let me share with you a little of their world.

History and Mythology
      About The Grigori
The Legends.
The Books The Trilogy
The Characters: Stalking Tender Prey      The Characters Character Mythology
Fan Art The Grigori Gallery
Fan Fiction The Grigori FanFiction Caradore
Other Angels The Angel Gallery.
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